The Most Misunderstood Part of CELPIP Speaking 

The Most Misunderstood Part of CELPIP Speaking (Sample Answer)

CELPIP Speaking – Most Misunderstood Part

The Most Misunderstood Part of CELPIP Speaking (Sample Answer)



The Most Misunderstood Part of CELPIP Speaking.  In Part 7 of CELPIP Speaking, many people get confused and lose marks because they don’t know the right approach. I will ask you Part 7 questions in three different ways to help you understand why some people score low and others score high, and what you should do.

The question for Part 7 is, “Is minimalism important?” Do you agree with it or not?

Now, let’s answer the question in the most basic way. Typically, most people use two points. Initially, when people start talking, they often don’t know how many points they should use. However, assuming you are fairly advanced and have a plan in mind, let’s say you have two points. I will answer this question using two points. The problem here is that you are only using two points because you believe there is very little time, and you cannot explain more. However, you can still provide a good-quality response with two points. So, let’s assume that and get started.


 1st Version

Minimalism is a very significant topic something that needs to be discussed and addressed.  In my opinion, there should be no minimalism because if we say yes to minimalism we are saying no to a lot of jobs that could have been created in the luxury industry, where high-end products are sold to customers.  If we are all minimalists none of us will be able to buy those products, getting those businesses to tank and that is never good for the economy or jobs for people.

“Secondly minimalism is a very boring lifestyle if I may say so.  If you are a minimalist you would not have enough things to look forward to, you would not have a shopping trip you are looking forward to, you would not know what to do with the extra money you have earned and this will all lead to you not being wise in your enjoyment which is also an important area of your life.  Minimalism is almost like a death to any sort of entertainment hopes and dreams or desires to entertain yourself with the blessings that are in your arms reach but yet so far from you.  Overall, I think minimalism is not the way to go.”

It took one and a half minutes to complete the above sentence, considering two points.  Pause moments to contemplate the next sentence(Check out the video below). Many students overlook this strategy and fail to utilize examples effectively. I maximized the potential of my two points to the best of my ability.


Make sure to watch this Video The Most Misunderstood Part of CELPIP Speaking (Sample Answer)

The Most Misunderstood Part of CELPIP Speaking 


Now, let’s attempt another version, which presents a greater challenge. However, the examiners will only reward you if you tackle difficult tasks. By “difficult,” I mean incorporating three points. It is recommended to allocate 20 seconds per point, with the remaining time dedicated to the introduction and conclusion, totaling 90 seconds.

Let’s get started with the three points:


2nd Version


“Minimalism is not something that I would prefer, there are many reasons for it.  Firstly, if you say yes to minimalism you say no to a lot of job creation.  A lot of luxury products and brands companies, employees, and managers were saying no to all of them and that could mean tons of unemployment in today’s World.

Secondly, minimalism makes people dull there is not much to look forward to in life if all you want to do is just eat, sleep and survive with very basic needs. If you were not a minimalist you would look for opportunities, adventures and make your life more interesting.

Thirdly, with minimalism, we also would not be able to explore new things or meet new people.  For example, we would not travel because we are minimalists.  How would we get exposure to other people or cultures or people if that were the case hence with all this said, I do not think minimalism is the best approach.”

You now have a lot more content, and I didn’t feel repetitive while discussing my two points. While talking about just two points for the entire one-and-a-half minutes, I felt like I was repeating some things. However, by adding a third point, I am not being repetitive. Moreover, I am showing the Examiner that I can include a lot of quantity and quality simultaneously. Additionally, I am using a range of vocabulary and introducing new words in the third point, such as “exposure travel.” I gave an example by asking how one can explore, which showcases the versatility of my sentences. This versatility contributes to a higher mark from the Examiner, which is why the more points I discuss, the better it is. This version looks pretty good.


Third Version 


Now, a third version is necessary because the first two versions lacked passion and emphasis. Many people misunderstand speaking part seven, which is why it deserves a special video. In the previous versions, I didn’t truly convey passion for this topic, although it is expected. It is important to show emotions, use strong and aggressive words, and emphasize the points being made.

Here’s an example: Once again, I will present three points with a little more aggression and incorporate examples, emphasis, and tone.

“Minimalism is the kiss of death to life and society as well as businesses overall.  Firstly, minimalism means we stop shopping, we stop living our lives, living our dreams or imagining or desiring future perfection, future pleasure. Minimalism means you cannot buy this or you should not buy this.  If you do that you are evil which to me does not make a lot of sense.  Secondly, there are thousands probably millions of people relying on luxury products as their livelihood.  Their main source of bread and butter.  If we say no to all the great industries like Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton we are limiting not only ourselves but also telling all these people you can be unemployed and homeless and we don’t care about you.  That is what minimalism entails. 

Finally, if you are a minimalist you lack exposure to the great things in life such as travel such as buying products that make you happy, which to me is again a very senseless thing to do.  Therefore, I strongly go against minimalism.”


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In the above part, you can observe a significant emphasis and passion. There was a slight patronizing tone and I criticized and bashed the other side. I fluctuated my voice more and I accomplished that with three points, at the right time and with the right quality. Additionally, this time, I provided more examples like Louis Vuitton and others. Ensure that you are nearing perfection or have reached that stage. Avoid doing the first version; instead, opt for the third version.

If you find it challenging to cover all three points and you are all over the place, you may consider focusing on two points. However, this approach will not earn you a high score. Examiners will admire you if you can address all three points with passion and quality, at the right time.

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