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The fourth section of the CELPIP reading test is quite challenging! Can you locate the correct responses? Answer sheet is provided.


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Part 4 CELPIP Reading:


Jonathan Masters, the chief executive of Strategic Business Dynamics, a globally acclaimed enterprise mentorship firm, has received commendation from numerous patrons for facilitating the augmentation of their commercial ventures. Over the last decade, Masters’ guiding principle in his consultancy has been the pursuit of market expansion, sales enhancement, and amplified productivity.

Recently, Masters has come to the realization that escalating revenue and profit are not the universal aspirations for all. His client base is gradually pivoting towards a new objective of “lifestyle enrichment.” These clients harbor a distinct vision, one that eschews relentless expansion in favor of achieving a state of balance. “Entrepreneurs are dedicated, yet their aspirations vary,” Masters observes. “Profit maximization isn’t their solitary aim. They seek to balance financial responsibilities with the freedom to pursue diverse interests.”

Alice Bennett, a strategist collaborating with Masters at Strategic Business Dynamics, expresses reservations about Masters’ evolving approach. “Typically, businesses thrive by accessing wider markets and increasing market share. I’m apprehensive about recommending a strategy that doesn’t prioritize expansion,” Bennett contends. “In our unpredictable economic climate, maintaining a focus on profit is crucial to buffer against financial downturns. Smaller enterprises are often the most vulnerable during economic fluctuations.”

Masters acknowledges this perspective but remains committed to assisting clients whose emphasis is on stability. “I value Alice’s viewpoint. However, growth entails numerous obligations and additional burdens,” Masters explains. “For instance, hiring more full-time staff necessitates expanding to accommodate benefits or additional equipment. Often, it also involves leasing more office space, which adds financial strain. Some entrepreneurs prefer to avoid these complexities. Bennett is correct in highlighting the competitiveness of the business world, but this doesn’t necessitate relentless expansion for survival. Contrarily, I believe flexibility is key. People desire to thrive while having the liberty to alter their focus and direction as needed. Entrepreneurship shouldn’t engulf one’s entire existence.”

  1. Why is Masters shifting his old ideologies?
  1. Changes in clients’ preferences
  2. For no obvious reason at all
  3. Most clients have a change in preference
  4. For pursuing other interests

2. What can be said about Masters? 

  1. He is an idealist
  2. He is somewhat understanding of other opinions
  3. He looks at multiple angles
  4. He can synergies multiple viewpoints to present ideal solutions

3. Masters is..

  1. looking to become financially stable
  2. a bit lazy to take on more responsibilities
  3. open to change
  4. looking to find a balance between his and Alice’s views

4. Benett is..

  1. well prepared against potential downturns
  2. concerned about potential downturns
  3. is apprehensive about maintaining profits during downturns
  4. supposed to develop the best strategy against downturns

5. Which of the following are common grounds for both parties?

  1. A healthy balance
  2. Smoother ways to expand
  3. Preparation for downturns
  4. Being flexible



Now look at a response to the above from a website visitor. Complete the response by answering questions 6 to 10.

Having been in business for 20 years, I have come to the realization that the 6. (the opinions/unpredictability/downturns/applications) of the economic world cannot be taken lightly. You have constant 7. (battles/threats/weaknesses/pending work) looming in every direction! There is competition, technological changes as well as changing consumer preferences which are enough to warrant the need for 8. (bulk assets/a prepared workforce/additional revenue sources/additional markets) when things go south. Let’s say Masters was able to set up the ideal business; a goldmine, if you will. What if the government changes laws and bans the sale of the product Masters company is relying on? Without access to 9. (international markets/a diversified portfolio/other projects/Alice’s advice), his local company would be dead overnight! This consideration is even more important for 10. (his business model/corporations/Strategic Business Dynamics/small businesses). Weirdly enough, both these individuals haven’t addressed the threat of technology which should also be considered a big factor! You can increase market share all you want but if a better technology comes in, it will spread worldwide and kill whatever you have built.


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CELPIP Reading Test: Answers:

  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. D
  5. B
  6. unpredictability
  7. threats
  8. additional revenue sources
  9. international markets
  10. small businesses


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