Best CELPIP Speaking Sample Answer

Ace CELPIP Speaking: Discover top-notch sample answer for Task 8, complete with expert breakdown. Elevate your score with our guide!

Best CELPIP Speaking Sample Answer – With Breakdown (Understanding the Examiner’s Criteria)


Explore this challenging CELPIP task 8 question for the speaking test along with an ideal speaking sample answer! The breakdown will guide you through the examiner’s expectations and the critical aspects you must focus on. Mastering these nuances is crucial for scoring high. Aim for a 9+ by emulating this speaking style:


CELPIP Speaking Question:


Your company has recently implemented a new policy that significantly increases the workload. Many of your colleagues are unhappy about this change.


Propose a plan to your manager to modify the policy to reduce the workload.


Explain to your colleagues why adapting to the new policy is important.

Preparation time: 60 seconds

Speaking time: 60 seconds


Sample Answer – Propose a Plan to Your Manager:


Dear Mr. Thompson,

I trust this message finds you well. I am writing to discuss our new policy, which, while innovative, has inadvertently increased the team’s workload substantially. I appreciate the policy’s intent to enhance productivity but wish to propose a few adjustments for its optimization.

Understanding the importance of work-life balance, I suggest implementing a phased approach to the policy’s rollout. This gradual implementation will allow the team to adapt without overwhelming them. Additionally, introducing flexible hours could accommodate personal commitments, thereby reducing stress and potentially increasing efficiency.

I am confident that these modifications will not only maintain, but potentially enhance, our productivity. I look forward to discussing this further and finding a mutually beneficial solution.

Best regards,

[Your Name]


  • Dear Mr. Thompson, (Professional and respectful address)
  • I trust this message finds you well. (Polite and formal greeting)
  • Discuss our new policy… (Directly addressing the issue)
  • While innovative…increased the team’s workload substantially. (Acknowledges the positive intent but highlights the issue)
  • Implementing a phased approach… (Proposes a practical solution)
  • Introducing flexible hours… (Offers an additional, employee-friendly suggestion)
  • Maintain, but potentially enhance, our productivity. (Focuses on positive outcomes)
  • Look forward to discussing this further… (Shows openness for further dialogue)
  • Finding a mutually beneficial solution. (Emphasizes teamwork and mutual benefit)

The examiner will appreciate the tactful balance between acknowledging the policy’s intent and proposing feasible solutions. The professional tone, combined with constructive suggestions and the emphasis on team well-being, demonstrates advanced communication skills and a high level of language proficiency.


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Remember, you want to make sure you hit all the CELPIP Speaking Marking Criteria as follows:

  • Content and Coherence: This criterion evaluates how well you develop your topic by organizing your ideas logically and maintaining focus. It assesses whether your response is complete and whether it directly addresses the task.
  • Vocabulary: Your use of vocabulary is assessed based on the variety and appropriateness of the words you choose. It includes your ability to use words correctly and effectively to express your ideas.
  • Listenability: This criterion focuses on how clear and understandable your speech is. It includes pronunciation, intonation, and stress, as well as the natural rhythm and flow of your speech.
  • Grammar and Sentence Structure: This evaluates your ability to use a range of grammatical structures accurately. It includes the complexity of your sentences and how effectively you use grammar to convey your message.
  • Task Fulfillment: This assesses how well you fulfill the requirements of the speaking task. It involves addressing all parts of the prompt and meeting any specific instructions or requirements given in the task.
  • Fluency: This measures the smoothness and flow of your speech. It includes the rate of your speech, the presence or absence of hesitations, and the use of fillers (like “um,” “uh,” “like”).



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