IELTS Tips and Tricks: Detailed Version

These four-module IELTS tips and techniques can help you with vocabulary, difficult phrases, and examiner grading standards.

IELTS Key Tips and Tricks:

IELTS Complex Sentences and Vocabulary:

You will always hear people talk about vocabulary, complex sentences and conjunctions. Sometimes, they also through in ‘complex phrases’. What does that mean? Complex phrases or phrasal verbs are things like:

-blow up

-come across

-tied up with

-hold up

-break in on

These PHRASAL VERBS are of immense importance to you for many reasons:

-Native speakers use them, and you need to learn them to familiarize yourself with day to day conversations

-You can use them for your IELTS, CELPIP, OET, PTE exams and gain a higher mark

-You can express yourself better when you are translating thoughts from your language into English

-You will not sound repetitive using the same old words. You will sound more alive and animated with fancier and more versatile words!

So what do you need to do?

Go on this link and learn as many phrasal verbs as you can! This is one of my favorite links as it has the day-to-day conversation tone:

If you are new to the HZad family, you probably haven’t heard of our repetition strategy. The best way to learn the above is to make 3-5 sentences per phrasal verb and do that over and over again for 1-2 weeks. This will ensure you not only remember the phrasal verbs but that you actually start using them!


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Do you ever prepare for the exam with no regard to a good conjunction lesson? If yes, then your writing and speaking will be full of the following:





maybe a few:


and maybe conclusions like:



wait, you already said ‘so’. And you already said ‘and’. I just did that now.

See how lame that sounds?

How will it sound to the examiner?


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Also, you need to get some good conjunctions in your brain!

Not to worry! Check out this video and you will have everything you need:

P.S. Memorize and make sentences with these conjunctions while watching the video so your brain retains the info for long-term use!



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