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Shayan Zaidi

This 15 hour self-paced OET preparation course is designed to help you succeed in your exam and impress your assessor. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can enroll with confidence in our program. Our team of experts, who have years of experience in teaching English to healthcare professionals, have created this course to ensure your success.

This comprehensive course covers all essential areas of the OET exam, whether you have just a few days or weeks to prepare. Benefit from the expertise of our globally recognized instructors and improve your English language skills to a level that will surpass your expectations!

What you’ll learn:

Effective templates for writing and speaking tasks

Access to a range of sample materials from previous students, complete with instructor feedback, to help you understand how your performance will be evaluated in the listening, reading, writing, and speaking modules.

Comprehensive guidance on the use of appropriate punctuation, vocabulary, and sentence structure, aligned with the OET exam criteria, to enhance your speaking and writing scores.

Effective strategies for faster reading comprehension and understanding

Effective note-taking techniques to assist with exam preparation

Enhance your reading and writing skills through our expert training

400+ OET-based vocabulary words, with an additional 400 bonus words to expand your vocabulary

And much more!

After this course, you will:

After completing this course, you will have:

The confidence and expertise needed to excel in your OET exam

A clear and proven path to achieving a grade A or B, the highest scores in the OET exam.

A step closer to realizing your dreams of immigration and starting a new life in your desired country.

No longer waste time, money, and effort by having to repeatedly reschedule the exam.

Significant improvement in your overall English language abilities in writing and speaking.

So much excitement and pride in your achievement that you will want to share your success with others!



Right after your purchase, you will receive a personalized link where you can start the course right away!



  • Use of writing templates for quick and effective writing
  • Understanding writing questions and task response
  • Examples of good and bad writing answers
  • Strategies for upgrading writing skills, including the use of complex vocabulary and sentences, effective proofreading, and time management


  • Techniques for removing speaking errors, including the use of templates and proper task response
  • Upgrade speaking skills with complex vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and effective use of connectors
  • Examples of proficient speaking and tips for self-assessment
  • Learn how to use the right tone for formal and informal topics Reading:
  • Strategies for quick and effective reading, including the use of keywords, tone, and time management:
  • Techniques for improving comprehension skills and answering questions based on the passage
  • Tips for eliminating incorrect answers and sharpening reading skills


  • Master the art of note-taking and memory skills for effective listening
  • Techniques for anticipating questions, summarizing conversations, and differentiating between close options
  • Tips for improving listening skills and avoiding exam surprises

Bonus Lessons:

  • Understanding the OET examiner marking criteria
  • Tips for achieving a high score in writing and speaking
  • Do’s and don’ts for all modules
  • Strategies for approaching the exam if it’s a second or later attempt
  • Tips for improving overall English skills and getting closer to your immigration goals
  • Resources, support, material, and techniques for continuous practice and improvement
  • Building confidence and ensuring a successful exam outcome.
Hi all,

Sean Zad here. If you have searched for information online about OET materials, tips, or tricks, you may have heard of me. As a result, HZad Education quickly became known as the institute that delivers outstanding PTE results, and we have remained at the top of all tutoring companies that offer PTE training, as our results speak for themselves!

Why would you have heard of me? Because my techniques are known to give students a score of 350 or more time and time again!

HZad Education is known for its exceptional results in helping future nurses and doctors quickly ease through this rather painful exam!

The effective methods and strategies I have developed have helped thousands of students achieve As and Bs after multiple unsuccessful attempts on their own. Many have said things like “I had no idea I was doing it wrong all this time” or “I wish I found you earlier”. I don’t blame them! The world of OET is mysterious and there is limited information available that can be trusted.

If you value your time and money and want to avoid the cycle of repeated failures, purchase my course and within minutes of starting, you will realize that you have made the best investment of your life!

What happens if I don’t take this course?

On average students fail OET 4 times. That means you spend months in rebooking and pay over $1,000 in registration costs alone! It also means you waste a ton of your energy only to end up demotivated, and finally, considering this course or more coaching. This course is a surefire way to avoid all the above while learning amazing English skills that you will use for the rest of your life.

Is the course online? How will I access it?

Yes, the course is online and contains PDFs as well as video files that cover all the lectures and content you need. It will be delivered to your email as soon as you make the purchase.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

If you personally haven’t found value or seen any improvement within 30 days of purchasing this course, just send us an email and we will refund 100% of your money. Hence, you get to try this completely risk-free!

How do I complete the 15 hours?

Since this is a self-paced course, you can start and finish this within a day, a week, a month or several months, as you like. You can also repeat the whole course once done. It will be all based on your schedule and preferences.

Will I get homework?

Yes, the course will provide you resources, tasks and specific homework that you can work on in your free time.

What about the material?

The materials are included as part of the course, making this course the cheapest OET course online for the value it delivers! The 5 mock tests are the hardest test questions you will ever see for OET and each mock test covers all 4 modules.

What do you mean by ‘Lifetime access to

weekly OET and English improvement strategies’?

Once you provide your email during the payment process, you will be added to a mailing list (subscription is completely optional and free of cost). Being on this list gives you access to an unlimited supply of free OET and English content, materials, promotions, and techniques (including some video lectures) that you can avail for your lifetime, as the content is uploaded weekly.

My exam is near. Is it too late to purchase this course?

It will be too late after the exam once you go in completely blind and are surprised by how difficult the real thing is. Some prep is better than zero prep. Even if you take 10 out of the 15 hours of this course, you can probably increase your expected score by several points.

However, you can also try to finish this course in just 2 days and that’s all you would need to be fully ready! You wouldn’t need to look anywhere else online.

Check out what 100s of HZad Customers have to say:


Sample Lessons:

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This Course Includes:

5 complete (4 modules) Mock Tests

15 hours of on-demand Video Instructions

Writing/Speaking (copy/paste) UPDATED Templates

800 OET Vocabulary & Phrases

Samples of Writing/Speaking That Score Over and Below 80 Points

Examiner Marking Criteria

Detailed Strategies and Shortcuts to Manage Time

Effectively & Get Accurate Answers

Resources for Continued Practice

Lifetime Access to Weekly OET and English Improvement Strategies

Get a Bonus FREE American Accent Training Course (Valued at $69.99)

Access on Mobile and TV

Connect with a Speaking Partner with our Speaking Platform!

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Get Feedback on Your Writing/ Speaking Scores!

15-min Free Immigration Consultant Appointment



Customer Reviews

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It's soooo good!

OET materials are so limited online! I am very glad I found this! Very good quality of mock tests and very very detailed video lessons. Every module for me has seen so much improvement after getting this. Very very happy with my purchase!

Bobby Bulandus
Great great job~

Benefits of this course:
1. self-paced. I studied at my will.
2. unlimited revisits.
3. one-stop-shop. Has everything you need to know
4. convenient price
5. to the point

and a bonus point will be that it is highly engaging. I was absorbed in the content and am 10 times more confident about my exam this weekend! I am glad I came across your ad.
thank you for your efforts in this course!

Jameel Khan

I just bought it. Great content so far


I have spent so much money online with tutors. I took this course with so much axiety since it's self-paced but this beats anythign I learned online from any of the tutors who just wasted my time and money. This course was to the point, brief, and full or great material for a very very low price. Thank you teacher Sean! Thank you Thank you!

Got my results

I wanted to leave this feedback having done the course and I just got my results. I am very satisfied, I scored an overall B grade that is perfect for my application. A big thank you to HZad Education and team for creating this course and helping professionals with your ongoing support. This was a big big help. Thank you again.

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