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CELPIP READING PRACTICE TESTS (below): The Hardest Reading!

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(CELPIP Reading Practice Tests) Part 1: Reading Correspondence Read the following passage.


Dear Christen,

How was your trip to Korea? I heard the weather there is very pleasant this time of the year. I’m not sure but I think it’s warmer than -5°C from what Derek told me. Which city did you go to? I heard the food scene there is pretty awesome! It would’ve been nice if Carrie would let me have a vacation, but she and I had prior commitments. You know how work gets!

It has been freezing here. Global warming is for real! You know, they say it’s just not about hot temperatures but about extreme temperatures! Maybe that’s why this winter is a killer! And don’t get me started on the mountains of snow that are piling up! The city is doing a lot and we are doing all we can to not slip or fall on the ice; no one would bet against the ice in Canada!

Once again, the city is contributing in a way by creating some heated bus shelters. You will find that especially useful! Commute needs to be made more comfortable for the winter months. It’s almost like we assume that we’re like other countries by keeping some bus stops outdoors but we clearly could use a model tweak! How is the commute there? Are you renting a car or doing the usual? I have just so many questions to ask you! Oh, one more thing, due to the pandemic, the interest rates are really down on cars. Getting a good deal could have been very possible if cars were not selling like pancakes but I guess I’m late to everything! Sigh. Do you want me to look at a few deals for you? What are your thoughts on peer to peer commute? When you get back, we can probably think about that.

On top of the cost savings, what I really need is a little entertainment in my morning commute. This snow is not doing my mood any good! As you can see, I’m already planning everything expecting your return! Oh, and I just got the latest edition of the Korean DVDs that we watch. Still though, I’m curious to know if you find deals cheaper than $10 per DVD for those dramas; let me know!

Can’t wait to have you back. Miss you lots!

Take care, Cara

Now choose the best way to complete each statement using the appropriate information from the passage:

1. According to Cara, the winter weather in Korea is usually

  • minus 10 degree Celsius
  • minus 5 degree Celsius
  • 30 degree Celsius
  • minus 2 degree Celsius

2. Cara says global warming

  • has a different meaning than what people think
  • kills people in the winters
  • is making things extremely hot
  • is causing ice

3. The bus stops in Canada

  • are heated
  • need to model the ones internationally
  • are mostly cold inside
  • are all being upgraded by the city

4. Christen usually:

  • rents a car
  • buses
  • drives
  • uses peer to peer commute

5. Cara

  • can get a good deal if she buys a car now
  • cannot find the right car since she was late
  • cannot find a good deal
  • will rather go for peer to peer commute

6. Cara

  • loves the snow
  • has anxiety about Christen’s return
  • will buy Korean DVDs if Christen finds a cheaper deal
  • probably paid over $10 for Korean DVDs



The following is a response to the message. Complete the following by selecting the best choice and filling in the blanks.

Hi Cara!

You are crazy! I was reading things twice to catch up with all your thoughts jumbled into one letter! Well, you are right that the ice scene in Korea 7. (is very comparable to Canada/is less slippery than Canada/is nothing like Canada/can be betted against); I do miss it though. I haven’t been commuting much actually as buses can be pretty crowded in Seoul so 8. (life hasn’t changed much/not the usual/I am renting a car/I am avoiding the cold bus stops). That’s where I am staying for now, and yes, 9. (the food is great/the bus stops are heated/we don’t have mountains of snow here/people don’t fall on ice here)!

I don’t ever think 10. (your thirst for entertainment will die/you will find good deals on cars/you will find good deals on DVDs/the snowfall will lessen). Update me on your work situation though. Why are you 11. (not being allowed to travel/not too optimistic/and Carrie working so hard/taking instructions from Carrie)? After all, you are a hard worker and you deserve better!

Well, I have to go now but I will write back to you ASAP! Love,



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(CELPIP Reading Practice Tests) Part 2: Reading to Apply to a Diagram


Read the following passage as it related to the picture above. Select the best answer to fill in the blanks:




Hi Maria,

Hope you are well. I just forwarded you the email regarding the three brochure styles.

With regards to the Book Style, while it appeals to us 1. (financially/visuals/content- wise/business-wise), it might cause strains in the time delay due to the overwhelming amount of pages that are to be produced.

On the other hand, the Mac Style might appeal to the younger audience more given 2. (its latest design/the jam-packed information/the visuals and graphics/the lesser pages). I think we should really think about that!

Statistically, however, for businesses, the Landscape Style blows the other two out of the water in terms of 3. (its sales/its effectiveness for businesses/its dominance/a reasonable mix) and we can really leverage that. Not only that, but it might also 4. (save us money/give more text/be more detailed/be more underwhelming) when compared with the Book Style. Plus, comparatively, I do feel like it will overcome the 5. (non-vintage design/excessive graphics/number of pages/lack of information) issue that the Mac Style faces.

Curious to know your thoughts! Best



Complete the following statements by selecting the best answer.

6. Part of the reason why Charles is prejudiced to go for the Landscape style comes from:

  • definite facts
  • curiosity
  • his dislike of the other two styles
  • his dislike of the Book Style

7. Charles is

  • Definite about his choice
  • Asking Maria for help in deciding the right brochure
  • Presenting his opinions with doubt
  • Presenting his opinions with reasonable confidence

8. Charles

  • just wants to present his opinion
  • is waiting for feedback
  • has come to a final conclusion
  • needs confirmation from Maria on her decision


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(CELPIP Reading Practice Tests) Part 3: Reading for information Read the following passage:


A: Blockchain is a new technology that is taking over the old ways of how money was managed. Blockchain is used mainly for cryptocurrency where the nodes of computer networks record transactions and keep an online log of all transactions that are taking place between different people. This is managed very accurately in order to create transparency and a complete record of every single transaction that has taken place. A blockchain compiles pieces of information in what is known as a block, however, due to the storage capacities, it has to be combined with other blocks within the same chain of transactions, which leads the blocks to form a chain, and hence, the name, blockchain.


B: The aspect of decentralization makes a lot of people fond of blockchain technology. In essence, with different nodes of computers storing information, the complete sequence of transactions of, let’s say a company or an individual, or someone’s payment history, is all recorded in multiple locations by multiple computers worldwide. This has the benefit of giving the user access to information in case their own hard drive fails or their data is lost. The information will still be stored on the blockchain network that can be retrieved at any time. Moreover, in case someone tries to commit fraud and changes one transaction, it doesn’t derail the other sequence of transactions in the blockchain. That means, if there is faulty data or any discrepancy, the other nodes will pinpoint that and make it easily detectable.

C: Although the records stored in most blockchains are completely encrypted, they can be decrypted by the owner. This has the benefit of preventing fraud. In the past and predictably, in the near future, there have been and there will be frauds and scams. By allowing transparency in the blockchain, the scammer can easily be detected and caught by authorities, which has happened in the past. Any amount of crypto that is spent by the scammer can easily be detected and pinpointed as to where it was found, who spent it and how much was spent.


D: When talking about blockchain technology versus banks, there are a lot of differences to keep in mind. Although the fees for both are competitive, the speed of transactions for blockchain far outweighs the value that a bank would provide in the same area.

Moreover, while banks can have control over your money and see your accounts (if the government wants to take action against you), it is virtually impossible to do that in the blockchain networks. Also, identification is needed for banks; not the case with blockchain! Finally, the hours are 24/7 when it comes to blockchain compared to the limited business hours of banks.


E: not given


Decide which paragraph A to D matches with the following statements. Insert ‘E’ if it is not given.

  1. The person who spends a certain amount of money can be found.
  2. A name for the concept is formulated.
  3. Blockchain leaves no digital footprint due to no identification.
  4. Government control.
  5. Impossible for governments to take action against you if you use blockchain.
  6. Another component is needed due to constraints.
  7. Protects the hard drive.
  8. Several devices are used to execute the workings of blockchain.
  9. A global application.




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(CELPIP Reading Practice Tests) Part 4: Reading for Viewpoints Read the following article:


Francis Goodwin, CEO of Audi’s Eastern branch, claims that German cars are the most popular ones in the world due to the demand, but also due to the very basics of human needs that are included, relating to comfort, performance and luxury. He deems these aspects of cars essential to provide value. The pros outweigh the concerns with expenses associated with German cars, according to his opinion.


George Pallister, Chief Financial Officer at St. Jose’s Toyotas branch, has quite the contrary opinion. For George, financial conditions of people are something to be catered to. He believes when reasonable reliability and warranties are offered, savings in the long-term as well as in the short-term, go through the roof, in a good way! Car maintenance, repairs or even the purchase of a new car are things that are not deemed necessary if the ride can push beyond 200,000 kms. Reliability is one of Toyota’s chief offerings. It is also something that the German car manufacturers really need to compete against.

But what about profitability? It would seem that with the majority of people owning Japanese cars, all over the world, Pallister would score in this area, nonetheless, it’s possibly the competitors who may maintain an edge. The quality and value, claimed by Goodwin, delivered by companies like Audi, Mercedes and BMW insist a certain price level which albeit paid by a few, results in the needed numbers to keep the German car companies in the lead. Areas such as interior, comfort, the shine and elegance, all come at a price tag that investors and CEOs, of companies like Audi, relish.


Statistically, in terms of safety ratings, once again, German cars are a step ahead. The giant German car industry goes through intense testing, innovation and safety protocols to ensure security. Nonetheless, George is adamant that despite this area, where the winner is debatable, Japanese cars have the overall edge in terms of being the available product for the majority which automatically labels them as winners in the race of car manufacturers. Nevertheless, if the profitability of both competitors is noted, he might not be completely accurate.


Complete each statement by selecting the best option:

1. In terms of profitability

  • Goodwin prefers charging people more for German cars
  • Japanese cars do much better due to more sales
  • Goodwin clearly wins the debate
  • German cars may have an edge

2. Francis Goodwin

  • has made a pros and cons list
  • thinks that the pros of German cars cost more
  • feels the high cost of German cars is justified
  • claims that German cars offer more warranties

3. Pallister does not

  • care too much about the safety ratings
  • is concerned about the safety ratings
  • has self-assurance that his industry leads the race
  • is a very stubborn person

4. Francis Goodwin is the type of person who

  • insists his customers pay more
  • is appreciative if his company’s revenues are good
  • is proud of German cars’ safety ratings
  • debates George Pallister on what “basic needs” are

5. Japanese cars

  • can push beyond 200,000 kms with no issues
  • offer more warranties than German cars
  • have more focus on reliability as a selling point
  • are preferred for long-term use


The following is a response by a visitor to the website article. Pick the best answer to complete all blanks.

Though I am not really a minimalist, I cannot help but 6. (support Francis/support George/support price tags/support justified prices). I currently do drive a Mercedes and I must tell you that the comfort I find in this car is out of this world! However, a Japanese automobile could have provided me 7. (more savings on maintenance/more warranties/ more mileage/more luxury). Then again, it’s also a matter of the social world. Do I need to show off with my car or do I simply consider 8. (worrying about mileage/joining the majority that does not/worrying about luxury/going for a car with no value).

Honestly, in future, a change of a car may be necessary as I get older. After retirement, 9. (luxury/costs/reliability/mileage) will be an important factor as I live off what I have left.

Safety will become another very crucial priority and considering 10. (Japanese cars offering more reliability/Japanese cars seem confident with their warranties/German cars are coming up with new safety measures/both industries rate high on safety), it gives me more things to think about.


(CELPIP Reading Practice Tests) Answer Sheet:



Part 1


minus 2 degree Celsius


– has a different meaning than what people think


are mostly cold inside




cannot find a good deal


probably paid over $10 for Korean DVDs


is nothing like Canada


not the usual


the food is great


your thirst for entertainment will die


not too optimistic

Part 2




its latest design


its effectiveness for businesses


save us money


lack of information


definite facts


Presenting his opinions with reasonable confidence


is waiting for feedback

Part 3



















Part 4


German cars may have an edge


feels the high cost of German cars is justified


has self-assurance that his industry leads the race


is appreciative if his company’s revenues are good


have more focus on reliability as a selling point


support George


more mileage


joining the majority that does not




German cars coming up with new safety measures


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