Get 5 writings/speakings marked

4k+ rating

Shayan Zaidi

  • Send us recordings of your speaking tests (5 tests in total) and writings via Word/PDF/Notes (5 tests in total) to [email protected].
  • Once you do, you will receive feedback within 24-48 hours on weekdays. If you send those on or just before the weekend, you will receive feedback before the end of Tuesday the following week.
  • Our instructors will tell you which areas in the marking scheme you are executing correctly and incorrectly.
  • You will be suggested additional resources to improve your scores.
  • You can submit future feedback requests to see if your level has improved.
  • No need to sit in any class. Just submit your work when you have time.
  • What our instructors mark you (90% of the time) IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU SCORE IN THE REAL EXAM.


This Course Includes:

5 writings/speakings marked

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