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SAMPLE: New CELPIP Task 2 Question:



Your neighborhood is planning to invest in new community services and is considering two options: a public library with state-of-the-art facilities or a public park with sports fields and playgrounds.

Write 150-200 words, as a resident of the neighborhood, about which would be the better choice.

Option A: Establish a public library.

Option B: Develop a public park.


Detailed Breakdown:


Sample Level 6:

Deciding between a library and a park is tough. Both are really important and would bring good stuff to our neighborhood.

I reckon a library would be better because it’s a place where everyone can learn, not just kids. It has books, computers, and quiet spaces for studying or work. It’s a year-round place for learning and can help people get jobs or do better in school. But I can’t forget that parks are cool for playing sports and hanging out, especially for families. Still, I choose the library because it gives benefits that last longer than just having fun.


Sample Level 9+:

Faced with the decision between the implementation of a public library or a public park, it becomes imperative to assess the enduring benefits to our community.

I advocate for the establishment of a public library, a hub of knowledge and learning, equipped with a vast array of books, digital resources, and dedicated areas for research and personal growth. Libraries are not merely repositories of information; they are cornerstones of community development, fostering education and improving literacy rates, which are instrumental for societal advancement.

Conversely, while a park offers recreational advantages and is a nexus for community interaction, its seasonal use and maintenance costs must be weighed.

Libraries, in contrast to parks, offer year-round accessibility and serve as a catalyst for education and professional development. Thus, a library is the optimal choice for long-term communal enrichment.


Sample Sentences:

CELPIP 6: We need places where we can learn and do homework, and the library is perfect for that.

CELPIP 8: The library serves as an accessible resource center for individuals aiming to enhance their educational pursuits.

CELPIP 9+: The library stands as an intellectual haven that facilitates the perpetual quest for knowledge across all age groups.


CELPIP 6: Parks are good for summer, but what about when it’s cold?

CELPIP 8: Seasonal weather can limit the utilization of parks, diminishing their year-round viability.

CELPIP 9+: Parks, subject to the whims of seasonal change, cannot consistently provide the year-round refuge that libraries can.


CELPIP 6: In the end, learning is more important than playing.

CELPIP 8: Ultimately, the pursuit of knowledge should be prioritized over recreational activities.

CELPIP 9+: In the grand scheme, fostering an environment conducive to intellectual development supersedes the provision of recreational facilities.


Sample Vocabulary (from basic to advanced):


places – sanctuaries

learn – cultivate knowledge

homework – academic endeavors

perfect – ideally suited

good – beneficial

summer – warm months

cold – inclement weather

important – paramount

playing – leisure pursuits

pursuit of knowledge – educational advancement


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Writing a High-Scoring Answer

Your response’s quality can significantly differ based on your writing’s depth and structure. Let’s look at how different levels of answers tackle our sample question.


Sample Level 6 Response:

This response level is straightforward, with a focus on personal preference and simple reasoning. The language is direct, but the depth of analysis is relatively surface-level.


Sample Level 9+ Response:

Here, the answer is sophisticated, providing nuanced arguments and comprehensive benefits of the chosen option. Vocabulary is rich, and sentences are complex, showcasing a higher command of the language.


From CELPIP Sentences to Vocabulary – Scaling the Levels


Witness how sentences evolve from CELPIP 6 to CELPIP 9+, and how vocabulary choices can enhance the sophistication of your response.

CELPIP 6: Libraries are good for reading books.

CELPIP 9+: Libraries are sanctuaries for the cultivation of knowledge through diverse literary collections.

Your choice of words matters. “Good” is fine, but “sanctuaries” adds depth, and “cultivation of knowledge” transforms a simple action into an intellectual pursuit.


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