PTE Part 3: Listening Question 3

PTE Part 3: Listening Question 3 - Fill in the Blanks - You can attain the highest score for this question type if all gaps are appropriately filled with correctly spelt words.

PTE Part 3: Listening Question 3

PTE Part 3: Listening Question 3Fill in the Blanks


PTE Part 3: Listening Question 3: The test administrators will present eight different question types in this section, which will take 30-43 minutes to complete. The questions will be based on audio or video clips that will start playing automatically. Each clip will be played only once, and note-taking will be permitted.



A transcript of a recording appears on the screen, with several gaps. After listening to the recording, type the missing word in each gap.


How to answer this question


In this item type, you must restore the transcript by typing in the missing words, as some words are missing from the provided transcript of the audio recording. The audio will play automatically, and you will only have one opportunity to listen to it.

To fill in the gaps, left-click on each one and type in the missing word. You can also use the Tab button on your keyboard to move between the gaps. Further, while the audio is playing, you may take notes on the erasable note board provided, and then use those notes to fill in the missing words.


Test tips


Skim the text before the recordings begin


Prior to the start of the recordings, you have a mere seven seconds to quickly peruse the text. During this time, it’s best to overlook any gaps and focus on obtaining a general understanding of the content.  Therefore, this approach will assist you in identifying the appropriate words to fill in the gaps as they are heard.


Some of the things you can look for

People’s names, which begin with a capital letter, can provide you with additional information about them and their actions.

The words mentioned in the text can assist you in determining the subject.
While you are listening, fill in the blanks on your erasable notebook with the words you hear.

The recording is at normal speed and is only played once.  When you are listening, you do not have time to think about how to spell the missing words.  Use your erasable note board booklet to write down what you think about how to spell the missing words.  Use your erasable note board booklet to write down what you think you hear.

Once the recording has concluded, you can go through the text and utilize your notes to determine the missing words and their spellings. Afterwards, input them into the gaps.  Therefore, remember that the subsequent task won’t commence until you click the “Next” (N) button at the bottom of the screen, so you have a brief period to contemplate your responses.


How is this question Scored?

The evaluators assess your capacity to listen for absent words in a recording and transcribe them accurately through the Fill in the Blanks task. They base their assessment of your performance in this task on the following criterion:

Does your response include all the missing words?

They score the content by counting the number of right words with correct spelling in your response. Each correct word spelt correctly scores one point.




If you appropriately fill all the gaps with correctly spelt words, you will attain the highest score for this question type. If you fill in one or more blanks correctly, the examiners will implement partial credit scoring. This task will impact your listening and writing scores, while it won’t test your speaking abilities. Additionally, you will solely utilize your reading skills for comprehending the instructions and transcription.

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