CELPIP Reading Practice Test 3 (HARD)

Take a look at this challenging reading practice test 3 for the CELPIP, which includes parts 1 through 4. Are you able to get a 9?

CELPIP [Tough] Reading Practice Test 3 (With Answers)

Check out this extremely difficult CELPIP READING PRACTICE TEST 3 by HZad Education. The answers are included! How will you fare against this challenging CELPIP reading mock test? Let’s find out!


Also, this is part 3 of the reading practice test. For more CELPIP reading practice tests, subscribe to our blog.




Time: 10 minutes

Dear Frank,

All the best to you for the New Year! How are things going in the Land of the Rising Sun? I must say, I really envy you getting that Tokyo gig with the company. Somehow, they overlooked me on that one, and I am forced to slug it out here through another frigid and snowy Montreal winter. Brrrr! I heard through the grapevine that business is going well there. Rumor has it that you guys are just about to close a big deal with the Japanese government for an M-750 Simulator. Great news! Good for the company and good for you. Keep up the great work!

Did you hear about Margie Bronson suddenly leaving the company just before year-end? It was a bit of a shock to say the least. She gave one week’s notice and was gone. Nobody knows for sure what’s up with her, but rumors have been flying fast and furious that she went through a bit of a personal meltdown and has now gone underground to lick her wounds for a while. There could be some truth to that since her long-time relationship ended recently, and three months ago, she was passed over for that director position that was up for grabs. I’ll keep you posted when we find out more, but I am sure your bosses were told about this a few weeks ago.

As for me, I am quite busy these days on the Branscombe Systems Project. We are entering Phase Two now, and that is expected to run for three years, at least. Frank Schindler is Senior Project Manager and I am Team Leader of the Embedded Systems Group. I am enjoying it so far. Whether I’ll feel the same way in three years, I’m not sure. By then, I might be ready to join you in Japan. I’m still kicking butt in the squash court and am managing to get in two or three matches per week. What about squash in Japan? Have you been able to play any over there? Are there even any squash courts? I suppose since you are in Tokyo, there must be some. Let me know.

I have to go now and attend to family duties. Jonathon needs some help with his homework, and Angie wants me to fix something in the kitchen. You single guys traveling the world sure are lucky!

Keep me posted whenever you can. I really enjoy receiving your letters and getting the details of your life in Japan.

Your squash buddy,



  • Who failed to notice Dave?
    • A. Frank
    • B. The Japanese government
    • C. Margie Bronson
    • D. Embedded Systems Group
  • Who is the team leader of the group?
    • A. Frank
    • B. Dave
    • C. Angie
    • D. Jonathon
  • Rumor has it that Margie Bronson has been…
    • A. Fired due to her attitude towards work
    • B. Depressed and had panic attacks at work
    • C. Burnt out and could not work any longer
    • D. Refused to work due to lack of motivation
  • What was the name of the project?
    • A. Branscombe Systol Project
    • B. Branscombe Systems Protect
    • C. Branscombe System Project
    • D. Branscombe Systematic Project
  • How many week’s notice was given by Margie Bronson?
    • A. 1 week
    • B. 2 weeks
    • C. 3 weeks
    • D. 4 weeks
  • Margie Bronson has offered the designation of…
    • A. Director
    • B. Team lead
    • C. Senior Project Manager
    • D. Team lead director
  • What is the relation between Dave and Frank?
    • A. Teammate
    • B. Squash buddies
    • C. Business owners
    • D. Coworkers
Answer the following multiple-choice questions in the response letter:

Dear Dave,

I am glad to hear from you after some time. I know you are not really (7. ecstatic / fond / pleased / dejected) with the company’s decision. Yes, we are going to close a big deal with (8. Branscombe / Squash / the Japanese government / Embedded) for an M-750 simulation. I heard about Margie Bronson abruptly; I did not know the (9. situation / extremity / cause / idea) of her resignation, but (10. a month / 2 weeks / a few months / 6 months) ago, we came to know her relationship was over. That’s good to hear about the new Branscombe system project. I wish you could complete the project within the deadline. I have found a squash court near my home. I go there on Sunday with my new colleagues to play (11. a few games / a few leagues / a few matches / a few rounds).

Yours sincerely,



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Time: 8 minutes

Read the following email about the diagram above and answer the below multiple choice questions within 8 minutes.

Subject: Weekend’s plans
To: Sarah Brown
From: Matt Jones

Hi Sarah,

I know you must be super busy at work and that you probably have an irritating look right now seeing an email from your old man pop up on the screen; at least I hope I am wrong there. But hey, I am still over the moon with the fact that we will be having some quality time together this weekend. Your mom and I thought that since we are a large family and since we prefer something without activity, the 1. (picnic/downtown tour/carnival/park tour) will be most suited to us. I also don’t think the carnival is a good option for your boy since 2. (there is a huge risk with rides/he is 4 years old/you are in the suburbs/it’s dirty).

Since the park has its own issues, can you and Bob bring 3. (a fire extinguisher/park permit/sports equipment/pepper spray)? Compared to the other options, at least the park will 4. (have bus routes/be open 24/7/be safe/need maintenance), and since almost every option presents the 5. (transport/group size/maintenance/weather) issue, I am not even taking that into account.

Stay safe!


6. Matt is Sarah’s…

  • A. old man
  • B. dad
  • C. husband
  • D. relative
  • How would you describe Matt and Sarah’s relationship?
    • A. rocky
    • B. amicable
    • C. stable
    • D. unpleasant
  • Which statement is likely true?
    • A. Matt and Sarah meet occasionally
    • B. Sarah will be excited for the weekend
    • C. Sarah has two kids
    • D. Bob is probably the name of Sarah’s son




Time: 10 minutes

A. Every beverage and other kinds of drinks or food that are eaten have a specific taste to them. There are various foods with sour tastes like buttermilk, lemon juice, orange juice, and certain candies. There is also a second taste that is bitter, leading someone to immediately want to spit it out of their mouth. These sour and bitter tastes are caused by acids and bases. The sour taste, like in orange juice, is tangy and is caused by acids found in drinks or other foods. The word acid itself comes from a Latin word which means sour: acere. There are natural acids in most of the liquids people drink, like orange or lemon juice, meaning they are found in nature. Chemically, acids are molecules that split apart in water releasing hydrogen ions, increasing the number of these ions.

B. On the other hand, bases have a bitter taste, like baking soda, and have a soap-like texture. It will feel soapy if rubbed between the fingers. Both acids and bases were defined in 1887 by a chemist named Svante Arrhenius. Chemically, bases are molecules that split when put in water and release hydroxide ions, but reducing the number of hydrogen ions. Determining whether a substance is an acid or base cannot be done by tasting every liquid in nature. Instead, there is a special type of substance used to discover whether a liquid is acidic or basic in nature. The different substances are known as indicators. The indicators will change color depending on whether the substance is an acid or base. The indicators, such as litmus, turmeric, and China rose, are naturally occurring and are dipped into the liquid to determine its sourness or bitterness.

C. Litmus is the most commonly used natural indicator. Its natural color is purple, but when an acidic solution touches it, it will turn red. If it is dipped into a basic solution, the litmus will turn blue. Litmus is made from organisms called lichens, which come from fungus and alga, and are found in the form of a paper strip or a solution used by chemists and other scientists. A pH scale is used to indicate the number of hydrogen ions in a specific solution. The more hydrogen ions in a liquid, the more acidic the solution. If a solution has more hydroxide ions in it, meaning less hydrogen ions, the liquid would be less acidic and more basic. The pH scale uses a range from 1 to 14, with liquids having a pH value between 0 and 7 as being acidic, with a score of 0 as being the strongest acid. Bases score between 7 and 14, with a liquid having a pH score of 14 being the strongest base. A score of 7 indicates a solution is neutral, meaning the hydrogen and hydroxide ions in the solution are equal, such as water.

D. Acids with a low pH and bases with a high pH are both very reactive and dangerous. They can be corrosive and burn a person’s skin. Acids and bases can be found in nature, such as those located in the leaves, thorns, seeds, or sap of plants. In bodies, the stomach has hydrochloric acid used to digest food and for killing disease-causing germs. The pancreas of the body is basic in nature and also helps with digestion. Acids and bases work together to help keep the body healthy. In addition, acids are used in batteries of cars, and bases are used in household cleaning products and as fertilizers for crops. In summary, solutions are either acidic or basic, and its strength is measured using a pH scale. Acids and bases are used for producing a number of products in society but are also found naturally in plants and inside the human body. Acids and bases can be dangerous depending on their value on a pH scale.

E. Not mentioned above

Choose which paragraph matches the following statements. Answers A to D next to the statements and if the answer is not given, write E.
  • Bases have interesting tastes and bubble-like texture. ________
  • Litmus is manufactured from organisms like lichens. _______
  • Indicators will change colour depending on the nature of the substance, basic or acidic. _______
  • A tool for measuring ions. _______
  • Acere is acid in Latin. _______
  • The release of hydroxide ions. _______
  • Acid and bases work in coordination. _______
  • Bases are present in most of the beverages. ________
  • Bases are not naturally occurred indicators. ________


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Time: 12 minutes

Garrett Rogers, an avid NBA fan for over 15 years, has been decorating his room with posters of ‘the greatest NBA player of all time, AKA the G.O.A.T.’ as he calls him. We are talking about none other than LeBron James. “It’s sad that Bryant and Jordan’s fans are going to have a fit but facts cannot be argued. LeBron just has an overall ‘complete player’ profile.” He then goes on to list some of the many successes that have made LeBron a fan favourite.

Mainly, James is just a better clutch player according to Rogers. In under-pressure and last-minute situations, he is able to use not only amazing athleticism and playmaking skills but also one of the most dominant inside scoring tactics ever known to an NBA player. Moreover, James has true leadership skills. This is probably a point that is not arguable at all. There is a wide consensus that LeBron’s communication skills and motivational methods, as displayed in many games, is something that lifts up every team member around him. We have noticed this all the more since he joined the Lakers in July 2018 as the team has been on an upwards trajectory ever since. This is nothing new. Taking Cleveland Cavaliers to four playoffs in his first four years was another display of how LeBron has a gift of lifting up everyone around him. He is also full of humour which helps. “Kobe on the other hand, is a very selfish player who doesn’t really take this as a team sport”, says Garrett. He further states that while Kobe has five rings compared to LeBron’s three, the latter has his name written all over those championships. In all these instances, James was the most dominant player while Kobe had support from top teammates like Shaq and Pau Gasol.

Todd Carter, a renowned sports critic, completely blasts Garrett on his point about James being versatile. “Yes, he can have a lot of explosive power when he is charging at you. I don’t think Kobe was that scary when he ran towards you but Kobe Bryant had better instincts on-court; he was a better defender and a better finisher. He could come from multiple directions and pull off unexpected moves which kept his opponents second guessing”. Likewise, Kobe is a special player who has fought on occasions with a broken ankle and a damaged index finger. He used to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to hit the gym while his teammates would either be out partying or sleeping. He was just a different animal in his approach to the game. Lastly, Kobe simply outshined LeBron in defense. While James was named 6 times in NBA All-Defensive team, Bryant was listed there 12 times. His counters and understanding where the opponent will move, made him an impeccable defender. Todd claims this skill is where James is light years behind and no amount of his superior athleticism can make up for the weak defense.

  • Which of the following claims are arguable?
    • a. Bryant was a better defender
    • b. James was a good leader
    • c. LeBron had more ferocity when running towards the basket
    • d. LeBron was more well-rounded
  • On which point do Todd and Garrett probably agree?
    • a. Kobe has more awards
    • b. LeBron is more energetic
    • c. Kobe is more selfish
    • d. LeBron is more dependent on his teammates
  • Which of the following is true about Garrett?
    • a. He is concerned about other people’s opinions
    • b. He can be called a ‘LeBron fanatic’
    • c. He cannot acknowledge any of Kobe’s accomplishments
    • d. He exaggerates too much
  • From your understanding, who had a better work ethic?
    • a. LeBron James
    • b. Todd Carter
    • c. Kobe Bryant
    • d. Pau Gasol
  • Where did LeBron outshine Bryant?
    • a. Defense
    • b. Teamwork
    • c. Instincts
    • d. Inside Scoring


Read the following comments by a website visitor and answer the multiple-choice questions:

While LeBron will no doubt go down in history as one of the greatest, let me list some of Kobe’s attributes that will settle this debate. Garrett referred to James’s 6. (inside scoring/gym routine/complete player profile/successes) but when it came to taking shots far away from the basket, Kobe was in God mode all the time. On top of that, I disagree with Garrett that James 7. (was a great leader/was explosive/was a superior clutch player/was a good playmaker) since Kobe turned into an absolute monster in the final moments of some of the most important games. That combined with Kobe’s 8. (attack/defense/instincts/rings) meant that goals were extremely hard to make against his team. If Kobe and LeBron played one-on-one, LeBron’s 9. (motivation/speed/power/inside scoring) may be too much for Kobe but he can make up for that easily with his 10. (second guessing/defense/offense/approach).

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Answer Key


  • Correct: D – Embedded Systems Group is the company that both Dave and Frank are working for.
  • Correct: B – Dave is the team leader of the group, while Frank Schindler is the Senior Project Manager.
  • Correct: B – Rumors suggest she went through a personal meltdown and has now gone underground.
  • Correct: B – Branscombe Systems Project.
  • Correct: A – Margie only gave one week’s notice.
  • Correct: B – Dave and Frank are coworkers.
  • Correct: Pleased – Dave expressed dissatisfaction with staying through another winter.
  • Correct: The Japanese government – Mentioned in the second paragraph as a big deal closing.
  • Correct: Cause – The reason for Margie’s departure was not widely known.
  • Correct: 2 weeks – Implied that Frank was informed about Margie’s situation around the same time as others.
  • Correct: A few rounds – Referring to playing multiple rounds of squash.



  • Correct: Picnic – Suited for a large family preferring an activity-free option.
  • Correct: He is 4 years old – Age-related restriction for carnival rides.
  • Correct: Pepper spray – Due to safety concerns, likely regarding wildlife.
  • Correct: Be open 24/7 – Implies park’s accessibility compared to other options.
  • Correct: Weather – Considered a universal constraint for the options.
  • Correct: Dad – “Old man” refers to father.
  • Correct: Rocky – Despite making plans, there’s a hint of strained interaction.
  • Correct: Matt and Sarah meet occasionally – Email communication suggests infrequent meetings.



  • Correct: B – Bases have a bitter taste and soap-like texture.
  • Correct: C – Litmus is derived from lichens.
  • Correct: B – Indicators change color to signal acidity or basicity.
  • Correct: C – The pH scale measures hydrogen ion concentration.
  • Correct: A – “Acere” is Latin for sour, related to acids.
  • Correct: B – Acids release hydrogen ions when dissolved in water.
  • Correct: D – Acids and bases contribute to bodily health.
  • Correct: E – Not mentioned.
  • Correct: E – Not mentioned.



  • Correct: D – LeBron was described as more well-rounded, with other claims supported by statistics.
  • Correct: B – Both mentioned LeBron’s superior athleticism, suggesting he is more energetic.
  • Correct: A – Concern about fan reactions indicates Garrett cares about others’ opinions.
  • Correct: C – Kobe Bryant’s exceptional dedication to training and playing through injuries highlighted his work ethic.
  • Correct: B – Teamwork is where LeBron, noted for his leadership, excels over Kobe, who was portrayed as more individualistic.
  • Correct: Inside scoring – Garrett compared LeBron’s scoring ability, particularly inside.
  • Correct: Was a superior clutch player – Highlighting LeBron’s performance in crucial game moments.
  • Correct: Defence – Kobe’s defensive skills were emphasized as a standout quality.
  • Correct: Power – Refers to LeBron’s notable strength and athleticism.
  • Correct: Defence – Again, Kobe’s defensive prowess is acknowledged as a significant asset.