PTE Core Writing Templates: Task 1 and 2

These task 1 and task 2 writing templates for the PTE Core exam will ensure you score a 90! Use all the right words and phrases to gain CLB 9.

PTE Core Writing Templates: Task 1 and 2 (Complete Words and Phrases!)

This blog goes in details with all the PTE Core writing task 1 and 2 templates that you need to secure a score of 90! CLB 9 or 10 is not easy but if you simply COPY/PASTE these words and phrases into your paragraphs, you will have no issues in getting the best scores!

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Learn the best PTE Core Writing Task 1 and Task 2 templates using this guide. Copy/Paste the words and phrases in your actual exam for the best marks!

PTE Core Writing Task 1 Template:


Summary Section (10 minutes and 25-50 words):

The difficulty here is summarizing everything within 25-50 words! However, the template below will ensure that you are able to fit everything within the given space.


(Introduce the subject here)… given …


OPTIONAL (the third sentence is not always needed): Overall/Conclusively/Surely/Due to this/Consequently,


Task 1 SAMPLE Question:

Summarize the following task in 25-50 words. You will have 10 minutes for this task.

Course Update – Business Degree Program Modifications

At Barr Green University, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality education and staying attuned to the evolving needs of both our students and the broader societal landscape. This responsiveness is a cornerstone of our academic offerings’ popularity, as it allows us to continuously enhance our degree programs.

With this ethos in mind, we are now refining our Business degree program. The revision involves a strategic reduction in the number of finance-oriented courses to make room for an increased emphasis on management subjects. Our goal is to craft an exceptional Business curriculum that aligns with the vital skills and knowledge that today’s businesses and employers value most. We are optimistic that this updated Business degree will significantly broaden the professional opportunities available to our graduates.

For additional details about the revamped course, please follow the ‘click here’ link.

Warm regards,

Barr Green University


Task 1 SAMPLE Answer:

Bar Green University is launching its Business Degree Program, given its track record of quality courses and adaptability. Moreover, with our candidates’ career goals in mind, we are focused on delivering courses targeting employer-specific needs. Consequently, management-based courses will be the main focus, steering away from some financial courses.


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PTE Core Writing Task 2 Template (9 minutes and 100-120 words)


Sample PTE Core Writing Task 2 Question:

Read a description of a situation. Then write a report about the situation. You will have 9 minutes. You should aim to write at least 100 words. Write using complete sentences.

You work for a tech company that has noticed a decrease in productivity among remote workers. Write a report to Mr. Jackson, head of the Human Resources Department, giving three suggestions for ways that the company can improve remote work productivity.

Your ideas must come from the following three themes:

  • technology and tools
  • employee engagement
  • work-life balance

You should include all three themes. Provide supporting ideas for your suggestions.


Email (formal):

For PTE Core Writing task 2, ensure that there are 5 paragraphs with (ideally) one sentence in each. You do not need addresses, dates, or subject lines. Just start with “Dear _______”. Also, ensure the ending salutation (email convention) is included!


Dear ____,


  • The reason behind my email is to address


  • (Direct start – give the first reason here) … (USE A SEMICOLON HERE AND ADD ANOTHER CLAUSE).


  • Furthermore,


  • Conversely,/Conclusively,/Interestingly,/Conspicuously, 


  • I eagerly anticipate a positive reply from you on this matter, given its …


Yours Sincerely,

Full name



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PTE Core Writing Task 2 Template

Email (informal):

Make sure to keep the tone informal and casual here. If you are too formal, you will lose marks!


Dear (first name),


  • How is life? I have not had the chance to get back to you sooner. My apologies!


  • I needed to talk to you about … 


  • Surely,


  • Considering …, ….


  • I guess that’s all on my mind for now. Talk to you later!


Best regards,

First name only


Conclusion: PTE Core Writing Templates:

Overall, you want to ensure you are using complex sentences, advanced words and phrases, unique phrasing and proper structuring. Don’t worry! We will mention details on all of this in our upcoming blogs so be sure to subscribe to HZad Education’s blog!

All the best!

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