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Our goal is to provide top-notch teachers and a focused curriculum to help you achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time possible. Here’s how:

Teachers with multiple years of experience and a high success rate in the market

Curriculum designed to target all your weak spots, that also gives you a strategy-based learning

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Every student is initially assessed to ensure we are properly meeting your individual needs

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Our proven learning methods provide you with the strategies you need to become personally and professionally successful


With each course, you get lifetime access to 100s of resources

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Our courses are designed with a focus on course completion and success by providing students with the expert knowledge to achieve success

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I gained a lot of knowledge from my studies that helped me increase my SAT score. If you want to raise your grade point average, this course is unquestionably a good choice.


Michelle Rubio

They are amazing. My first attempt of celpip was terrible and I got a score all under 9 which I am very embarrassed. But I contacted hzad education after seeing reviews and they seemed promising. And they were! I ended up scoring L10, R9, W10, S9. Contacting them was the best decision I have done because now I don’t have to worry about that stupid exam haha


Kevin Nguyen

I had a wonderful time. My instructor truly took the time to concentrate on my weak areas, which helped me greatly raise my SAT score. She also spent the time reviewing each SAT question I got wrong and doing additional exercises on that specific subject, which was incredibly helpful. Although the amount of homework seemed excessive, it was actually very helpful and gave me the motivation I needed to work harder on raising my SAT score. Overall, I thought it was a wonderful experience and would certainly suggest it.


Iliana Molina

Teacher sara was encouraging. Tells you what you need to get a good score and keeps me motivated. I give all my love to Hzad~


Maribel Mansueto

Wow this course definitely prepared me to do my best! I took my first CELPIP test last week and my results were higher than I thought it was going to be (L9, W12 R`2 S9).


Kyle Jovellano

We will assist you in furthering your career and growth.