CELPIP Speaking Strategy 

CELPIP Speaking Strategy:Most of the tasks require us to speak, and we have a total of eight tasks. Each task involves approximately 30 seconds of preparation time and 60 to 90 seconds of speaking.

CELPIP Speaking Strategy 


CELPIP Speaking Strategy  & Best Speaking Examples


CELPIP Speaking Strategy: Do you find the speaking section of the CELPIP Examination challenging? In this blog, we will focus on tasks 5, 7, and 8, as we believe these are the tasks that most students struggle with. Tasks 5, 7, and 8 can pose difficulties.




Most of the tasks require us to speak, and we have a total of eight tasks. Each task involves approximately 30 seconds of preparation time and 60 to 90 seconds of speaking. Task number 5 proves to be challenging as the format is unfamiliar to students, and they lack sufficient knowledge of the format. Therefore, we will examine the format and how to prepare for it.

Task number 7 focuses on expressing opinions. Many students struggle with this task because they are not simply describing but also offering advice. We will explore some strategies to overcome this difficulty.

In task number 8, you describe an unusual situation where something seems amiss, and you have to explain or identify what it is.



CELPIP Speaking Strategy 



CELPIP Speaking Tasks 5, 7 And  8


Speaking Task 5


Task 5 has two parts, now you will see we have 60 seconds for the first part and then no speaking time.  60 seconds for the second part and 60 seconds for speaking time. Why do we have no speaking for the first one?

Task 5 your family want to purchase a fan you find two suitable options.  So you are going to look at the two pictures and choose which one is best for you (make sure to watch the video below and check out the pictures for task 5).


In the next section, you will have to persuade someone that this is the option you like. Therefore, choose a topic that you can discuss well. We are looking at a large floor fan and a ceiling fan which one do you have more experience with or which one can you quickly think of the vocabulary for?  Now these two items are very much the same but if you are more comfortable talking about a floor fan then definitely choose that option.   Use the vocabulary that you have in your mind and you will have to support your reasons so task one is done, let’s move to part two of Task 5.



Task 5 Part 2


Once again, you have 60 seconds to prepare. Now we have the floor fan, along with another fan.  Our task is to persuade our family members that the floor fan is the superior option. We will consider factors such as price, diameter, and more. I will provide my best example of this speech within 30 seconds.

“Family, I propose that we purchase the floor fan for several compelling reasons. Firstly, as you can observe, it is the more expensive choice. However, it comes with a guarantee of lasting longer. On the other hand, if we were to opt for the handheld mini fan, it would likely break within a few weeks to a few months. By choosing the floor fan, we are more likely to have it for an extended period, ultimately saving us money in the long run.”

I believe that was 30 seconds. I have presented the options and clearly stated that the floor fan is the superior one.  I have explained why the mini handheld fan would not be a suitable choice and supported my argument with evidence. With limited preparation time, please do your best.”



Speaking Task 7


Speaking task 7 you have to express your opinion, you only have 30 seconds to prepare the question:


“Do you think that governments should limit how much money company bosses should make?” Explain your reason.

You have 90 seconds to prepare.  Because the question starts with ‘do you think’ use opinionated phrases.” In my opinion” in my experience” “to the best of my knowledge” and “Regarding the subject I think that”. So these are opinionated phrases.

Try to give three reasons why and support your evidence.  Remember you only have 90 seconds so you will try your best and try to use the full 90 seconds when you are speaking.  This is important.  If you don’t use the full 90 seconds while you are speaking then you are missing out on a great opportunity.


See the below example 90 seconds, my best attempt


“In my opinion, I don’t think we should limit how much company bosses make because they are not the issue of global inequality.  Yes, we do have some bosses that make an extreme amount of money in comparison to the employees.  However, I think what will benefit the people is to increase the middle wages so those skilled workers reduce their dependency on non-skilled workers.  The people that don’t get paid very much and have a fair wage policy so having a minimum wage which most countries do produce.  If we focus on the middle group, the middle-class income these people will be better off and they make up the bulk of society.”

“So instead of limiting the company bosses, I think that we should focus on the middle group so there is a fair wage for all employees. Now to do this might require a lot of effort and time but most companies are already working on mental health and quality or equality in the workplace.  So for those reasons, I believe that we shouldn’t limit how much company bosses make and rather we should focus on the middle group.”

That is the best take on a minute and a half of 90 seconds on what we should do with company bosses and their wages.  So try to give your three reasons and try to support them.

Check out this Youtube Video: Celpip Best Speaking Examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATQSPWJb0k8

CELPIP Speaking Strategy 


Speaking Task 8


You have only 30 seconds to read and look at the picture, then you have a minute to prepare. Set the scene. You find yourself on the street where your friend lives, but you cannot locate your friend or their house. You decide to call your friend and explain your current location in detail. Start by saying, “Hi Tom.” Focus on addressing Tom directly and describing the visible surroundings accurately, without including unnecessary details such as the colour of the speed bumps, as it won’t contribute to your explanation.


Example in 60 seconds

(listen to the attached video)


“Hi Tom, I am standing near your house but I can’t find exactly where it is, can you help me to find the exact house. I am at the bottom of the hill where the speed bumps are and I can see there is a car park or a garage door entrance above the garage door it says slowly. Also on top of the garage there is a small duplex house.  In my view, I can see three duplex houses which one is yours, are you at the top of the hill on the right side or are you on the left side of the Hill tucked behind the other duplex?  Additionally, maybe you can meet me at the bottom of the hill, that would be most helpful.  I am also near the red mailbox which might help you to find me best.  Thanks, Tom, see you in a bit”

Remember to finish your call appropriately you are making a phone call, so try to end it with. ‘thanks’ ‘see you’ or ‘bye’ that would be the most helpful.

You have a  good vocabulary: duplex houses, garage, car park, speed bumps, mailbox.  Remember to use the vocabulary that accurately describes what you need to use.  These are the difficult areas in the speaking task. Also, remember you are speaking to the computer so you don’t have the natural human take.  Focus on the vocabulary that will help you to define what you need to define.  Further, relax and always support your statements.

Don’t worry about giving a perfect answer.  It is better if you can focus on what you can do well.  Use your strengths, following these tips, I know that you will do well.

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