CELPIP Reading Example and Tips

CELPIP Reading Example and Tips

CELPIP Reading Example and Tips



CELPIP Reading Example and Tips: Are you preparing for the CELPIP examIn this blog, we looking at CELPIP Reading Section 1.  Make sure to watch the attached video as we will break down the entire question together. The reading section consists of four parts, and there is also one unscored part. You must still complete that additional unscored part, which is for survey purposes.


Part 1 of the Reading Section


Mostly informal or semiformal communication style would be used for this. You may be looking at an email between teams correspondence, perhaps a work email or something similar. However, it is important to know the suggested steps and timing.

So first of all you are going to look at the email or the passage and identify:

What is it about?

Who is the writer?

Who are they writing to?

What is the purpose of this message?

That should only take you 30 seconds.

You are going to read the first set of questions and identify keywords next. The CELPIP Exam format is nice because it allows you to see the questions and the text simultaneously, enabling you to scroll up and down and review them. You must answer the questions within the specified time and are not allowed to go back once the time is up.


Follow this format:

  • Read question set one and identify keywords.
  • After finishing, go back and examine the answers or write down the answers for question one.
  • Repeat the process for question set two, finding the relevant information and answering them.
  • Finally, take a few seconds to ensure that you have answered every question.



Tips to CELPIP Reading Section 1


Skimming and Scanning


To be successful, you need to familiarize yourself with Skimming and Scanning techniques. During skim reading, you swiftly examine the entire text to grasp the overall meaning, identify the main characters, and understand their requests. When scanning, you search for particular information. Therefore, ensure that you can rapidly analyze the question, determine what it is asking, and locate the relevant information within the passage.

Ensure that you consider all these tips and answer as many questions as possible. If time permits, you can revisit and double-check your answers. However, it is crucial to attempt to answer all the questions, even if you are unsure. Wrong or missed answers will not result in penalties, but it is important to strive to answer every question to the best of your ability.

A strategy for taking notes and writing down key information is necessary because you can’t highlight on the computer but you can do so on a pen and paper. One advantage is that you can scroll up and down, allowing you to easily refer back to the text and the questions. This enables you to read the questions repeatedly without the need to memorize information. Instead of focusing on memorization, it’s important to think about scanning and skimming the text.


Check out this video CELPIP Reading Example and Tips

CELPIP Reading Example and Tips


Example Tasks:


1.  Multiple Choice Questions:


A passage will be presented to you, followed by multiple-choice questions. Carefully read the questions and then skim the passage to locate relevant information. Pay attention to keywords and try to eliminate incorrect options based on context. Choose the most appropriate answer based on the information provided.


2.  Fill in the Blanks:


You will encounter a passage with missing words. Read the passage to understand its context and then use the options provided to fill in the blanks. Focus on grammar and meaning to select the correct words. Pay attention to verb tense, subject-verb agreement, and logical coherence.


3.  Reading Comprehension:


This task involves reading a passage and answering a series of questions that assess your comprehension of the text. Read the passage carefully, underline key points, and summarize the main ideas in your own words. Refer back to the passage while answering the questions to ensure accuracy.



Tips to Improve Your CELPIP Reading Score:



Practice Skimming and Scanning:


Skimming involves quickly reading through a passage to get an overview of its content. Scanning involves searching for specific information or keywords. Regular practice of skimming and scanning will enhance your ability to locate relevant details efficiently.


Expand Your Vocabulary:


Build a strong vocabulary by reading a variety of materials such as newspapers, magazines, and books. Pay attention to word usage, context, and synonyms. Use flashcards or vocabulary apps to reinforce new words and review them regularly.



Improve Reading Speed:



Time management is crucial in the CELPIP reading test. Work on increasing your reading speed while maintaining comprehension. Start with shorter articles and gradually progress to more complex texts. Set a timer and challenge yourself to read within the given time limit.


Understand Text Structures:


Familiarize yourself with different text structures, such as cause and effect, compare and contrast, and problem-solution. Recognizing these structures will help you grasp the main ideas and supporting details more effectively.



Practice Active Reading:


Engage actively with the text by highlighting or underlining key points, summarizing paragraphs in your own words, and making mental connections between ideas. This approach will enhance your understanding and retention of the material.


Review Grammar and Sentence Structure:


Brush up on your knowledge of grammar rules and sentence structures. Pay attention to verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, and pronouns. Understand how different parts of a sentence relate to each other to ensure accurate comprehension and answers.


Simulate Test Conditions:


Create a simulated test environment by practising with CELPIP reading sample tests or past papers. Set a timer and work under timed conditions to simulate the actual test experience. This will help you become familiar with the format and manage your time efficiently. At Hzad Education, we offer courses and training that guarantee your success in passing the CELPIP exam.




To master the CELPIP reading section, you need to combine reading skills, develop your vocabulary, and employ test-taking strategies. By practising the example tasks provided and following the tips outlined above, you can enhance your reading comprehension abilities and achieve a higher score on the CELPIP test. Remember to regularly practice, stay focused, and strategically approach each question.

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