Best CELPIP Words (9999): Writing/Speaking

BEST CELPIP VOCABULARY WORDS TO USE IN THE EXAM. Use these words for a score of 9 for immigration, CLB or English proficiency.

400 Words to Easily Plug and Play in All CELPIP Speaking/Writing Questions to Score 9999!


One thing you must do in the CELPIP exam is to not be basic! Simple or day-to-day vocabulary is a kiss of death in the exam and will certainly bring your score below 7! If you need a 7 or more, you must memorize at least 15 CELPIP words per day from this list and keep going until you cover as many of these words as possible! However, let’s step it up and observe how you can score higher; we are talking 9999 in writing, speaking, reading, and listening!

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Academic CELPIP Words – for all writing and speaking topics (where applicable):

1. blurry – not clear

2. cozy – comfortable

3. rigorous – detailed or thorough

4. rehearse – practice

5. allege – blame

6. convict – criminal (noun) or criminally charging someone (verb)

7. testify – to bear witness

8. verdict – final decision

9. adore – appreciate

10. envy – be jealous of someone (verb)

11. enthusiasm – eagerness

12. brag – show off

13. cautious – careful

14. affection – love or emotions

15. fond – proud of

16. poverty – lack of money

17. tenant (the one renting) and landlord (the owner of the premises)

18. slogan – saying (mostly of companies)

19. valuable – important

20. crew – group

21. harvest – to take out crops when they are fully grown

22. prosper – to be successful

23. possess – own something

24. shallow – not deep

25. fluid – water like substance

26. decay – go bad

27. batch – group

28. aftermath – after events

29. plethora – a lot of

30. temper – mood

31. postpone – delay

32. conceal – hide

33. swap – exchange

34. exhaust – use up

35. shrink – become small

36. tremble – shake

37. soak – make wet in the water

38. timid – shy

39. urge – persuade

40. agitate – disturb

41. absolute – the most or the greatest

42. classify – to attach a name to something

43. scaffolding – outer structure

44. supplant – replace

45. aura – vibes

46. focal – point of focus

47. astray – go away from the right path

48. pursue – run after

49. aggregate – total

50. explicit – to make clear


Hold on! Try to ask a friend or family member to ask you the meanings of the previous words! It’s important to revise every 50 words!


51. deviate: move away from course

52. arbitrary – based on random judgement

53. predominant – powerful

54. indifferent – not caring

55. reinforce – remind

56. considerable – a lot

57. constrain – to limit someone

58. convene – to come together

59. correspond – matches with

60. demonstrate – show

61. specify – to give a title or assign a position

62. impose – force

63. implicate – to suggest something

64. subsequent – next

65. despite – instead

66. hypothesis – to assume after considering various options

67. draft – rough version

68. evolve – to grow

69. equivalent – equal version

70: adapting – getting used to something

71. advocate – support

72. equip – to gift you with some tool

73. empirical – based on facts

74. contrary – opposite

75. ideology – a set of beliefs

76. hierarchy – a system of a management structure

77. intervene – interrupt

78. successor – one taking the office after you

79. predecessor – one taking the office before you

80. undertake – to take the responsibility of doing a task

81. ignorant – people who are not fully aware of situations with complete information

82. interval – periods of time

83. paradigm – a way of thinking

84: deviate – move from the current course of action

85: simulate – copy

86. distort – to change the shape of something

87. sphere – round object

88. restrain – stop someone from doing something

89. minimal – very little

90. preliminary – initial stages

91. norm – commonly accepted

92. confine – limit someone or something

93. cease – stop

94. coherent – organized

95. coincide – happen at the same time

96. attain – to get something tangible or intangible

97. erode – erase

98. integral – important

99. rigid – difficult to change

100 – concurrent – same as current


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101. underlie – to be the cause of something

102. initiate – start

103. inhibit – to prevent something from growing

104. explicit – detailed instructions (adjective)

105. cite – to use something as a legitimate example

106. clause – a part of a legal agreement

107. facilitate – help someone achieve something

108. legit – (informal) legal

109. discreet – careful in one’s actions

110. enabler – someone who encourages someone else

111. detractor – opposite of enabler

112. disparage – degrade

113. dogma – a set of firm believes

114. impulsive – acting on impulse without thinking

115. bash – hurt someone physically or verbally

116. abstract – existing in mind, not real

117. abysmal – terrible

118. clinical – not emotionally involved

119. conceive – come up with an idea

120. conducive – suited to

121. confide – express real feelings

122. dubious – doubtful

123. eloquent – very expressive

124. envy – to be jealous

125. imprudent – rude

126. scandalous – morally offensive

127. surmount – to overcome

128. validate – to prove

129: unveil – make something possible

130: vital – necessary


Effective Word Replacements (Move from 7777 to 9999):


131. exceptional (instead of “good”)

132. recent (instead of “new”)

133. lingering (instead of “long”)

134. decaying (instead of “old”)

135. precise (instead of “right”)

136. odd or exotic (instead of “different”)

137. immense or massive (instead of “large”)

138. youthful (instead of “young”)

139. sparsely (instead of “never”)

140. belongings (instead of “things”)

141. discern (instead of “feel”)

142. come across as (instead of “seem”)

143. hardly (instead of “just”)

144: upcoming (instead of “next”)

145: plausible (instead of “possible”)


Academic CELPIP Words Continued:


146. ambiguous: not clear

147. conform: to agree with the norm

148. evident: clear

149. implicate: to accuse someone of being involved in a crime or something negative

150. append: fix or attach

151. partisan: biased

152. discrete: separate

153. infer: conclude

154. inherent: something existing as a characteristic

155. reluctance: unwillingness

156. precede: come earlier in sequence

157. offset: use something as compensation

158. prognosticate: predict (something serious)

159. mediate: reconcile differences between two parties

160. rigid: stubborn, not moving

161. abate: to lessen

162. adversity: problematic situations

163. brazen: bold

164. condescending: looking down on someone

165. mundane: boring

166. reverence: deep respect

167. prosperity: wealth

168. canny: careful

169. disdain: to show hate

170. intuitive: knowing something with intuition


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171. spontaneous: do something without thinking/abruptly

172. superfluous: unnecessary

173. null: void

174: vindicate: to free from blame

175. entail: involve

176. arid: very dry

177. frugal: stingy

178. convergence: coming together

179. diligent: hardworking

180. intrepid: fearless

181. orator: speaker

182. parched: when something is dried up

183. reclusive: avoiding other people

184. reconciliation: bringing people together

185. haughty: being arrogant

186. aberration: something unusual

187. jubilation: extreme happiness

188. apex: top or high point

189. capacious: having a lot of space

190. delirious: not being in a normal state of mind

191. kindle: start a fire

192. noxious: lethal

193. hangar: storage area for a plane

194. cower: move as in you are in fear

195. tangible: can be touched

196. credible: believable

197. tardy: sluggish

198. blatant: obvious

199. hasten: make something faster

200. abstain: avoid something

201. repudiate: nullify something

202. cringe: become uncomfortable

203. tenacious: aggressive or stubborn

204. cryptic: puzzling

205. lampoon: ridiculous

206. admonish: scold

207. alias: temporary name

208. assiduous: similar to hardworking

209. circumvent: surround the enemy to make them give up

210. cognizant: knowledgeable or aware about something

211. debacle: complete disaster

212. debunk: clarify a mystery

213. eclectic: a dynamic range of something

214. emulate: to copy someone as a role model

215. hapless: something that fails and deserves pity


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216. incontrovertible: something that cannot be denied

217. negligent: someone not paying attention to their duties

218. insidious: something hidden and harmful

219. laconic: to the point

220. maverick: someone who shows independence

221. amorphous: no shape

222. candor: being straightforward

223. capitulate: surrender

224. conduit: a passage

225. disrepute: bringing low respect

226. duplicity: the act of being fake

227. fallacious: based on the wrong reasoning

228. linchpin: a central authority

229. ostensible: looks that appear as something but are actually deceiving

230. proclivity: the intention or inclination to do something


Excited to practice? Check if you can use these words with these popular CELPIP Topics:


231. ramble: to go off saying things continuously which are not relevant

232. vilify: make someone the bad guy

233. languish: lose beauty or charm

234. pariah: a social outcast

235. maxim: short statement backed by facts

236. aggrandize: to enhance power

237. beguile: to influence in a deceptive way

238. archetypal: typical

239. callous: disregard for others

240. cognizant: being aware of something

241. construe: the way something is interpreted

242. disparate: completely different

243. denigrate: criticize harshly

244. idiosyncratic: something unique about someone

245. inveterate: habitual

246. multifarious: diverse

247. largesse: generosity

248. obdurate: stubborn

249. promulgate: to spread or broadcast

250. phlegmatic: showing no emotion

251. accord: something consistent with the other or in agreement

252. astounding: amazing

253. armored: fully sealed or protected

254. divest: to deprive someone something

255. debrief: to question someone


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256. docile: obedient

257. fluster: to confuse someone

258. fetter: to bound or restrain someone

259. fuse: to mix or blend together

260. rudimentary: basic

261. tempest: violent or windy storm

262. taint: to make something worse or ugly

263. tactless: not showing sensitivity or care

264. adroit: full of talent

265. pep talk: encouraging words

266. proclaim: declare something of importance

267. lethargic: lazy

268. considerable: great

269. downright: complete or total

270. explicit: clear or detailed

271. forthright: straightforward and honest

272. full-blown: massive

273. constrain: compel someone

274. vehement: showing strong passion

275. dawdle: to waste time

276. retardment: the delay in processing something

277. showstopper: something that deserves applause

278. cessation: stopping something

279. expedition: a quest to discover something

280. hustle: to get something by forceful action

281. engrossed: completely occupied in some activity

282. astute: very smart or sharp

283. visceral: something inside your body OR a deep feeling

284. lateral: at or toward or the side. It points to something

285. presumptuous: someone who does not know what is appropriate in certain situations

286. oversight (noun): missing something while making analysis

287. pretentious: faking something or showing off

288. win-win: when both sides win

289. push the envelope: push the limits of something

290. bending backwards: to try something really difficult

291. rustic: plain and very simple

292. proactive: responding to situations with your feelings or attitude rather than reacting to them

293. reimagine: think of something again

294. higher order thinking: thinking beyond simple memorization

295. ballpark: rough estimate

296. core competency: your advantage that distinguishes you from others

297. entitlement: your privilege to have something

298. holistic: the complete thing

299. toil: hard work (noun) OR to do hard work (verb)


Extremely Unique but Fancy Words:


300. pester: to annoy someone

301. porringer: a small bowl

302. backhaul: return trip of a vehicle

303. gaslight: to manipulate someone

304. awfulize: to make something sound awful

305. hench: a muscular, strong person

306. microtarget: to target a person or people based on all data available about them

307. patient zero: the first patient identified of a certain disease

308. sadfishing: using social media to exaggerate one’s pain in order to gain sympathy

309. amplify: make something bigger

310. unfathom: starting to comprehend something

CELPIP Words to Describe Pain:

311. dread – feeling of fear
312. anxiety – nervousness or feeling alarmed
313. grief – feeling of sorrow
314. bland – tasteless
315. ache – pain
316. fatigue – tiredness
317. sanitary – related to health
318. sore – part of your body under pain
319. trauma – physical or mental pain
320. slender-thin
321. bruise – injury
322. bargain – to argue
323. affiliate – to link
324. surplus – excess of something
325. venture – business activity involving risks


Positive Words (and usage):

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Now how about we add this energy into our English learning and learn to replace our negativity with vocabulary full of energy, positivity and excitement?! Here are sentences people say and replacements with positive affirmations:
326. It’s hard for me to do – How do I make it FEASIBLE?
327. I want to quit – How can I be PERSISTENT?
328. I can earn $50,000/yr – I have CONVICTION that I can earn $50,000/yr
329. I feel positive that I can win this competition – I feel MY FATE is to win this competition
330. I believe that I can do it – I have FAITH that I can do it
331. I feel bad – I am OPTIMISTIC
332. I have less luxuries – I have AMPLE luxuries
333. I am okay with things – I am CONTENDED with life
334. I am hungry for money – I am PASSIONATE for money
335. I like to grow – I like to FLOURISH
336. I am a good worker – I am an ARDENT worker
337. I like challenges – I like to OVERCOME challenges
338. I don’t deserve it – My efforts MERIT my rewards
339. I do want to be a success in life – I am DESTINED to be a success

340. Nothing can hold me back – I am EMBOLDENED to move fast


CELPIP Words to Describe Excitement:

When in situations where you are with friends or family or at a party, you need to use light words to express your joy and relate with others. It would be terrible if you are supposed to enjoy but your weak ESL skills restrict you from using the right CELPIP words. Well, use these!
341. lively: fun or full of life
342. thrilling: exciting
343. festivity: party
344. dine: eat food
345. tango: dance (more used in formal/ballroom type dances)
346. relish: enjoy
347. gratifying: enjoyable
348. ecstatic: very happy
349. giggle: laugh
350. holler: scream
351. mingle: socialize
352. grin: smile
353. berserk: crazy
354. fooling around: acting like a crazy person

355. jest: to express a joke


CELPIP Words to Express Anger:

These 15 CELPIP words are best used to describe situations where you are angry or uneasy! Excellent words to learn when you need to define your frustrations!
This will be handy for writing and speaking! These CELPIP words are also going to be familiar to your ear as many people probably have used this with you before. Whether you are at work, with friends or simply learning better phrases for your IELTS/CELPIP/OET/PTE/TOEFL/SAT exams, or writing/speaking, HZad Education has you covered!
Here they are:
356. irate: angry
357. antagonize: make someone irritated
358. salty (informal): irritated
359. pissed off (informal): angry
360. exacerbate: make something worse
361. sulky: uncooperative or bad-tempered
362. resentful: hateful of somebody
363. abhor: have disgust for something (verb)
364. queasy: feeling nauseated
365. had it with/sick and tired of: completely annoyed with someone or something
366. appalled: horrified with something or someone
367. denounce: accuse
368.: disparage: degrade
369. belittle: make someone feel unimportant

370. patronize: insult someone in a way to degrade them


CELPIP Words to Describe Events (Very Common Cases of Usage. Remember the goal: 9999!):

371. chaotic: full of craziness or chaos (COVID stuff)
372. segregated: discriminative (mandates dividing people)
373. progressive: something that progresses into something positive (technological advancements made)
374. turbulent: fluctuating wildly (Crypto world)
375. unnerving: causing one to lose courage (Taliban attack)
376. intriguing: interesting (NFT creation online)
377. unearthing: discovering something new (discovery of the ‘Southern’ Ocean)
378. prodigious: amazing (Richard Branson going into space)
379. ominous: scary (natural disasters)
380. cutthroat: competitive (banks trying to compete with bitcoin)
381. shortsighted: silly (The US government vilifying billionaires)
382. aggrandizement: growth (the growth of Tesla and Amazon)
383. coercive: forceful (forcing people to get the jab)
384. comical: laughable (Sleepy Joe as the President)

385. historical (something that will be remembered)


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386. questionable: controversial
387. looks sharp: handsome; you can say he “looks sharp”
388. leftist: communist
389. collected: calm and soft-spoken
390. fascist: dictator
391. triumphant: successful
392. crook: corrupt
393. amiable: polite and friendly
394. diplomatic: someone who never picks a side
395. efficacious: efficient or active
396. squanderer: someone who spends money without thinking
397. strategic: careful in strategy
398. megalomaniac: hungry for power
399. affluent: rich
400. acclaimed: known for

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