CELPIP Reading Practice Test 4 (HARD)

Take a look at this challenging reading practice test 3 for the CELPIP, which includes parts 1 through 4. Are you able to get a 9?

CELPIP [Tough] Reading Practice Test 4 (With Answers)

Check out this extremely difficult CELPIP READING PRACTICE TEST 4 by HZad Education. The answers are included! How will you fare against this challenging CELPIP reading mock test? Let’s find out!


Also, this is part 4 of the reading practice test. For more CELPIP reading practice tests, subscribe to our blog.



Reading Part 1:

10 minutes:

December 5, 2022

Frank and Joan LeRoy

245 Mansfield Drive

Wiltshire, CT 06897


Dear Frank and Joan,

David’s first birthday is approaching and I wanted to take this opportunity to greet YOU a Happy Birthday as well.

While a child hardly realizes the significance of a first birthday, to the parents it is a wonderfully joyous occasion as they pause and reflect on the events of the past year (and 9 months). I don’t have to tell you, but profound changes have taken place in your life such as lost sleep, sacrifice of personal time, juggling of schedules, etc.

With all of these changes though, it is so wonderful to have and to hold a child created in the image of God Himself. The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:26: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” What an awesome thought! That we are created in the image of God!

He also assures us that He knows our future, and as a matter of fact has it all planned out if we will only follow that plan. Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

It is my hope that as the years pass, you will continue to make the church an important part of David’s life. This will serve to give him a foundation for the storms and trials that no doubt lie ahead.

Again, Happy Birthday to YOU, and if there is anything I can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In Christ’s Love,

Rev. Arthur Morrissey


Choose the best answer from the given multiple choice questions:

1. David’s parents live in…

A. Wiltshire, Washington

B. Wiltshire church

C. Wiltshire, Connecticut

D. Wilshire, Mansfield


2. Who are the parents of David?

A. Joan and Arthur

B. Frankie and Joan

C. Joan and David

D. Frank and Joan


3. The main motive behind this letter is…

A. Show gratitude towards David’s parents

B. To demonstrate the relevance of the church in David’s life

C. To encourage them to be great parents

D. Greetings for David’s birthday


4. David is turning…

A. 12 months

B. 24 months

C. 18 months

D. 21 months


5. Arthur Morissey demonstrates…

A. Courteous attitude

B. Encouragement towards the parents

C. Hospitality



6. Whose birthday greeting is Arthur referring to?

A. David’s

B. Joan

C. Frank

D. Arthur himself


Have a look at the response letter below and answer the multiple choice questions:

Dear Rev. Arthur Morissey,

We are really thankful to you for giving 7.) (your sincere gratitude / sweet birthday greetings to me/ honest response / encouragement) on David’s 8.) (growth / first birthday/ celebration / party). As 9.) (for the importance of understanding faith and service / for the birthday celebration/ the inspiration / for the foundational growth) of David, we will definitely try to explain 10.) (the vitality of church/ serving/ his christ-like identity/ the importance) of understanding theological bases of his faith which can be beneficial in his future. The 11.) (family in the house / reverence of God / house of prayer / community) is the most important refuge in our life where we get to learn about our identity in faith and it is going to be the same with David as well.

Again, thank you very much for your kind concern.

Joan and Frank

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8 minutes

Detailed CELPIP reading test with answers!

Read the following email about the diagram above and answer the below multiple choice questions within 8 minutes.

Subject: Movie ticket options

To: Reynaldo Cruz

From: Jeremy Munroe


Hi Rey!

How’s it going? Don’t mind answering that; it’s rhetorical! I know you are probably all consumed in excitement like I am! Well I have the details. Going from basic to VIP, everything except 1.) (closeness to the stage/price/safety/ sound quality) increases. However, if you are not afraid to pay more and try your luck the 2.) (golden/red/VIP/basic) ticket is the one to choose i.e. if you don’t prioritize being on national television; for that, obviously, the best choice would be the 3.) (golden/red/VIP/basic) ticket.

I personally would choose the red ticket for us since it is 4.) (under $5,000/100% refundable/available with the best view/multiple culinary options). We can also have 5.) (a less noisy experience/more comfort/seats 10 metres away/less fake copies) if we choose the red ticket. But listen, at the end, it’s all about fun.

Money is just an object. I want to hear what you have to say.

Take care,




6. Jeremy and Reynaldo are:

A. best friends

B. friends

C. close friends

D. acquaintances


7. Jeremy…

A. is casual

B. is trustworthy

C. is caring

D. is rich


8. What does “money is just an object” mean here?

A. it is physical

B. it is important

C. it is replaceable

D. it is trivial


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10 minutes

A. On June 23, 2016, a historic referendum took place in the United Kingdom (UK). The referendum question was: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? The possibility of Britain leaving the EU became known as Brexit. Over 30 million people voted in the referendum. The turnout was higher than Britain’s last general election. Eligible voters were British, Irish, and Commonwealth citizens (18 and over) living in the UK. UK citizens living outside of the UK for under 15 years were also eligible.

B. Those opposed to Brexit were in the “Remain” camp. This included Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron, as well as the majority of citizens in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and London. These voters wanted the UK to remain a diverse nation. They valued their rights to work, trade, and move about freely in the EU. Supporters of Brexit were in the “Leave” camp. This included the majority of citizens in England (excluding London) and Wales. These voters wanted the UK to have more control over its borders. They also wanted the UK to have freedom to make its own business rules. Nigel Farage, the head of the UK independence Party (UKIP), was the leader of this camp.

C. On June 23, 52% of voters chose “Leave the European Union.” The “Leave” win shocked the world. People began to google the “European Union” to get a better understanding of why it exists. Within hours, the value of the British pound [£] had fallen to a historic low and Prime Minister Cameron had stepped down. A few days later, Nigel Farage resigned as well. Farage said he had achieved his goal of helping the UK become a “self-governing” nation.In the week following the referendum, millions of people signed a petition asking for a second referendum. The new prime minister, Theresa May, told citizens that “Brexit is Brexit.” Negotiating the exit would take approximately two years. The status and rights of British nationals living in the EU and of EU nationals living in the UK became the primary concern. The status and rights of British nationals living in the EU and of EU nationals living in the UK became the primary concern.

D. In November 2016, the English High Court ruled that the government needed parliamentary approval to trigger Article 50 and leave the EU. Over the next two year, the EU and the UK negotiated a divorce deal. On January 15, 2019, Parliament voted “no deal” to May’s contentious Brexit plan. May resigned that July and the new prime minister, Boris Johnson, promised to get Brexit settled. On January 31, 2020, Britain officially left the EU.

E. Not mentioned above


Choose which paragraph matches the following statements. Answer A to D next to the statements and if the answer is not given, write E.

1. Inflation rate had soared. Answer: ________

2. A number of people voted for Britain’s departure from the membership of the European Union. Answer: ______

3. Many people view Boris Johnson as an unethical prime minister due to his concession on Brexit. Answer: ______

4. The previous prime minister was left unsettled. Answer: ______

5. People were unsure of the idea of EU. Answer: _______

6. The primary concern was mainly the rights of people. Answer:_____

7. EU chose the referendum in 2018. Answer: _____

8. The Brexit plan became successful the first month of 2020. Answer: ______

9. The head of the UK independence part (UKIP) yielded after they helped with the BREXIT plan. Answer: ______



12 minutes:

Read the following article from the website:


According to Robert Houston, technology ‘as usual’, he asserts, continues to be a menace to our society causing hundreds of cases of identity theft on a daily basis, online bullying, drainage of our valuable time spent on the usual distractions, creating a clout-chaser mentality among the youth and, most notoriously, being a leading source of financial scams.

Robert exclaimed “I can go on hours ranting about a million more harms associated with all sorts of popular technology”. He claims to not be a pessimist but rather a realist as he takes all current and future promises of the so-called ‘innovation’ with a grain of salt. He questions the motives of all the current tech- giants that keep on delivering new software updates by the minute while launching new gadgets and hardware alongside it. “Do you really expect them to have you best interests in mind? No! Let’s be real. These are corporations. Their only concern is your money on top of ultimate power and control”. He focuses on the past misuse of privacy and illegal sharing of user data – without consent. His suggestion is to reduce your digital footprint as much as possible, or you will be living in a world where the government knows your next move better than you do yourself; you most likely are already living that reality now!


Randall Jones, CFO of LokItel Innovations, takes a more optimistic approach on the matter. He puts focus on two revolutionary areas, crucial to human survival, that technology has helped grow tremendously. He is mainly grateful for what we now have in the medical field. “Can you imagine having a tooth removal with hammers and nails and with no anesthesia? That’s where we would be without proper research, sterilization of tools and knowledge of the appropriate methods. The same goes for all other medical conditions; take for example pregnancy. We have made that process so much easier for mothers using all the innovative solutions we have been gifted by technology in hospital rooms. In this age, whenever you have any sort of physical or mental problem, you know you have some solution waiting for you because of the presence of some technology. In fact, you can become your own doctor by simply Googling the needed remedies online! This has literally made all the pain from this world disappear, and I do actually mean ‘literally’”.

Secondly, Jones talks about how efficient his daily operations and logistics at LokItel are due to the way technology helps with communications. The quick emails between departments and among business partners combined with CRM software for customer management as well as audio/video conferencing options have made current businesses the most efficient models in existence. It not only is limited in scope to businesses but the ease of quick, cheap and reliable communication has upgraded our very idea of socialization. “The world is at your disposal now! You have the chance to connect with over 6 billion people worldwide as soon as you open your laptop screen. If you cannot imagine the opportunity, at least imagine all the fun you can have”.


Answer the following multiple choice questions:

1. What does Robert think of young people?

a. They chase new technology

b. They like to be popular

c. They don’t care about privacy

d. They will have to deal with the ‘future promises’


2. For LokItel Innovations…

a. protecting identity of customers is crucial

b. being the most efficient model is priority

c. the medical advances have been helpful

d. better management is a result of tech innovations


3. What does Randall mean by ‘literally’ in the following sentence: “This has literally made all the pain from this world disappear, and I do actually mean ‘literally’”?

a. He is using this to emphasize his point

b. He is using this to show he is not lying

c. He is using this to show that this is just a figurative expression

d. He is using this to talk about actual physical pain


4. How would Jones probably view Houston?

a. Skeptic

b. Realist

c. Pessimist

d. We cannot say for sure


5. Did Jones directly respond to any of Houston’s criticism?

a. Of course! He countered the argument by stating several positives

b. No, he did not

c. He partially did since all counters were not made

d. He purposefully ignores Robert’s claims


Read the following comments from a visitor to the website page. Answer the associated multiple choice questions:

How can anyone in the right mind be as 6. (aware/ignorant/educated/dedicated) towards technology’s cons as Randall? I mean, it kind of makes sense given 7. (his position/his personal benefits/his extroverted nature/passion). Just purely from a legal standpoint, the dangers pointed out by Houston clearly display the harms technology can provide. 8. (My time/ My clout/My identity/My safety) needs to be protected at all times. No compromise can be made there. I think Houston made a more valid argument by 9. (explaining how he is a realist/ exposing corporations/taking a grain of salt/reflecting on the past). I also think that Randall is simply exaggerating when he puts technology synonymous to 10. (medical conditions/human survival/efficiency/socialization).



Part 1:

  • Correct: C – Wiltshire, Connecticut. Wilshire is the city and Connecticut is the state they live in.
  • Correct: D – Frank and Joan. David’s parents’ names are shown at the very beginning of the letter.
  • Correct: B – To demonstrate the relevance of the church in David’s life. A significant portion of the letter aims to remind David’s parents of the church’s foundational role in people’s lives.
  • Correct: A – 12 months. David is 1 year old [1 year in months is 12].
  • Correct: D – All of the above.
  • Correct: B – Joan. Beside’s David turning 1, it’s also Joan’s birthday, highlighting her sacrifices as a mom. The word “you” indicates one of the people mentioned in the letter.
  • Correct: Sweet birthday greetings to me. The letter expressed thankfulness from Joan and Frank, but the birthday greetings were not for David; rather, it was for Joan.
  • Correct: First birthday. This indicates that the letter is meant more for the parents than for David, showing that this letter was received during his first birthday.
  • Correct: For the importance of understanding faith and service. Rev. Arthur’s hope as the family celebrates David’s first birthday is for him to make the church an important part of his life.
  • Correct: The vitality of the church.
  • Correct: House of prayer. Another term for church.


Part 2:

  • Safety. Safety is the worst with the VIP ticket as players can run into the front row guests.
  • VIP. The VIP ticket is the most expensive and also comes with a chance to win $100,000.
  • Golden. The golden ticket comes with a 100% chance of being on TV.
  • Under $5,000. As the ticket prices are increasing and the next ticket, after red, is over $5,000, we can assume the red ticket will be under $5,000. Also, the answer ‘multiple culinary options’ is incorrect since only fast food options are available.
  • More comfort. Comfortable seats that recline are a feature of the red ticket.
  • Close friends. There is no indication of the writer referring to the term ‘best’. They can be considered to be close since they are going to an event together and talking very comfortably.
  • Is casual. He was very relaxed throughout the conversation, even making a quick joke at the beginning when he mentioned he was asking a rhetorical question.
  • It is trivial. That’s what the saying generally means.


Part 3:

  • Correct: C – The value of the British pound [£] had fallen to a historic low [when the value of a currency falls, everything becomes expensive].
  • Correct: A – Over 30 million people voted in the referendum.
  • Correct: E – Not mentioned above.
  • Correct: C – Those opposed to Brexit were in the “Remain” camp. This included Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron.
  • Correct: B – People began to google the “European Union” to get a better understanding of why it exists.
  • Correct: C – The status and rights of British nationals living in the EU and of EU nationals living in the UK became the primary concern.
  • Correct: D – The EU and the UK negotiated a divorce deal.
  • Correct: D – On January 31, 2020, Britain officially left the EU.
  • Correct: B – Farage said he had achieved his goal of helping the UK become a “self-governing” nation.


Part 4:

  • Correct: They like to be popular. The youth was referred to as ‘clout-chasers’, meaning they chase popularity.
  • Correct: Better management is a result of tech innovations. It was mentioned how communications, thanks to technology, have resulted in better operations and logistics.
  • Correct: He is using this to talk about actual physical pain. The word “literally” implies that the actual meaning of the word is being used. In this case, he was referring to how medical advances have reduced the physical pains patients suffer.
  • Correct: We cannot say for sure. All first three options can be correct, and we don’t really have Jones saying anything about Houston.
  • Correct: No, he did not. Jones went on to explain technology’s benefits in general but didn’t really have a rebuttal for any of Houston’s complaints made in paragraph 1.
  • Correct: Ignorant. The whole tone of this person is against Randall, which means this sentence will start pointing that out.
  • Correct: His position. He is the CFO of LokItel Innovations, so he is bound to support technology.
  • Correct: My identity. The two legal problems Houston mentioned were identity theft and financial scams.
  • Correct: Reflecting on the past. The passage mentioned “He focuses on the past misuse of privacy and illegal sharing of user data – without consent.”
  • Correct: Human survival. Randall mentioned how technology was ‘crucial to human survival’, which is a big claim, hence, it sounds like an exaggeration.


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