Structure for CELPIP Writing Task 1 and 2

This article explains how to use the CELPIP Writing Structure successfully to earn top scores for writing tasks 1 and 2!

Structure for CELPIP Writing Task 1: Email


In this section, we will outline the structure for CELPIP writing Task 1, focusing on informal and formal emails. For both types of emails, there are specific components to be included, such as greetings, body paragraphs, and conclusions. We will provide examples to illustrate each point.


Informal Email Structure


Starting Greeting

  • Informal emails begin with a friendly greeting.
  • Examples: “Hello,” “How are you?” “What’s up?”

Body Paragraphs (Three)

  • The body of the email consists of three paragraphs.
  • Each paragraph corresponds to one of the bullet points in the question.
  • Sequentially answer each bullet point.
  • One bullet point equals one body paragraph.

Ending Greeting

  • Conclude the email with another informal greeting.
  • Examples: “Take care,” “Talk to you soon,” “Give my love to the kids.”


Formal Email Structure



  • In formal emails, the structure remains consistent but without a starting greeting.
  • Mention the purpose of the email clearly.

Body Paragraphs (Three)

  • Like informal emails, you have three body paragraphs.
  • Each body paragraph answers one bullet point from the question.
  • Maintain a structured sequence.

Formal Greeting in Conclusion

  • Conclude the formal email with a formal greeting.
  • Example: “I’m looking forward to talking to you.”

Advanced Templates

  • There are advanced templates for formal emails.
  • Reference the provided link for more details.

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Body Paragraph Details

  • Each body paragraph should contain two sentences.
  • Each sentence addresses a separate point.
  • Thus, two sentences per bullet point.




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Structure for Writing Task 2: Essay



In this section, we will outline the structure for writing Task 2 essays. Task 2 requires a clear and organized approach to presenting your opinion and analyzing opposing viewpoints.


Essay Structure



  • Begin with a concise introduction where you state your opinion.
  • Provide a brief overview of the points you will discuss in the essay.

Body Paragraph 1 (Reasons in Favor)

  • In the first body paragraph, present two strong reasons supporting your opinion.
  • Support each reason with examples and relevant details.

Body Paragraph 2 (Critique of Opposing Opinion)

  • In the second body paragraph, discuss two reasons why the opposing opinion is flawed.
  • Provide a critical analysis of the opposing viewpoint, highlighting its weaknesses.


  • Conclude your essay by rephrasing your opinion and summarizing your main points.
  • Offer a final thought or recommendation.


Advanced Vocabulary and Phrases

  • Utilize advanced vocabulary and phrases to enhance your essay’s quality and sophistication.
  • Refer to the offered course for more detailed guidance.

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