CELPIP, IELTS Complex Sentences

Key Complex Sentences for CELPIP and IELTS:


In real life, native speakers use a combination of simple and complex sentences. In your IELTS/CELPIP exam, the same is expected of you! So if you are preparing for your exam or you need a very valuable speaking lesson for daily life, check this out!

Note: For the IELTS/CELPIP exams, make sure you have at least 3 complex sentences in every writing task. For speaking, the more, the better!

Another note: Don’t overdo it! Examiners and people can catch up on that. Keeping a combination of simple and complex sentences will give you the necessary mark and tone that native speakers possess.

Firstly, what is a complex sentence? It is a sentence that is broken into two parts. For example, “Although I am sick today, I AM STILL GOING TO ATTEND SCHOOL”. As you can see, this sentence is broken into two parts, the upper case portion and the lower case portion. The word “although” helps us establish a CONDITIONAL tone (that’s why, a lot of people also call it ‘conditional sentences’). Similar words like this can be used to make dozens of complex sentences.



An independent clause (a complete phrase) and at least one dependent clause (an unfinished sentence) are connected by conjunctions or relative pronouns to form a complex sentence. In order to express a complete thinking or idea, two or more clauses must be connected to produce a complex sentence. The independent clause provides the meaning and context for the dependent clause, which cannot stand alone as a full sentence.




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For daily life, keep learning tons and tons. For your exam, you mainly need to know 7. Any more than 7 and you will be too confused. Below 7 and you will be repeating a lot of the same words. 7 complex words are more than enough for you to nail your exam! Here they are:










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Example sentences:

1. While deforestation is happening worldwide, there are similar afforestation efforts being made

2. Considering the loss of trees worldwide, climate groups need to step up their game

3. Due to the lack of trees currently, there is a need for afforestation

4. Given that our trees are diminishing, our environment is suffering

5. Although trees help clean the environment, reducing emissions will have the same effect

6. Based on how trees are a valuable source of oxygen, efforts should be made to preserve them

7. Not only do trees help to regulate the environment, but they are also a habitat for animals

See what happened? Every sentence is broken into two parts, and that’s what makes them complex! Remember that and implement it in your next speaking or writing!

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