CELPIP Reading Tips and Tricks! Free Resources Included!

Learn these highly useful CELPIP reading tips and tricks. You will find some links with free reading practice tests as here!

CELPIP Reading Tips: Proven Strategies for Success


Let’s dive into today’s topic – mastering the reading section of the CELPIP exam with some useful tips and tricks!



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CELPIP READING TIPS – Part One: Decoding the Clues


Part one of the CELPIP reading section involves reading a set of questions followed by a passage. This part assesses your ability to locate specific information within the text. Here’s how you can tackle it:

Step 1: Begin by reading the first two multiple-choice questions together. Identify keywords in these questions. For instance, if the question involves the keyword “Boeing company’s success,” think of synonyms like “profitable year” or “favorable reviews.”

Step 2: Now, scan the passage and locate the relevant information based on the identified keywords. This focused reading approach helps you find answers more efficiently.

Step 3: Answer the questions one by one using the information you’ve located. Remember, the goal here is to minimize re-reading by understanding the context before diving into the passage.

Step 4: When you are done with the multiple choice questions, you will be given the response letter where the initial recipient now becomes the sender and vice versa. Here you have to use your knowledge and understanding of the initial letter’s tone and topics used to answer the given questions. Most of the time, you wouldn’t even need to go back to the inital letter. You can just use your knowledge and understanding with the power of prediction, as you navigate how another person would respond to the initial letter. Put yourself in the shoes of the person writing the second letter after reading the first one. How would they respond? Think of it in that way and the answers will come easily!


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CELPIP READING TIPS – Part 3: Grappling with the Paragraphs


Part 3 introduces a unique challenge. You’ll be presented with a set of questions and a passage divided into paragraphs A, B, and C. Here’s how to conquer this part:

Step 1: Instead of reading the questions in pairs, as in part one, read all the questions first. Pay attention to keywords and try to remember them as you go.

Step 2: Now, read paragraph A and match the keywords from the questions to relevant sentences. This process continues for paragraphs B and C. Note that a single paragraph can contain multiple answers.

Step 3: What remains unmatched after the matching process are your “not given” answers.


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CELPIP READING TIPS – Part Three: Further notes


Once again, in part three, your task is to match questions with specific paragraphs. Here are some more strategies to help you out!

Step 1: Read all the questions in this section, focusing on keywords. Unlike part two, you don’t need to memorize everything; your brain’s natural retention will suffice.

Step 2: As you read each paragraph, match the keywords from the questions to corresponding sentences. This strategy ensures that you’re not jumping back and forth between questions and paragraphs.

Step 3: Unmatched questions at the end indicate “not given” responses.


CELPIP READING TIPS – Part Four: Unraveling the Arguments


Part four introduces arguments and debates. The key here is understanding tone and context. Here’s how to navigate this section effectively:

Step 1: Recognize the two sides of the argument. One person supports a perspective, while the other opposes it. Pay close attention to the tone of each person’s statements. Once again, read the questions first (2 at a time) then go in the passage to find where it is mentioned. Read it, and then look at the multiple-choice options.

Step 2: Questions 7 to 11 are related to the debate. Use your understanding of the tone to determine which person said what and answer accordingly.

Step 3: In the letter-style questions, remember that earlier portions often contain clues for later questions. Pay attention to what’s mentioned initially as it may hold answers for related questions.


CELPIP READING TIPS – Part Two Revisited: Picture It!


Part two introduces a visual element—a picture. Here’s how to approach this unique part:

Step 1: Unlike other sections, do not read the questions first. Instead, thoroughly analyze the provided picture. It’s usually concise and can be comprehended within minutes.

Step 2: After absorbing the picture, read the questions and identify keywords within the text that relate to the questions. Match these keywords with the context of the picture to find answers.

Step 3: The following multiple-choice questions after the picture will not be based on the picture but rather the letter where questions 1-5 were mentioned. Here, make sure you skim through the letter once again to see the tone that was used and how the two people interacted. The questions will be based on this!


Final Thoughts: Practice Makes Perfect


In conclusion, mastering the CELPIP reading section requires a combination of strategic reading, understanding tone, and careful analysis. Regular practice using these strategies will help you become more confident and successful in this segment of the exam. For those looking for further guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out via email ([email protected]).

Stay tuned for more insights into CELPIP speaking and other related topics in upcoming videos. Thank you for joining me on this learning journey, and take care!