CELPIP Writing Task 2: Complete Breakdown!

This blog provides all the information you need to successfully complete CELPIP Task 2. beginning with the introduction and ending with the conclusion!

CELPIP Writing Task 2. Understanding the Task:


Before we proceed, let’s comprehend the structure of CELPIP Writing Task 2. It typically includes a scenario or a question that you need to address in your response. You’ll be expected to present your viewpoint on the given options or express your preferences.


CELPIP Writing Task 2. Introduction:

In your introduction, you should begin with a general sentence that captures the essence of the topic without directly revealing your stance. Addressing the context and acknowledging both sides of the issue is a good practice. Avoid using personal pronouns (I, me) in this section. For example:

“Many apartment buildings, over time, require renovations to maintain their functionality and appeal. This often prompts building owners to seek tenants’ opinions on potential upgrades to enhance their living experience.”



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Stating Your Preference and Acknowledging the Opposing View:


Transitioning from the introduction, clearly state your preference for one of the given options. Use vocabulary beyond basic terms to showcase your linguistic prowess. Then, acknowledge the merits of the other option to demonstrate a balanced perspective. For instance:

“While both options of introducing new paint and carpets or installing a new elevator have their merits, I believe that the installation of a new elevator holds greater potential for significant improvements.”


Elaborating on Your First Point:

Proceed to the body paragraphs where you elaborate on your chosen option. Start each body paragraph with a clear topic sentence that outlines the specific aspect you’ll be discussing. Follow it with supporting details and relevant examples. Here’s how you can structure your first point:

Topic Sentence: “One of the key advantages of opting for a new elevator is the enhancement of accessibility and convenience for all residents.”

Supporting Details: “Currently, the elevator’s speed often leads to frustrating delays, taking more than five minutes to arrive after the button is pressed. This sluggishness has led many tenants to resort to using the stairs in frustration.”

Example: “For instance, during peak hours when tenants are rushing to work, waiting for an extended period for the elevator can be exasperating. An efficient elevator system would reduce wait times, making daily commutes smoother for everyone.”


Elaborating on Your Second Point:

In your next body paragraph, present your second point, providing supporting details and examples to strengthen your argument. Make sure each paragraph flows logically from the previous one. For example:

Topic Sentence: “Furthermore, a new elevator would address safety concerns that the current one poses.”

Supporting Details: “Instances of the elevator suddenly stopping or dropping a few feet have raised alarming safety concerns among the residents.”

Example: “Just recently, a sudden halt of the elevator caused anxiety among passengers who were left unsure of what had occurred. An upgraded elevator system would prioritize safety and provide peace of mind for tenants.”

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CELPIP Writing Task 2. Conclusion:

Conclude your response by summarizing your stance and reiterating your preference while offering overall support for any decision made. Maintain a formal tone and avoid introducing new ideas in this section. For instance:

“In conclusion, while acknowledging the merits of new paint and carpets, I am convinced that a new elevator holds the potential to significantly improve accessibility, convenience, and safety for all residents. Ultimately, the decision rests with the building owners, and I trust that their choice will contribute to enhancing our living environment.”


Check out my YouTube video explanation on this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UIzdCHPtn4&t=28s


A Closing Thought:

It’s important to maintain a balanced and focused approach throughout your response. Remember that while following a structured approach is valuable, injecting your response with your unique perspective and voice will set your writing apart. Practice is key, so consider taking sample questions, developing responses, and seeking feedback to refine your skills.

By adopting this detailed approach and incorporating advanced vocabulary and relevant examples, you’ll be well-equipped to craft a compelling and high-scoring response for CELPIP Task 2.