BEST CELPIP Crash Course!

With hints and advice, these 7 BEST CELPIP Crash Course videos cover all four courses (writing, listening, speaking, and reading).

Best 7-Video CELPIP Crash Course! (Link Below)


Are you ready to conquer the CELPIP exam and achieve remarkable results? Look no further – our CELPIP Crash Course is here to empower you with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence you need to excel in each module of the test. With 7 carefully crafted videos, this free crash course is designed to help you earn over 9 points in each module – Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Reading. Whether you’re a first-time test-taker or aiming for an impressive score improvement, our crash course is your ultimate guide to success.

Module 1: Writing: Unlock the Art of Expressing Ideas Clearly


In this module, we break down the key elements of successful writing. You’ll learn how to structure your essays effectively, convey your thoughts concisely, and use appropriate vocabulary to impress the examiners. Our crash course includes expertly designed templates to help you draft your essays effortlessly, along with invaluable tips to refine your writing skills. Just copy/paste them!


Module 2: Listening: Sharpen Your Ears to Perfection


Listening comprehension is a crucial skill in the CELPIP exam. Our crash course equips you with techniques to comprehend spoken information accurately, identify key details, and tackle various question types. You’ll practice with real-life scenarios, enhance your note-taking abilities, and gain the confidence needed to ace this section.


Module 3: Speaking: Speak with Clarity and Confidence


Module 3 focuses on refining your spoken English. Through interactive exercises, you’ll learn to articulate your ideas fluently, organize your responses coherently, and engage in meaningful conversations. Our crash course provides you with shortcuts to manage time effectively and present your thoughts with confidence during the speaking test. Remember, speaking is the hardest part! Use our speaking templates to get a better score!


Module 4: Reading: Decode Texts Like a Pro


Reading comprehension can be a challenge, but not with our crash course by your side. We guide you through strategies to analyze texts efficiently, grasp main ideas, and spot crucial details. Our experts will help you build your vocabulary, improve your reading speed, and approach different question formats with ease.






What You Can Expect:

  • Comprehensive video lessons covering every aspect of the CELPIP exam.
  • Expertly crafted templates for writing tasks, ensuring a structured and impressive response.
  • Proven tips and tricks to enhance your performance in each module.
  • Shortcuts and time-management strategies to maximize your efficiency during the test.


Why Choose Our CELPIP Crash Course?

  • Free of Charge: We believe in providing quality education accessible to all.
  • Flexible Learning: Learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you choose.
  • Tested Strategies: Benefit from techniques that have helped numerous students succeed.
  • Best Instructor: Sean is THE BEST online CELPIP tutor, proven with thousands of great comments and reviews from his courses mentioned online.


BONUS: Vocabulary lesson and focus on complex sentences is also included at the end!


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Also, here are some comments from the CELPIP 15-hour course! See how this benefits students:

  • I was feeling like I really didn’t do enough to prepare for my upcoming CELPIP exam and bought the course as a last resort to overpower the time of preparation with the quality of the knowledge. Went through 3 videos only, aiming to make my writing stronger. Eventually, after I got my results – I was surprised as I got 9 for Reading and 10 for everything else on the first try, which is just terrific! I recommend this course to everyone, this is a must!


  • I am using the course. I am yet to take the test.
    I practising as per the material shared. Target is 12 in each section. I am
    Now feeling confident that 12 is achievable.



  • I bought the CELPIP +10 a week before my test. Honestly, I had reservations at first because I found it IMPOSSIBLE to master a test in just 15 hours. Well, my scores speak for themselves: L12 R12 W10 S11. I wouldn´t have scored 10 without these templates. I still think you need a solid foundation for the remaining 3 modules, though.



  • I purchased access to 15 hr course and completed it within one day. I utilized my second day for the sole purpose of practicing the content.
    Appeared in test the next day. I followed the format not entirely but used it at my convenience. Its my first time appearing in test and i was bit scared due to the fact that everybody narrated their horrible experiences with Celpip, but i neglected them and listened to my gut and decided to give it a shot. This course is phenomenol specifically for those who are appearing for the first time as well as those who have taken Ielts initially. I gave ielts long time ago but as dictated in the course that one must understand the marking startegy is different in both Ielts and Celpip; Certainely its true.
    I am thankful for the little tips that i would have otherwise ignored. Prepare yourself for the worst scenario-for instance, i had hives while doing my Reading test and it kept bothering me; At that moment i wished i took my allergy pill with me.
    Anyways, good luck to those who are going to appear soon. My scores are mentioned below:
    Thank you.



  • The easiest way to achieve the desired scores through these courses
  • Took the course 2 weeks to exam date. Was able to score 12, 12, 9, 10.
    The writing and speaking format really helped score well in the test.



  • I purchased the all inclusive course 2 days before my CELPIP exam. I was not confident about my speaking and that was my main focus. I also got low scores in the practice tests for reading and speaking. But in the actual CELPIP exam, I got 11 in S,L,R. Thank you to this course!! I achieved my goal score!



  • I only had 8 days to study (while working a full time job). Bought this course 5 days before the exam, skimmed through the reading and listening sections, and studied the speaking and writing templates really well and got 12-9-12-11 on the test. I have a very good base in English to begin with, but the course helped a ton! Definitely wouldn’t have scored 12-11 on writing and speaking without these templates.



  • Ultrapractical



  • After watching HZad videos on YouTube for two days, I took my exam last Saturday. I received my results this Wednesday and achieved a score of 9799. I have enrolled in a 15-hour course to enhance my reading skills. I will share my new score once I take the next attempt. Thank you!



  • Its very useful material for everyone,who are going to take test



  • Course was really helpful. Got 10,9,9,9.
    Thank you



  • This is the best course i am getting till date for preparation of my Celpip exam, Shan is awesome in terms of explanation of all the modules of the exam. And my spent is much more then what i am getting from this course



  • Can’t believe that I got 9+ in everything.I was struggling in writing and speaking so all I prepared for the exam was practicing your template and applying them to the mock tests in the course.
    Thanks Sean!



  • Hi, thanks for ask. I am checking the videos, I do not know if you have the files backup with text files that are mentioned in the video-lessons. I think it will be very useful because I am very busy working, and I can not see the all documentation in details. Please, tell me, the course involves only the videos, we do not have an class or call becuase I have a lot of question how conduct the exam, the matwerial that are providing to do the test, among others. How I can talk that ?, I have questions, and only I have videos, please let me know if you can give me support for the CELPIP exam. Only I did my login, and I am studing. I am spanish native and I understand a lot in english, but I do not know how do my speaking corrections.
    I really appreciate your support.






  • I took this course, with minimal preparation of 2 weeks, I could get R9W9S8L7, I got unmarked sections both in listening and Reading. Applying templates are the way to go for Writing and Speaking, it was so easy to apply, This course, if one practices comprehensively, then one can very easily attain 10+ in all sections.



  • Undoubtedly, this course by Sean and his team, has to be the most comprehensive one out there, which in more than one aspect even trumps the official CELPIP prep material by a huge margin in my opinion. Following were my scores by just going through this material for less than a month ;
    Listening : 11
    Reading : 12
    Writing : 10
    Speaking : 10 Without a doubt, this wouldn’t have been possible without the templates, tips and tricks shared by Sean in his lectures. In the same breath, it’d be disingenuous of me if I didn’t mention that you got to be committed and focussed as well to ace this exam. All in all, I’m  more than satisfied with my purchase and wish Sean and his team along with prospective test takes the very best in their future endeavours.



  • Hi Sean, I already avail the $49 dollar worth of review materials. If I would like to avail the additional $39 dollar to include the book and 5 mock test, do I need to email you regarding my intent or is there any link I could purchase?



  • i gained better scores when i started following and using their guides.


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