10 Important CELPIP Speaking Rules!

The 10 Top Strategies you need to score a 9+ in CELPIP Speaking. Templates, timing, examiner marking criteria, what else is needed?

10 Main CELPIP Speaking Rules:

Speaking is the hardest part of CELPIP. That’s where most people never score over 8. However, there are students still scoring 11 and 12. What do they do? It’s simple! They understand these 10 main techniques, and now, you should too:

  1. Timing: The rule of timing is to make sure that for each speaking task, you finish each speaking question within the last 5-10 seconds of the finish time. Don’t end any sooner! Also, when the timer starts, when should you start speaking? Right away! If you delay it, it will be seen as a deliberate attempt from you to waste time and avoid speaking.
  2. Enunciate: In the CELPIP Speaking test, successful communication depends on having clear enunciation. It guarantees that the examiner will understand your message with ease. Words must be said clearly, with each syllable and sound being articulated precisely, while also keeping a constant tempo. You can improve your communication skills and raise your test-score prospects by pronouncing words clearly. Focus on thoroughly speaking each word, practice pronouncing sounds correctly, and employ efficient use of emphasis and intonation to enhance your enunciation. Using these techniques will enable you to speak comfortably and with clarity throughout the CELPIP Speaking test.


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3. Pauses: When taking the CELPIP Speaking test, strategically placing pauses can improve your communication abilities. You may regulate the cadence of your speech using pauses, highlight important points, and give the listener time to comprehend what you’ve said. Using pauses wisely allows you to collect your ideas, establish a natural flow, and improve the interest level of your responses. You can attract attention to certain portions of your response and make them more memorable by purposefully adding pauses before and after crucial points, transitions, or to underline significant concepts. Keep in mind to speak naturally and refrain from speaking too hastily without pauses. In the CELPIP Speaking test, communicating your ideas clearly and confidently depends on your ability to use pauses effectively.

4. Emphasis: During the CELPIP Speaking test, you can effectively emphasize key points and hold the attention of your listener by strategically using pauses. By strategically placing pauses, you may give your speech a natural flow, highlight important ideas, and make sure that your information is understood and retained. Pauses act as points of emphasis, enabling the listener to properly take in and assimilate the information. Prior to responding, be sure to determine the important details you wish to emphasize, and then use purposeful pauses to emphasize those points. By mastering this method, you’ll improve your communication abilities and increase your chances of passing the CELPIP Speaking test.


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5. Quality: Prioritizing quality points over quantity is essential for improving one’s score on the CELPIP Speaking test. Instead of speeding through numerous weak points, you should concentrate on presenting a few well-developed, well-supported concepts to show that you have a better understanding of the subject and can successfully communicate your ideas. Pick out the most important points, support them with pertinent data and examples, and make sure your response is coherent and well-structured. Remember that it is better to make a few important points that are well-supported by evidence rather than to fill your response with unimportant thoughts. You will come across as more impactful and impressive in the CELPIP Speaking test by prioritizing quality over quantity.

6. Vocabulary: Utilizing sophisticated vocabulary is essential for demonstrating your linguistic skills and effectively communicating nuanced concepts throughout the CELPIP Speaking test. Using a sophisticated and wide vocabulary shows that you have command of the language. By reading and engaging in conversation, you can broaden your vocabulary while making sure that the words you use accurately express the message you intend to convey. To feel more at ease speaking new terms throughout the test, practice incorporating them into your speech. Remember to naturally and purposefully employ sophisticated words to enhance rather than overwhelm your ideas. In the CELPIP Speaking test, you can wow the examiner and show off your language skills by skillfully incorporating complicated vocabulary.


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7. Complex Phrases: In the CELPIP Speaking test, using complex phrases can improve the sophistication and clarity of your voice, showcasing your capacity to communicate complicated ideas and show language competency. Multiple clauses make up complex sentences, which express relationships between ideas and give your responses more depth and consistency. You can clearly express your thoughts and efficiently use complicated sentence patterns, such dependent clauses, relative clauses, and subordinating conjunctions, to show off your linguistic abilities. Keep your sentences simple, and make sure that their complexity is appropriate for the context and subject. During the CELPIP Speaking test, you can improve the quality of your speaking and make a positive impression on the examiner by using complicated sentences intelligently.

8. Grammar: When taking the CELPIP Speaking test, maintaining appropriate grammar is crucial since it shows how accurate your language is and how well you can communicate. Making use of proper language makes sure that your ideas are expressed exactly and clearly. To prevent mistakes, pay close attention to the verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, word order, and sentence structure. To increase your language proficiency, practice grammar activities, ask for comments, and review grammatical rules. Before speaking, make sure to review your comments to spot any errors. You can improve your overall speaking performance and demonstrate your language proficiency in the CELPIP Speaking test by utilizing proper grammar.

9. Templates: Make sure to follow the HZad templates that are copy/paste words you can use. These will quickly boost your marks and save you the thinking time you need for structures and planning! You can access them using the course here: https://hzadeducation.com/product/classes-celpip/


10. Practice: To boost your performance, increase your fluency, and develop confidence, you must prepare for the CELPIP Speaking test. You can become comfortable with the test format, create efficient speaking methods, and hone your language skills by regularly practicing. When getting ready for the CELPIP Speaking test, keep the following elements in mind:

Conducting practice speaking exams will simulate the testing setting. To improve your time management abilities, practice responding to example questions within the time constraints.

Record your practice sessions and assess your progress by recording them. Pay attention to your pronunciation, vocabulary usage, grammar, and coherence as these are all areas where you may make improvements. Make note of any recurring errors or patterns, and attempt to correct them.



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