WHY CELPIP & IELTS IS MORE IMPORTANT You need to realize how important CELPIP & IELTS are!


You need to realize how important CELPIP & IELTS are!


Always Aim Higher on CELPIP and IELTS


WHY CELPIP & IELTS IS MORE IMPORTANT: A lot of test takers usually fail to realize how crucial the CELPIP and IELTS Exams are and how significant they can be down the road. Many people just target the bare minimum or the minimum requirement they need to get through the threshold, such as for a University Education Application or a permanent residency application. However, in this blog, I am going to explain why you should aim much higher.






The first reason to push your effort and strive for the maximum score on these two tests is that they have a significant impact on your career. Whether you take the CELPIP, IELTS General Training, or IELTS Academics, all these tests are English Proficiency tests. Keep in mind that they serve as evidence of your proficiency in using the English language, which is widely used by the majority of the world. Regardless of the field you are involved in or actively pursuing in your career, you will frequently need strong language skills.

The CELPIP and IELTS tests will demonstrate your ability. Therefore, the tests evaluate your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The standard is set by the rubric, and the questions offer a reflection or a glimpse of your performance in future endeavours. For example, if you take the IELTS Academics, university settings will utilize the assessed level of English, including attending lectures, completing assignments, delivering presentations, and engaging in conversations with professors.


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When taking the IELTS General training or the CELPIP Exam, you must attain a bare minimum level of English proficiency to culturally fit in the country you are applying to, specifically Canada. Culturally fitting into the country and the workplace relies on achieving this minimum level of English. Demonstrating your ability to perform these tasks is crucial. Aiming for only a 7 or even a 6, which represents the bare minimum for CELPIP, indicates that your English level is close to average or below average.

In many instances, one may claim to possess some level of comprehension in reading, listening, thinking, and writing. However, upon physically visiting the location or specifically going to Canada, the challenges become significantly more apparent. The workplace, or even active involvement in an organization within the workplace, reveals that the English proficiency level is inadequate. Consequently, motivation diminishes rapidly in such situations.

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In the realm of IELTS Academics, I have observed that many universities—while not necessarily the top-tier ones—typically demand a minimum score of 6.5. This requirement serves as a basic demonstration of English proficiency necessary to thrive in a university situated in an English-speaking country. However, it also suggests that occasional challenges may arise during presentations or assignments. Substantial revision will be required, as writing skills may not be at the desired level.

At times, individuals may encounter difficulties in understanding lectures while speaking. Delivering effective presentations can prove to be a challenge, and during exams, the aim is often to attain the minimum band level or score, which influences future prospects. However, settling for a lower level is wasteful, as striving for a higher proficiency level showcases preparedness for any challenging situations in English writing, listening, lectures, and presentations. Adjusting to these situations may require additional effort, but the adjustment period is typically short-lived.

One reason why you should really push for a higher score when it comes to the CELPIP or IELTS test is that it will precisely reflect your capability when you go to your destination.




CELPIP and IELTS can open up more opportunities for you, whether in your career or academics. Now imagine you are applying for a business course in academics and you recently achieved a score of 6.5, which is the minimum requirement for acceptance. However, it will be very difficult for you to adapt because your English level is at a point where you will need to put in a lot more effort in order to adapt quickly. In that case, it will also become difficult for you when an opportunity passes by.

You cannot underestimate the opportunity that may await you once you reach your destination. Even if you are going to Canada for permanent residency, you may encounter various job opportunities and different kinds of projects. If your English proficiency is below average or not up to the desired level, you can easily be overlooked. The same applies to academics. If you have the opportunity to work for a professor or participate in research, but your English skills do not meet the professor’s requirements, you will face significant challenges.




IELTS and CELPIP have a limited duration of validity. Therefore, they are relevant to the previous points regarding opportunities, and an English Certificate is definitely a requirement. The requirement surpasses your previous attainment, and you might need to retake the test, which entails additional expenses. It is essential to recognize the significance of achieving the best possible score in either CELPIP or IELTS due to these reasons.

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