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Instructors at HZad Education work day and night to get those transcripts/result sheets that tell us, mission accomplished! That is the central goal we share and an aim we work hard for with sincerity!

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  • Teachers with multiple years of experience and a high success rate in the market
  • Curriculum designed to target all your weak spots,  that also gives you a strategy based learning
  • Several packages that include a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
  • Personalized service; either via one-on-one sessions or via small group classes
  • Best prices in the market. We are guaranteed to beat 99.99% of the competition
  • A memorable customer service experience, with teachers sincerely desiring your personal and professional success!

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Guaranteed Results Package


Focuses on a longer timeline but comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, which is made in case of a teacher not being able to get the student the required grade. The results are guaranteed in this package as our success rate here is over 95%.

Standard Package


The most convenient and straightforward package that sets up times for students to have their classes every week. The regular class routine follows here, as assessments are done, strategies are provided and weak areas are targeted.

Weekly Target Package


The most economical plan for students, where the cost is sufficiently down in case the teacher does not meet the weekly targets. Every week there is a certain requirement that we target and write down; finally, we make sure it is delivered.

Self-paced study needs!

The famous "Writing Package"

Get some tremendous writing samples, a writing guide book and sample (exam based) questions with the low cost "writing bundle". And/Or have your writings checked by simply sending them in and having a response within hours-with sufficient guidance and corrections.

Math, Physics and Chemistry

Have questions about certain tasks? Send us your questions and we will answer them one after the other in detail. 

Speaking Review

Have your speaking answers recorded and sent to us so that we can provide you a detailed analysis of your weaknesses and recommend the appropriate strategies for future success.

Listening/Reading bundle

Get tonnes of reading and listening materials based on the type of exam you are appearing for. The materials will be challenging and up-to-date to equip you fully for your exam.


Have a powerful, simple, short and a one-time three hour session that covers EVERYTHING you would need for your exam prep! You will be able to give the exam the very next day and will succeed remarkably!

Send in the questions!

Consultation is mostly free but if there is a certain area you are struggling with or need a detailed and expert advice on some difficulties, we can help! With proper guidelines, we will let detail to you with every step you would need to follow to clear your doubts!