Part 2: CELPIP Common Speaking Mistakes That Prevent a 9+




Part 2: CELPIP Common Speaking Mistakes That Prevent a 9+


PART 2: CELPIP Speaking  Mistakes: Why do people not get a 9 in CELPIP or more? It is because they make twin mistakes and think it is okay?  A lot of online samples deceive you and you think it is okay. 

As a quick recap, the CELPIP speaking test assesses a test-takers ability to communicate effectively in English in a variety of situations. The test is scored on a scale of 1 to 12, with a score of 9 or higher indicating a high level of proficiency in English.
So, what are some of the most common mistakes that test-takers make that prevent them from achieving a score of 9 or higher?


 Speaking needs per question


1 Grammar Mistake


Remember you can only make one grammar mistake. Although having no mistakes is preferred, having one mistake will still allow you to score a 9 or 10. However, if you make two mistakes, it will be considered too many and may impact your score negatively, meaning you won’t be able to score a 12.



1 Complex sentence


Complex sentences are sentences which can be broken into two parts

For example, using the word although

“Although I am on a diet, I will still cheat today”

“Based on my experience with dieting, I will probably quit very soon.”

“Considering the other side is very scary, I better stay at home”

Whenever you have words starting with:  Due to, because, since, although, based on, given that, soon, as, considering.  Therefore, a need for every speaking question to use one complex sentence.


1 Connector


You should also use a connector for every speaking question.  Moreover, use advanced connectors or conjunctions eg. Likewise, accordingly, furthermore, also, accordingly,



2-3 fancy words (could be a range)


Fancy words are replacements for medium or high-frequency words.

Example: using a word like “It would be great”, you would say “It would be tremendous”  “It would be terrific”

“Working hard“- You would say “working diligently”

“This is clear” you would say” This is conspicuous”

“Important,” you use “significant”


Check out this Youtube Video Part 2:  CELPIP Common Speaking Mistakes that Prevent a +9



Range means adverbs/adjectives

These are used less often.  words like” -lys”, quickly, terrible, amazing, and nicely. Most people less use these.  So it’s advisable to use these.

See the example below covering all the  speaking needs per question

Talk about a favourite possession

My laptop is the most essential and significant thing that I hold in my life due to the functionality that it delivers. Given that I work on my laptop for my business as well as my work on top of social media requirements,  I consider it very vital in my life.  On top of that, it is something that provides high-quality content for entertainment with very high content on youtube and other social media platforms and outlets.

Finally, it delivers great high speed because it’s a brand-new laptop.  Overall, I am highly impressed by the laptop I use which is very crucial in my daily life.

You see the above example has touched all the speaking needs per question, including correct grammar, complex sentences, connectors, fancy words and range.



In conclusion, to achieve a score of 9+ in CELPIP Part 2, you should focus on using proper grammar, one complex sentence, one connector, two to three fancy words, and range. These factors will help you to express your ideas more effectively and impress the examiner. However, it is important to use them appropriately and ensure that the meaning is clear.


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