CELPIP Writing Tasks and Important Tricks:

Here are all the key CELPIP writing tips and tricks you need to know before your exam! Writing task 1 and 2 covered in detail.

CELPIP Writing Tips and Tricks: Mastering the Format


CELPIP Writing Tricks: The CELPIP writing format comprises two tasks, each presenting a prompt. Before diving in, take a few minutes to comprehend each task, brainstorm ideas, and paraphrase the questions. For Task 1, write an email addressing three bullet points with specific examples. In Task 2, respond to a survey by choosing one option and providing two advantages with reasons and examples.



  • Task 1: Compose an email addressing bullet points like inquiring about an apartment’s amenities politely.
  • Task 2: Choose between developing a park or a mall, citing job opportunities or environmental benefits as examples.


Time Management for CELPIP Writing


Effective time management is crucial. Allocate 27 minutes for Task 1 and 26 minutes for Task 2. Remember to plan, write, and proofread within the designated time frame.



  • Task 1: Spend 2 minutes brainstorming and paraphrasing, leaving 23 minutes to write and 2 minutes for proofreading.
  • Utilize a CELPIP Mock Test for realistic practice.


Focus on the Prompt

Craft a separate paragraph for each bullet point, maintaining a clear focus on the prompt’s requirements.



  • Task 1: If asked to inquire about an apartment, stay focused on that detail using polite language.
  • Task 2: Highlight two positive aspects of your chosen option, avoiding discussions on opposing views.


Use the Right CELPIP Writing Format


Task 1 requires a formal email structure, while Task 2 mirrors a formal essay format.


  • Task 1: Start with a formal header, address the bullet points, and conclude politely.
  • Task 2: Structure it like a formal essay with an introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Paraphrase the Prompt

Paraphrasing is crucial for both tasks. Express ideas using synonyms and different word forms.


  • Task 1: Paraphrase questions and use varied language.
  • Task 2: Employ paraphrasing to explain your choice, avoiding repetition of prompt words.


Use a Proper Tone in Writing


Maintain an appropriate tone, even when complaining in Task 1 or presenting your opinion in Task 2.


  • Task 1: Use polite language, such as “Could you please ensure” when needed.
  • Task 2: Maintain a formal essay tone, starting with your position without a general statement.


Use a Range of Vocabulary

Diversify your vocabulary to enhance your writing. Explore synonyms and avoid repetitive phrases.


  • Replace common phrases like “I think” with alternatives like “believe” or “feel.”
  • Paraphrase ideas to showcase a varied vocabulary.

Write Between 150 and 200 Words

Stick to the recommended word range (150-200) to ensure optimal scoring.


Provide Specific Examples

Enhance your content with specific examples, whether addressing a concern or supporting a choice.


  • Be specific in complaints, e.g., detailing overcooked food in Task 1.
  • Task 2: Specify job opportunities a mall can provide.



Take a few minutes at the end to proofread for grammar, spelling, and overall coherence.


  • Correct common errors like “there,” “their,” and “they’re.”
  • Utilize E2 One-on-one tutorial for personalized feedback.


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