CELPIP Writing Templates: Copy/Paste

90% students using this template score over a 9 in writing in CELPIP. All areas of grammar, vocabulary & structure covered.

Why Are These Templates Important?

The simplest reason why HZad Education’s famous CELPIP writing templates have tremendous value is based on candidates’ test scores. Repeat test takers, who have failed the exam a number of times, have no issues getting a 9 or more after utilizing these templates.


And there is a simple reason why.

These templates cover the words and phrases that you need to use to score high marks on multiple areas of the marking scheme. Everything here is written and put in place for a purpose. The punctuation marks, the complex sentences, the connectors, and the advanced vocab are all things that the examiner looks at and constantly scores you high on the areas of range of vocabulary, connections, structure and uniqueness. The way the template is set up, it ensures that you also finish within the word length and on time with the right paragraphing in place.


Hence, with these rules set in place and with the remarkable results these CELPIP writing templates have delivered, your job is now to memorize them and use them in the exam!


Email Templates:

Task 1:
You borrowed an important textbook from a classmate the last term. You now realize your classmate had returned home overseas and you still have the book. Write a letter to him/her. In your letter:
· apologize for the mistake
· find out how important the book is to him / her
· say what you will do
Begin your letter as follows: Dear _____________
 You should write between 150-200 words.  
1. Hopefully, you and your husband are doing well. My apologies for not being in touch, but I am making up for it via this letter; at least I hope so.
2. Answer the first bullet.
3. Second bullet.
4. Third bullet.
5. I am hoping this letter finds you well. Do get back to me whenever you get a chance. Talk to you soon!
Take care,
(First name)
Avoid this mistake students commonly make it CELPIP task 1 between informal and formal emails/letters.
You exercise regularly and have been a member of many different gyms. Recently, you moved into a new neighborhood and joined a new gym. You have noticed that people at this gym do not bother to wipe down the machines after use and often leave dirty towels on the benches in the change rooms. Write to Mr. Koto, the manager. In your letter:
· explain who you are
· describe the problem exactly
· make suggestions to improve the gym
Begin your letter as follows: Dear Mr. Koto,
 You should write at between 150-200 words.  
1. The purpose of my writing today is to inform you about…
2. First bullet.
3. Second bullet.
4. Third bullet.
5. I am looking forward to seeing how my suggestions translate into prompt actions from your side. Your kind cooperation would be most appreciated.
OR (in different cases):
Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, an open line of communication, from your side, in this case, would greatly help out.
In the above conclusion, we have mentioned two versions. The first one is mainly for a question where you had to mention some problems and follow that up with some solutions. This is a very common question type in CELPIP which is why a template for this was especially made.
However, mostly, you will encounter situations where you would need a more general conclusion. For example, the question could have been about asking ‘your future landlord some questions to make sure this apartment is right for you’.
In this case, the second conclusion will fit perfectly!
Also, understand that the sentence “Furthermore, an open line of communication, from your side, in this case, would greatly help out.” simply is a fancier way of saying “I am looking forward to talking to you”. Yes, we are on purpose making things more complex because examiners love unique and low-frequency words and phrases. If you write like everyone else, you will score like everyone else!
Another Note!
There will be rare questions (about 5% of the times) when none of the above two conclusions will work for your answer. For example, what if the question asked you to report an accident you saw on the street? In this case, you don’t need “an open line of communication”. You simply make your report and you are done. You cannot use the first version of the conclusion, either. So what do you do? IMPROVISE! In this case, you need to come up with a new conclusion in the exam, something like:
“Your interest in this matter is appreciated. Furthermore, if any other piece of information, from my side, in this case, is needed, feel free to immediately reach out.”
As I said at the start of this lesson, everything in the templates is inserted for a purpose! You will notice that we have copied the words, in bold, from our version 2 of the conclusion of the formal email template. We just had to replace the words around them to fit the situation. So yes, I said improvise if it is a unique situation, but even in these cases, you can copy some of the memorized template wordings.
In this case, we managed to copy
“appreciated” – no big deal here
“furthermore” – you get a connector mark here
“from my side, in this case,” – you see all the commas? They are all marks for complex punctuations!
“immediately” – this is an adverb which adds to your range of vocabulary mark since adverbs are rarely used

Before you move on to task 2, you should PRACTICE! Use my list of CELPIP writing topics here and apply the above templates to see how you do:


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Essay Template:

Task 2: (the bolded font is the template that can be used from this sample answer)
Which option should be the most suitable when assigning punishments to convicts?
Please write 150-200 words providing your opinion.
The action of capital punishment has been a hotly debated topic amongst individuals. In my opinion, life imprisonment is more suited due to several social reasons.
Conspicuously, prisoners can be made use of during their imprisonment. This is because governments can involve prisoners in social work and undertake multiple projects that way. Furthermore, if we give them a chance, it is still a better option. For example, it is seen in many jails that when prisoners are given a chance, they improve their attitudes and become better citizens when they step out.
On the other hand, some people presume that capital punishment is more sound. Nonetheless, capital punishment is a very uneducated way to deal with the problem. One clear reason is that these kinds of punishments happened in ancient times. If repeat the same barbaric behaviors again, it will show a lack of growth. Moreover, it is basically killing people. For instance, we lose thousands of fellow human lives every year, which is very unethical.
Based on the above discussion, I still stand by my stance. That is, capital punishment is not an effective way because it hurts humanity.
As I said in the beginning, the template usage will help you hit multiple marks! Let’s talk about the ideal word limit.

The ideal word limit for task 1 and task 2 is 185 to 195 words.

The above sample has 190 words. Just at the sweet spot! This is the magic of the templates. Yes, it is aimed more on good vocab usage with smooth transitions and the ability to avoid grammar mistakes on those words, but as a bonus, it helps you to also keep the structure intact, finish on time, and hit the right word limit.


Did you notice we used two points in body 1 and body 2? That was on purpose as well. To avoid getting penalized on things like task response, where the examiner can just say you ‘didn’t write enough’ or you ‘weren’t descriptive enough’ or ‘the topic was not clearly explained’ (we hear this stuff all the time), just give the examiner two well-defined points on both sides (your opinion in body 1 and the opposing opinion in body 2), and they will have no excuse to reduce your marks for task response!


Did you know task 2 can have multiple versions of this template? You might have seen them online. There are 2 other versions you can use! Check the detailed explanation here:


Apart from just the CELPIP Writing Templates, there are a lot more terms, marking secrets, practice material, and strategy work you need to go through before you can confidently go for the exam.

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Remember, your writing should also contain some amazing use of vocabulary, phrases, complex sentences, and a lot more.

See how a level 6 candidate writes versus a level 9+ candidate:


In your school, one of your friends has been feeling down and demotivated. You take it as your responsibility to cheer him/her up and do this via a Birthday party invitation.
Write to your classmates and talk about organizing the party. Please include
• the reason behind the party
• the location of the party
• discuss any other arrangements
You should write between 150-200 words.

Sample Level 6:

Hi Bob
How are you? I am doing good by the way. I wanted to ask you something. How about we throw a party for Erica? She has been very down and needs to get something to cheer her up and I really wanna cheer her up with this party idea. What do you think? I feel that the pub on Main Street would be a great choice because she loves drinking and wants to eat wings pretty much all the time we hang out.

The pub has all that and I think she will like it And can you contact the rest of the classmates for me? you can tell them that I want this party to be at the pub and that they should probably be there around 7 pm on Saturday this week. Let’s all focus on erica that day instead of ourselves. So please tell the friends that this party is all gonna be about Erica.


Sample Level 9+:

Dear Bob,
It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I am exhilarated with an idea that just popped up in my head about Erica’s ill mental condition; I have the perfect fix!
I am assuming you already know; Erica has been on a rant lately on how she resents this country and would rather go back. She evidently does not comprehend what she is missing here! As her friends, let’s remind her that! How about we hold a party for her at King’s Pub on Main Street? Not only would it be an awesome spot to loosen up, it will also be easy on our pockets when we treat her.
Could you go ahead and collaborate with the others and circle back with me regarding the time you all come up with. Remember, to keep the spotlight of the party on Erica since we need to cheer her up mainly.
Get back to me if you have any alternative ideas. I will be glued to my phone awaiting your response.
Best regards,
Johnathan Wilson


Note the CELPIP writing templates have not been used here since the purpose of this demonstration is just to highlight the words’ and phrases’ usage.


Sample Sentences:

CELPIP 6 How are you?
CELPIP 8 How have you been doing?
CELPIP 9+ It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

CELPIP 6 Wanted to ask you something. How about we throw a party for Erica?
CELPIP 8 I am excited to share an idea with you. Let’s throw an amazing party for Erica!
CELPIP 9+ I am exhilarated with an idea that just popped up in my head about Erica’s ill mental condition; I have the perfect fix!

CELPIP 6 What do you think?
CELPIP 8 What are your thoughts?
CELPIP 9+ I am dying to know what’s on your mind.

CELPIP 6 The pub has all that and I think she will like it
CELPIP 8 The pub has the needed facilities and that is what we need to cheer her up.
CELPIP 9+ Not only would it be an awesome spot to loosen up, it will also be easy on our pockets when we treat her.

CELPIP 6 So please tell the friends that this party is all gonna be about Erica.
CELPIP 8 I would need the focus to be mainly on Erica since this day is about her.
CELPIP 9+ Remember, to keep the spotlight of the party on Erica since we need to cheer her up mainly.


Sample Vocabulary (with replacements):


excited  = exhilarated
complaining  = ranting
good = awesome
focus = spotlight
idea came up = idea popped up
new = alternative
relax = loosen up
choice = preference
very down = very desolate
hates = resents


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