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This OET Speaking Roleplay Sample is from a dentistry speaking test. Remember, you will get a roleplay scenario based on your given field. However, this sample will serve as something you can copy/paste in all speaking scenarios!



First, we will analyze this sample itself. Then, we will talk about what makes it so good that examiners will be ready to give you an A!




Local Dental Clinic


You are the parent of a nine-year-old boy. Your son has a small cavity in one of his back teeth, and you want to discuss treatment options. Your son is not present.


• When asked, mention that your son has been complaining of occasional toothache in one of his back teeth.

• State that the toothache is not constant and occurs mainly when he eats sweet or cold foods.

• Explain that you recently noticed a small black spot on the affected tooth.

• When asked, mention that your son does not have any known allergies or medical conditions.

• Express your concern about the cavity and inquire about possible treatment options.

• Request information about the available treatments and their effectiveness.

• Ask about the potential side effects or complications associated with the treatments.

• Mention that you want to make an informed decision regarding your son’s dental treatment.

  • Say that you trust the dentist’s expertise and would like their recommendation.






Local Dental Clinic


You see the parent of a nine-year-old boy who has a small cavity in one of his back teeth. The boy is not present.


• Welcome the parent and ask about the purpose of their visit.

• Inquire about the nature and duration of the toothache experienced by the child.

• Ask if the toothache is triggered by specific foods or beverages.

• Examine the affected tooth and confirm the presence of a small cavity.

• Explain the treatment options available for the cavity, such as a dental filling or a dental sealant.

• Describe the procedure for each treatment option, including the materials used and the expected outcomes.

• Discuss the potential side effects or complications associated with the treatments and their likelihood.

• Address any concerns the parent may have about the treatments.

• Provide recommendations based on the severity of the cavity and the child’s oral health.

• Emphasize the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups.

• Confirm the parent’s understanding and willingness to proceed with the recommended treatment.

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DENTIST: Good morning, Mr. Anderson. It is Mr. Anderson, correct? 


DENTIST: Thank you for confirming. How can I assist you today?

PARENT: I’m here because my nine-year-old son has been complaining about occasional toothache in one of his back teeth.

DENTIST: I see. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Let’s talk more about the toothache. How long has he been experiencing this discomfort?

PARENT: It’s been happening on and off for a few weeks. The toothache seems to mainly occur when he eats sweet or cold foods.

DENTIST: I understand. Has there been any noticeable change or anything else you’ve observed about his dental health?

PARENT: Yes, recently I noticed a small black spot on the tooth where he’s been having the toothache.

DENTIST: Thank you for letting me know. Does your son have any known allergies to any food or beverages that I should be aware of?

PARENT: No, he doesn’t have any allergies or medical conditions.

DENTIST: I appreciate the information. I’ve examined the affected tooth, and it appears that he does indeed have a small cavity. We have a couple of treatment options available. One option is a dental filling, which involves removing the decayed portion and filling the cavity with a dental material. The other option is a dental sealant, which is a protective coating applied to the tooth’s surface.

PARENT: I see. Can you please explain the procedures for both options and how effective they are?

DENTIST: Of course. For the dental filling, we’ll first remove the decayed area, clean the tooth, and then fill it with a suitable material. This helps restore the tooth’s function and prevent further decay. As for the dental sealant, it’s a thin layer applied to the tooth’s surface to shield it from bacteria and food particles. Both options are effective, and I’ll be happy to discuss which one might be more suitable based on your son’s condition.

PARENT: Thank you for explaining. Are there any potential side effects or complications we should be aware of?

DENTIST: Considering dental fillings, there’s a possibility of sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures initially, but it usually subsides. As for dental sealants, they’re quite safe, and complications are rare. I understand your concern, and I’m here to address any worries you may have.

(Switch to the complete explanation on YouTube? Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIAXyc-5bV4&t=465s)

PARENT: I appreciate that. I want to make an informed decision about my son’s dental treatment.

DENTIST: I completely understand. It’s important to consider all factors. Based on the cavity’s severity and your son’s oral health, I would recommend a dental filling. This will help prevent the cavity from worsening. With that said, is there any other concern or query you have about the treatment?

PARENT: Not for now. Thank you for your recommendation. I trust your expertise. Let’s proceed with the dental filling.

DENTIST: Great! We’ll schedule the procedure at your convenience. Also, please remember the significance of good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups to maintain his overall dental health. 

PARENT: Absolutely, we’ll make sure to follow all the necessary steps. Thank you for your guidance.

DENTIST: You’re welcome. Before we finish up here, I would just need your consent about the procedure. Will you be going ahead with the treatment we discussed today?

PARENT: Let me think and get back to you.

Here’s why this OET Speaking Roleplay sample is AWESOME!

-It answers all points from the question

-Very polite conversation pattern

-The dentist keeps acknowledging the patient’s responses without moving on to what he has to say himself

-Easy wordings and no compound questions were used

-The sequence of the tasks from the question were followed

-The dentist kept confirming with the parent if they understood everything and made sure to engage the parent

-There are no personal feelings or exaggerations involved


Basically, the entire speaking marking criteria were hit in all directions! How? Check the actual marking criteria here and see how this answer covers all points!



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