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Check out this IELTS Resource that you need to see before your exam!

A REALLY IMPORTANT aspect of knowing how you have to perform is also understanding how the examiner wants to receive information. My trainer, who is a past IELTS examiner told me this The best teacher or the best student will make sure their Step 1 is understanding the examiner’s way of thinking.SO TRUE! So what is one resource you can use?
It’s simple. If you are at a restaurant, YOU determine if the food is delicious or not. Imagine if the chef knew your taste buds, how much more accomplished can his/her results get???
You gotta do the same with IELTS and in my next few blogs, I will be sending you important information regarding it. For now, let’s target the biggest problem in IELTS.


This happens so damn often that it’s frustrating. People never get a 7! Why? How do we overcome that? Well, let’s check and understand, IN DETAIL, how the IELTS examiner thinks. Check out this video:

This will really help you understand everything you need to know about why you got or are about to get ONLY UNDER 7 and what you can do to change that!
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  • The truth about your writing weaknesses: How in the world can you tell if your writing is good or bad? You need a teacher! Our detailed feedback goes through every little punctuation, grammar, vocab, sentence, structure, tone mistake and more. We diagnose, inform you what you are doing wrong and give you lots of techniques to improve!
  • Have you been doing your speaking wrong (And does it really matter)?: Do you know how many native speakers fail the IELTS speaking test? LOTS! So it’s not just good English, is it? It’s all about what makes the examiner happy! If you think you have the perfect grammar and vocab for a band 7, think again!
  • Say goodbye to grammar mistakes: Grammar mistakes are worth almost 25% marks on your writing and speaking. Without a teacher, you have no idea what grammatical errors you have. Our teachers won’t just point those out but will give you the EASIEST and proven ways to improve them!


  • How to improve listening without watching CNN or BBC: One thing my 4-hour course will teach you is that the listening game is all based on how you read the keywords. But what our course will tell you is how you personally are still making errors, and how you can train your ears based on your specific mistakes.
  • You need to practice 1,000 reading tests, right? Wrong! At home, just like many students, you can keep practicing lots of readings with the wrong strategies. If you have the correct technique and feedback on your particular performance, you will need to practice just 10% of the time!
  • 4 ways to get a 7 band in writing: This is now common knowledge. The four main marking criteria: task response, cohesion, lexical resource, grammar. Our teachers will tell you exactly what areas you are scoring more and what needs work…and how!



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  • Where to find the examiner’s happy spot?: The exam is not all about you. Your performance is 50% worth. How the examiner views the information is the other 50%! It’s huge! You need to know the points that force the examiner to give you a good mark!


  • How to eliminate repeated mistakes?: A teacher can tell you that you are making the same mistake X amount of times. That’s okay, we are humans. Have you heard of DRILLING though? It’s the best ESL method used to completely eradicate recurring mistakes, among others, which you will be taught in this course as well.


  • What you should never spend time on: If you are doing your self prep, trust me, 75% of the activities you are doing are useless! We simply cut the fluff and get you to focus on high-value-yielding activities that get you towards a 7, 8 or a 9!


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