CELPIP Writing Tips

You can get all the advice you need to ace the CELPIP Writing Test in this blog. Most people are unable to ever surpass an 8! Why?

CELPIP Writing Tips: Mastering the Art of CELPIP Writing


In this series, Sean from HZad Education embarks on a comprehensive journey to demystify the CELPIP writing section by providing the top tips. This is Chapter One of a seven-episode series that promises to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in CELPIP writing. Let’s dive into the essential tips and strategies for improving your writing scores.




CELPIP Writing Tips: Where to Find the Material


To get started with CELPIP writing, Sean advises you to explore the materials he provides. You’ll find CELPIP writing topics and templates right here: https://hzadeducation.com/product/classes-celpip/. These materials serve as a foundation for brainstorming and structuring your writing responses.


Brainstorming for Success


Sean emphasizes the significance of brainstorming as the initial step in tackling CELPIP writing tasks. To illustrate this process, he provides an example for Task 1. The key points are:

  • Brainstorm for two minutes.
  • Focus on generating two points for each bullet point in the question (there are usually three bullets in total)
  • Use concise and descriptive language.
  • For example, when describing a situation, provide simple details like the time of day (e.g., “went to the restaurant – 2 p.m.”). Don’t write long sentences in your outline. Remember, you will eventually delete this.

For Task 2:

  • Think of two points per paragraph in your outline
  • In body 1, these two points will support your opinion
  • In body 2, these two points will oppose the other side


Building a Repertoire of Ideas


Sean highlights that, after brainstorming approximately ten topics, you’ll start noticing that many points can be reused across different questions. For instance, if you brainstormed about jobs in one question, you can apply the same idea to other questions that relate to employment or economic factors. Keep brainstorming on 10 questions per day. Once you are done with 2 weeks of this, you will notice how easy it will be for you to brainstorm about any point!


Utilizing Key Concepts


To aid your brainstorming process, Sean provides a list of eight key concepts to consider when generating ideas. These concepts are:

  1. Social
  2. Environmental
  3. Jobs or Economy
  4. Environment
  5. Ethical
  6. Political
  7. Historical
  8. Health
  9. Globalization

These concepts can serve as triggers for generating points and examples in your responses. Think of every topic in these aspects and you can bet yourself that points will come!


Writing Structure


Understanding the proper structure for your CELPIP essays is crucial. Sean outlines the structure for both Task 1 and Task 2 essays.


Task 1 Structure


For Task 1, the structure is straightforward:

  • Greeting (Dear Sir/Madam or addressing by name)
  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph 1
  • Body Paragraph 2
  • Body Paragraph 3
  • Conclusion
  • Closing (Informal: Best regards or Best wishes + Your first name / Formal: Yours sincerely or Yours truly + Your full name)


Task 2 Structure


For Task 2 essays, the structure is equally simple:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph 1 (Two positive points)
  • Body Paragraph 2 (Two negative points)
  • Conclusion (Rephrases the introduction)


Writing Templates


Templates are essential tools for crafting effective CELPIP topics. Sean provides templates for both Task 1 and Task 2 essays, but detailed explanations can be found in separate videos on his channel:





What’s Next?


With the groundwork laid out, you are now equipped to practice your CELPIP writing skills. Sean encourages you to complete the following steps:

  1. Start with brainstorming using the provided materials.
  2. Write at least five Task 1 essays and five Task 2 essays following the given structure and templates.
  3. Save your practice essays for future evaluation and improvement.

Sean promises to cover vocabulary and grammar checking in upcoming videos, helping you fine-tune your writing further. Stay tuned to his channel for more guidance on mastering CELPIP writing.

In conclusion, by diligently applying these techniques and utilizing the provided resources, you can significantly enhance your CELPIP writing skills and boost your chances of achieving a high score in this critical section of the exam.



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