CELPIP Speaking Templates: 9+ Sentences

Use these latest CELPIP templates to score a 9 or more in your speaking section. This does 40% of your speaking work for you, with structure.

8 CELPIP Speaking Parts With Templates:


I am glad to introduce our brand new CELPIP speaking templates! We need these since, after a few years, examiners start to see a pattern but if the new ones are included in your training, it will drastically help make you unique and get you a great mark in CELPIP Speaking!

We have tried these templates in some of our recent exams and students have been scoring extremely well! Using these will make a huge impression on the examiner, especially with the usage of fancy words in speaking. We need to always update templates in order to keep surprising the examiner. This will drastically help make you unique and get you a great mark.
Here they are:

Speaking 1:

Hi Mark,
How’s life? I hope things are looking up for you, especially after your new job! I got a call from your mom recently, and she sounded very alarmed. She said you … Well, let me guide you a little. Firstly, you should …
Secondly …
Thirdly …
With this, there should be no doubt in your mind that you can absolutely turn things around! Let me know how it goes.

Speaking 2:

The idea of … can open up thought-provoking discussions. For me, it has to be …
(State 3 features)
I believe that summarizes the gist of …. and I hope that I made it sound interesting to you!

Speaking 3:

Mainly, the picture can be expressed as a scene of …
Simply explained, the foreground showcases …. whereas, … can be noticed in the background
Interestingly ….
Nevertheless, the …
That overall sums up my thoughts.

Speaking 4:

Anticipating the next moves, I am positive that …
What’s more, …
Although … (here we are trying to mention two points with a contradiction)
With all that said, I hope my awkward imagination was presented with the best plausible accuracy.
An important tip for CELPIP Speaking parts. Expressions and emphasis are important to receive a good mark from the examiner.

Speaking 5:

Informal: Hey Jenny, how’s it going? Listen, your idea about WHATEVER sounds super; however, if you consider WHATEVER AND WHATEVER, my option of WHATEVER, has more of that than ….
Formal: Hello Bob. Hope you are well! If you don’t mind, some of us at the office were concerned regarding the WHATEVER AND WHATEVER involved with WHATEVER. Wouldn’t you find WHATEVER AND WHATEVER in my idea more conducive to our office needs?
Now I understand that you prefer … NEVERTHELESS …
Hoping I was able to make enough sense to get your agreement on this. What are your thoughts?

Speaking 6:

Hi Chris, it’s been a while! Unfortunately, we are not meeting in the most ideal scenario. I have a bit of bad news to give you. Do you recall …
Now before you get all sad and gloomy, let me tell you …
Once again, I sincerely apologize about WHATEVER, but it is what is, eh!
Talk soon!

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Speaking 7:

Even though I haven’t given much thought to …, let me assert that …. should be the status quo based on three main factors.
Firstly, it is imperative to understand…
Secondly, the detractors of this idea have one main issue, and that is …
Thirdly, it is completely senseless to say
Did I make a mistake in my judgment? Probably. Nonetheless, in my personal view, …. ought to really be implemented in order to ….

Speaking 8:

Formal situation: Hello there, my name is … and …
Informal situation: Hi mom/dad/name … What’s up? Listen, there is this …
Use 3-4 points from the picture to describe in detail
The conclusion really depends on what the question is asking or what the situation is. You have to improvise here.
More details on this on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWpTxzueSK9ThaYPUrtly7Q
Now, it is very very VERYYY important to make sure you combine the above templates with good vocabulary! We have an amazingly detailed vocab lesson with 400 must use words right here: https://hzadeducation.com/2022/11/17/bestcelpipwordsfor9999writing-speaking/
But if you don’t have time to learn 400 words right now, here a much more concise list with 150 words you can use (sorry, YOU MUST USE) in multiple speaking situations:

Words to Describe People:

1. adorable: cute
2. blushing: shy
3. combative: someone who wants to fight
4. defiant: someone who stands by his/her belief
5. disturbed: affected by some trauma
6. eager: interested in something
7. fragile: vulnerable
8. fierce: aggressive
9. grotesque: comically distorted
10. quaint: old-fashioned
11. nutty: crazy
12. wicked: evil
13. worrisome: someone who is worried and concerned
14. zealous: someone who is really eager
15. uptight: angry and uncontrolled

Controversial Words:

1. disputed: controversial
2. bicker: to argue
3. assault: verbal or physical beat down
4. strike: to beat someone
5. accost: to confront
6. ambush: to attack
7. withstand: to defend
8. vulgar: inappropriate language or behavior
9. unmannerly: impolite
10. imprudent: not showing care
11. obscene: vulgar
12. barbaric: not civilized
13. boorish: rude
14. take a hike: get lost
15. crook: someone who is unethical

Unnecessarily Complex Words (But Examiners Love Them)!:

1. pacify: relax or soothe someone
2. panacea: a remedy
3. passive: accepting and unresponsive
4. galore: abundance
5. sagacious: able to use sound mental judgement
6. genesis: the origin of something
7. scribble: bad writing
8. sequel: something that follows
9. cadaverous: resembling a dead body
10. quiescent: being unresponsive
11. sardonic: mocking
12. quadruple: multiplied by 4
13. caustic: sarcastic
14. colloquial: non-formal/daily language
15. concede: surrender

Legal Terms:

1. Accuse: blame someone
2. Capital punishment: death penalty
3. Convict: criminal
4. Jury: a group of people presenting a verdict in a courtroom
5. Misdemeanor: a not too serious crime
6. Parole: early release from jail
7. Subpoena: formal request to appear in court
8. Press charges: to implicate someone in a crime
9. Verdict: final decision given by the court
10. Forgery: the act of faking documents
11. Perjury: lying after taking an oath
12. Proprietor: owner of a business
13. Void: cancel
14. Legit: legitimate or legal
15. Default: failure to make payments

Words to Describe Success:

1. triumph: success
2. prosperity: living a successful life (when one has prosperity)
3. ascendancy: the move of something taking over the other
4. fruition: the point when a project is completed successfully
5. fortune: wealth and power
6. eminence: positive recognition of someone
7. savvy: expertise in a certain area (noun)
8. attainment: the gain of something
9. gravy train: a situation where one can make a lot of wealth
10. grand slam: refers to sports, but can be used to identify a win
11. right up my alley: something easily doable based on one’s skills
12. cup of tea: same as number 11
13. killing: making a killing = doing great in some field
14. masterpiece: an actual physical thing or non-physical achievement that is held in high regards
15. surpass: to overcome

Mix the CELPIP Speaking Templates with these Awesome Complex Words!

1. abstruse: not able to be understood
2. affluent: rich
3. antithesis: complete opposite
4. disaffected: upset with authority
5. dispel: go in different directions
6. exacerbate: worsen
7. inane: completely senseless
8. effusively: excessively emotional
9. utopia: a state of perfection
10. tirade: heated and angry speech
11. puerile: childlike
12. obdurate: stubbornly doing the wrong thing
13. penury: extreme poverty
14. rescind: officially cancel something
15. travesty: a mockery of something
16. Accolade: award
17. Antidote: remedy
18. Bona fide: original
19. Charisma: charm
20. Epitome: a classic example (of usually something good)
21. Fastidious: giving careful attention to detail
22. Fiasco: failure
23. Heresy: something at odds with what’s the norm
24. Idiosyncrasy: uniqueness
25. Oblivion: something that falls into forgetfulness
26. Ostracize: to exclude someone from society
27. Paradox: something contradictory
28. Quintessential: perfect example of something
29. Scintillating: something amazing
30. Spartan: simple/minimalist
31. cajole: to impose someone to do something
32. wallow: to indulge in something deeply
33. canary: bird but also used for snitches!
34. coerce: to force someone
35. cognizant: to be able to take notice
36. havoc: destruction
37. hoarse: rough voice
38. humanize: to make something more gentle
39. waive: to refrain from using something
40. wittingly: doing something with intelligence
41. writhe: to move yourself as if you are in a lot of pain
42. utmost: of paramount importance
43. yearling: an animal that is either 1 or 2 years old
44. unbecoming: not suitable
45. undercharge: to charge a low price

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46. canine: relating to dogs
47. by-law: a law made by an authority
48. judicial: relating to the court or administering justice
49. disparage: make someone feel bad by hurtful comments
50. buffoon: a clown
51. candor: ability to speak with frankness
52. belligerent: hostile
53. jeopardize: make something worse
54. judicious: showing good judgement
55. recessive: having a tendency to go back
56. conceive 1: getting pregnant
57. conceive 2: coming up with a new idea
58. barring: apart from
59. belittle: debase someone
60. cardinal: extremely important
61. haggard: tired or worn-out look
62. homage: respect for someone
63. judicial: relating to the court or administering justice
64. plunge: drop or dive quickly
65. inexplicable: unable to be explained
66. illuminate: to shine light on something to make it glow
67. deplorable: something to look down on
68. hysteria: excited or exaggerated emotion among people
69. ungainly: awkward
70. dearth: lack of something
71. placid: remaining calm without fear
72. infidelity: cheating on one’s sexual partner
73. precede: something that comes before an event or person
74. reign: to be the leader during a certain period over a certain group of people
75. fallacy: use invalid reasoning

Once you are done with this CELPIP speaking templates lesson, check out my CELPIP WRITING TEMPLATES as well! They are right here:

CELPIP Writing Templates

76. facetious: using inappropriate humor
77. flippant: non-serious
78. ingrate: not grateful
79. capricious: someone always changing their moods
80. gratification: happiness
81. platitude: something repeated so many times that it becomes useless
82. vitriol: criticism about someone
83. prolific: large amount of something
84. condone: to allow bad behavior
85. disingenuous: not sincere
86. bona fide: real or genuine
87. swell: amazing
88. Legit: legitimate or legal
89. Default: failure to make payments
90. Arrogate: Claim without justification
91. Blandishment: Something that is meant to excite or appreciate
92. Bilk: To cheat
93. Cupidity: Intense desire
94. Ephemeral: Very short or fleeting
95. Exhorted: To strongly urge
96. Inane: Not making sense
97. Munificent: Very generous
98. Proclivity: A strong attraction to something usually bad
99. Subjugate: To bring under complete control
100. Trite: Not interesting
101. Ubiquitous: Something that is everywhere at the same time
102. Vociferous: Expressing yourself in an assertive manner
103. Zephyr: A gentle breeze
104. Mundane: Lacking interest
105. lucid: understandable
106. karma: effects of one’s action
107. irony: something strange
108. fortitude: strength of mind
109. bypass: avoid something
110. jurisdiction: an area where power can be exercised
111. narrative: an event told in a certain way
112. quell: suppress
113. serene: relaxed
114. uncanny: beyond the normal
115. wonky: turned or twisted
116. yawner: a person who yawns
117. yearn: desire strongly
118. zenith: highest point
119. xenophobia: fear of immigrants
120. Aberration – a state or condition markedly different from the norm
121. Abhor – feel hatred or disgust toward
122. Acquiesce – agree or express agreement
123. Alacrity – liveliness, and eagerness
124. Amiable – diffusing warmth and friendliness
125. Appease – make peace with
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