7 Tips for Achieving a High OET Score

7 Tips for Achieving a High OET Score- A high OET score can open doors to opportunities for further education, employment, and migration. To help you achieve this goal, we've compiled a list of seven useful tips in this blog


7 Tips for Achieving a High OET Score 


7 Tips for Achieving a High OET Score: Are you an aspiring healthcare professional looking to obtain a high score on the Occupational English Test (OET)? Remarkably, a high OET score can open doors to opportunities for further education, employment, and migration. To help you achieve this goal, we’ve compiled a list of seven useful tips in this blog but first, it is important to understand the test format:-


Understand the Test Format:


The OET consists of four sub-tests: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Familiarize yourself with the test format, time limits, and question types to prepare efficiently.

Feeling comfortable with the test content is crucial for success. Besides, a big part of that is fully understanding each section of the exam and what it is assessing. Consequently, understanding the test format will equip you by knowing what to expect on the test questions and tasks, ensuring readiness for test day.


7 Tips for Achieving a High OET Score 


Create a study plan


If you want to score well, you cannot squeeze all of your study time into one week. Moreover, look at how many days you have until you take OET, what your goals are and how much time you will realistically be able to dedicate to revising every day and then creating a study plan.

Remember that if you have worked all day, you may not have the energy to learn new strategies. Instead, use your study time to revise the parts of the test you have already mastered, and save the more challenging parts for when you are fresh and rested.


Sharpen Your skills


If you like working in a group, enrol in a preparation course from a certified preparation provider. If you prefer to prepare on your own, find an online course or preparation book that will provide you with exercises and key strategies for correctly answering each part of OET.  At Hzadeducation we offer 15 Hour OET Course with 5 complete (4 modules) Mock Tests & 15 hours of on-demand Video Instructions.  This 15-hour self-paced OET preparation course is designed to help you succeed in your exam and impress your assessor.

You can also practice your English informally by making it part of your everyday speaking. Again, you can Chat with a friend or a neighbour and try to work on the parts you struggle with! The more you use it, the more confident you will feel.

  • Improve Your Vocabulary: Expand your vocabulary by reading medical journals, textbooks, and articles. Further, focus on medical terminology, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Enhance Your Grammar and Writing Skills: Good grammar and writing skills are essential to score well in the Writing sub-test. In addition, practice sentence structure, punctuation, and coherence. Seek feedback from a tutor or mentor to improve your writing.
  • Develop Active Listening Skills: The Listening sub-test assesses your ability to understand spoken English. Improve your listening skills by watching English-language TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Take note of pronunciation, tone, and context.
  • Speak Confidently and Clearly: The Speaking sub-test assesses your ability to communicate effectively in a healthcare setting. Therefore, practice speaking English with colleagues, friends, or family. Seek feedback from a tutor or mentor to improve your pronunciation and fluency.


Take practice tests


Practice Regularly: Practice is key to achieving a high OET score. Incorporate regular practice sessions into your routine and focus on weak areas. Mock tests are a great way to simulate exam conditions and assess your progress. At Hzad education we offer 15 Hour OET Course

After practising the strategies for OET, you should use official OET sample tests as a test run for the real thing.

It is always a good idea to take multiple sample tests throughout your preparation. Not only will it help you familiarize yourself with the OET, but it will also give you ideas of your strong areas and where you need to improve. You can then adapt your studies to target your weaknesses.


Review everything


Go over the test overview again to review the key strategies. Equally important, It’s also a good time to practise those sections of the test where your performance is weakest.

Recheck your OET application to make sure everything is in order and contact the OET help desk if there are any problems.

Check the location of the test centre and how long it will take you to get there so you don’t feel rushed on the actual test day.


Rest and Relax


Before test day, it is important to take some time to yourself to absorb all the information you have learned and to calm any test anxiety you might have.

  • Manage Exam Anxiety: Exam anxiety can negatively impact your performance. Learn relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga to manage stress. Be confident and trust in your preparation.

Think of something you enjoy doing that relaxes you and do that instead! However, don’t try to sit and do any last-minute cramming the night before. It will just cause added stress when you go into test day.  It is always a good idea to prepare everything you will need for Test Day the night before.



In conclusion, achieving a high OET score requires dedication, practice, and effort. By following these seven tips, you can boost your chances of success and achieve your career goals in the healthcare industry.


15-hour All-Inclusive OET Course!

15-hour All-Inclusive OET Course!