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Mastering 2024 CELPIP Speaking and Writing: Comprehensive Tips and Strategies


In this detailed guide, we will delve into essential tips and strategies for both the CELPIP writing and speaking sections in 2024, focusing on practical examples and comprehensive insights to boost your performance in the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) exam.


CELPIP Speaking Writing Tips


Writing Section: Mastering the Art of CELPIP Writing and Speaking


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Where to Find Material for CELPIP Writing


To kickstart your CELPIP writing journey, Sean recommends exploring materials provided, including writing topics and templates. Access the materials here. Let’s break down how these materials can be effectively used.

Benefits of Templates:

  • Templates offer a structured approach to speaking, aiding in vocabulary enhancement.
  • They minimize the need for spontaneous thinking during the exam.
  • Updated templates reflect changes in examiner requirements for optimal performance.


Part 1: Templates for Questions 1-4


1. Speaking 1 – Greeting and Offering Support:

  • Greeting: Start with “hi” instead of “hello” for an informal tone.
  • Asking about Life: Use “How’s life?” instead of the conventional “How are you?” to maintain informality.
  • Providing Context: Share information received from a concerned party, e.g., a worried mom about a friend’s job search.
  • Suggesting Solutions: Offer three suggestions, following the structure of “Firstly, you should… Secondly, and thirdly…”
  • Encouraging Conclusion: End with a positive note, saying, “With this, there should be no doubt that you can turn things around. Let me know how it goes. Cheers.”

Example: Greeting a friend and offering job search advice.


2. Speaking 2 – Discussing Favorite Vacation:

  • Introduction: Begin with “The idea of my favorite vacation can open up thought-provoking discussions.”
  • Three Key Features: Focus on three main points about the vacation, ensuring quality over quantity.
  • Summarizing Conclusion: Conclude by saying, “I believe that summarizes the gist of my favorite vacation, and I hope I made it sound interesting for you.”

Example: Describing a memorable vacation in Malaysia with family.

3. Speaking 3 – Describing a Picture:

  • Setting the Scene: Start with “Mainly, the picture can be expressed as a scene off a beach.”
  • Foreground and Background: Differentiate between the foreground and background using “The foreground showcases… whereas whatever can be noticed in the background.”
  • Adding Interest: Insert “Interestingly” and “Nevertheless” to provide additional details and create a more engaging narrative.
  • Concise Conclusion: Wrap up by stating, “That overall sums up my thoughts.”

Example: Describing a picture of a beach scene with contrasting elements.

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4. Speaking 4 – Making Predictions:

  • Introduction: Replace conventional phrases like “I predict” with “Anticipating the next moves.”
  • Presenting Multiple Points: Use “What’s more” to introduce an additional point, and incorporate “Although” for a complex sentence structure.
  • Reflective Conclusion: Conclude with, “With all that said, I hope my awkward imagination was presented with the best possible accuracy.”

Example: Predicting future actions and contrasting perspectives.



  • The templates presented cover questions 1 to 4 and offer a strategic approach to the speaking section.
  • The emphasis on informal language, precise structure, and varied vocabulary contributes to effective communication.
  • Subscribers can find a detailed written version of the templates on Sean’s blog for comprehensive study and practice.


Writing Task Strategies: Starting and Finishing Well


In this discussion, we’ll dive into some effective strategies for both Writing Task 1 and Task 2 in the CELPIP exam. Specifically, we’ll focus on how to begin and conclude your writing tasks, with a special emphasis on Task 1.


Task 1: Informal and Formal Letters/Emails


Starting Informal Letters:

  • Salutation: Begin with “Dear” followed by the friend’s first name, e.g., “Dear Bob.”
  • Friendly Tone: Maintain an informal tone. Avoid using last names.
  • Body Content: Keep it friendly and conversational, discussing personal topics.
  • Closing: Use informal closings such as “Best Wishes,” “Best Regards,” or “Take Care.”

Starting Formal Letters:

  • Salutation: Begin with “Dear Sir/Madam” for a neutral and polite start.
  • Formal Tone: Maintain a professional tone throughout the letter.
  • Body Content: Address the purpose of the letter formally, presenting information clearly.
  • Closing: Use formal closings like “Yours Sincerely” or “Yours Truly” followed by your full name.


Task 2: Effective Comparison in Essays


When tackling Task 2 essays, especially those requiring a comparison, it’s essential to address both sides of the argument.

  • Topic Selection: If given a choice between two topics, choose one and discuss both sides for a well-rounded essay.
  • Paragraph Structure: Devote separate paragraphs to each topic, discussing both positive and negative aspects.
  • Vocabulary Usage: Employ contrasting vocabulary like “however,” “on the other hand,” and “nevertheless” for a more sophisticated response.
  • Conclusion: Summarize both perspectives and restate your opinion for a balanced and comprehensive conclusion.

General Writing Tips: Indenting and Additional Insights

  • Indentation: Maintain consistency with either indenting all paragraphs or none. Both approaches are acceptable, but avoid mixing styles within the same piece.
  • Salutations in Surveys: For Task 2 essays, omit formal salutations like “Dear Sir/Madam.” Instead, dive straight into expressing your opinion in the first paragraph.


Closing Thoughts and Free Assessment Offer

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