OET Reading Part C – The Complete Guide

OET Reading Part C – The Complete Guide - OET Reading Part C assesses your ability to comprehend and analyze complex healthcare texts, which are essential skills for healthcare professionals working in an English-speaking environment.

OET Reading Part C – The Complete Guide


OET Reading Part C – The Complete Guide: To enhance your professional development, you would regularly engage in reading about research and developments in healthcare. Part C of OET Reading features two texts specifically addressing topics of interest to a broad range of healthcare professionals. This guide focuses on OET Reading Part C, providing insights into its format and the skills it tests. You will also have the opportunity to explore a sample question, gain valuable tips, and discover effective preparation strategies for this section of the test.



Understanding OET Reading Part C:


OET Reading Part C consists of two long, interconnected texts that are usually taken from a healthcare-related source, such as journals, articles, or textbooks. The texts may present differing viewpoints or perspectives on a particular healthcare issue, and your task is to read and answer multiple-choice questions based on the information provided.



Test Format:


Each of the two Part C texts consists of approximately 800 words. These texts resemble journal or review articles and typically encompass a variety of opinions or perspectives on a specific topic. For instance, they might cover new advancements in treatments or technologies, share the experiences of specific patients or healthcare professionals, or delve into research related to the causes or remedies of certain conditions. Within each Part C text, you will encounter eight multiple-choice questions with four options each. These questions are sequenced in the same order as the text.


OET Reading Part C at a Glance:

  • 2 texts
  • 800 words each
  • Articles or article extracts
  • Eight 4-option multiple-choice questions per text
  • 45 minutes for Parts B and C combined


Skills for Reading Part C:    


OET Reading Part C assesses your ability to understand the explicit and implicit meaning – you sometimes need to recognize what the writer is implying. Other skills include identifying main points or main ideas, understanding detailed meaning, and recognizing attitudes or opinions. This means understanding how a writer or other people mentioned in the article feel or think about something. Additionally, some questions require you to understand vocabulary in context, such as recognizing how a particular word or phrase is being used or what a reference word like ‘it,’ ‘that,’ or ‘they’ refers to. To complete the task, you need to identify the relationship between ideas at the sentence and paragraph levels.



OET Reading Part C – The Complete Guide



Test Tips:

Here are 4 tips to succeed in Part C.


 1.  Read with purpose.


Instead of reading the whole text first, start with the first question and read-only to find the answer to it. Before even looking at the options (A-D), try to answer the question in your mind.



2.  Read all answer options carefully.


Answer options may share some features. If you go too quickly, it’s easy to choose an answer option simply because you see words that you saw in the text. However, matching vocabulary is not the point of this test. You need to understand how the options are different from each other to choose the right one.


3.  Don’t rush.


Skimming and scanning will not assist you in Part C. The questions direct you to the relevant place in the text and come in order, so you don’t need to spend time searching. Instead, spend your time reading carefully to understand.


4.  Manage your time.


You need to read slowly enough to understand, but you also need to watch the clock so that you don’t spend too long on one question. Just like in other parts of the test, time management is critical. If you spend more than a couple of minutes on a question, make a guess and return to it if you have time.


OET Reading Part C – The Complete Guide


Preparation recommendations:


As you prepare for Reading Part C, you will improve your ability to read the types of longer texts that you will encounter as part of your ongoing professional development. Here are some suggestions to help you work on your reading skills for Part C.

1. Build your stamina.


Part C texts are around 800 words each, and the questions require you to read carefully. So, before test day, make sure you’re used to reading long texts and reading for long periods. If this is new for you, start with small chunks of time, a few minutes, and build up your ability to read, without distractions, for longer and longer periods.


3.  Build vocabulary.


The amount of vocabulary you know directly correlates with your ability to comprehend text. Your vocabulary knowledge also impacts the speed at which you read. If you automatically recognize words and phrases or chunks of text, you will read faster than if you need to think about each word’s meaning individually. Therefore, learning new words should constitute a key part of your OET preparation.


3. Read with enthusiasm.


Sometimes, you might find a topic uninteresting, or you might dislike reading it.  In other words, how much you understand a text relates to how quickly you read it and how much you enjoy it. So, when preparing for OET Reading, adopt a positive attitude, even if you need to fake it. Choose texts to read and tell yourself, ‘I’m excited to find out what this text will tell me. I’m going to learn something new and I can’t wait!’ Read actively, adding emphasis and feeling to the words as you read them, even just in your mind. Simply running your eye across a text will not suffice to help you answer Part C questions.


4.  Read more!


Simply thinking about swimming or watching videos about it will not help you improve your swimming ability when you get into the water. Similarly, reading is necessary if you want to improve your reading comprehension, speed, and even your enjoyment. 




OET Reading Part C assesses your ability to comprehend and analyze complex healthcare texts, which are essential skills for healthcare professionals working in an English-speaking environment. By employing the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can enhance your performance in this section of the OET and increase your chances of achieving a high score. Remember to practice regularly, develop your medical vocabulary, and focus on improving your reading speed and comprehension. With dedication and preparation, success in OET Reading Part C can be well within your reach.

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