Why IELTS-10 Reasons

10 Reasons why IELTS - IELTS will help you if you plan to work, study or relocate to a country where English is the primary language.

 Why IELTS-10 Reasons

10 Reasons why IELTS can help you Study,Work           or Live Overseas

 Why IELTS-10 Reasons:  The IELTS ( International English Language Testing System) will help you if you plan to work, study or relocate to a country where English is the primary language. This includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
 Your ability to listen, read, write, and speak English during the test will be evaluated, and the IELTS exam is graded on a scale of 1-9.

10 Reasons why IELTS can help you Study, Work, or Live          Overseas


1.  IELTS is the World’s most popular English test for                 migration.

Since the IELTS test’s inception in 1989, more than 30 million people have taken it. Amazingly, every week, 60,000 people take the IELTS exam. IELTS can be useful if you decide which test to take.


2. More countries accept IELTS than any other                           proficiency test.


If you want to move abroad, the only test accepted by these English-speaking immigration authorities is IELTS: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Although an IELTS test is not required for a visa to the United States of America, it can still help you on your journey there. More than 3,400 colleges and universities in the United States accept our exam.

Study IELTS: https://www.ielts.org/usa/ielts-practice-test (click on listening, reading, writing, and speaking)

3. No other test of English is accepted by more                          universities, colleges, or academic institutions

IELT is the best English proficiency test for academic study. Notably, Eleven thousand institutions worldwide will acknowledge and accept your IELTS results. This means that IELTS will be very helpful wherever you want to study.



4. IELTS is the only test of English that is a global                       partnership


The co-founders of IELTS have almost 250 years of experience helping learners.

British Council –  The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international cultural and educational organization. Since its inception as a charity in 1934, they have been working to make a positive difference in the World for nearly 90 years.

Cambridge English – Cambridge English was established as part of the University of Cambridge in England in 1913. Your IELTS tests are based on over 150 years of test design experience. Therefore, the teams ensure that IELTS adequately prepares you for work or study in your new country.

IDP:  IELTS Australia –  IDP: IELTS Australia was founded in 1969. For over 50 years, IDP has been a leader in global education services, helping universities and their students. IDP: IELTS Australia has been a co-owner of IELTS since 1989.

IELTS USA  – IELTS USA  is co-owned by partners and helps to ensure that your IELTS test is accepted by thousands of universities and colleges across the United States.



5. It is Easy for you to Prepare for an IELTS test


All the IELTS offers resources to help you learn English and prepare for the test, including courses, books, and videos. We want to help you succeed.

Find all of the IELts, advice, and preparation. Check out our YoutubeChannel@hzadeducation-coachingcent986



6. IELTS questions Set and marked by real people.

  • IELTS understands that taking a test can be a stressful experience, and therefore, the examiners will make you feel at ease so that you can perform at your best. Furthermore, you converse with real people, and your English is assessed by a real person rather than a computer in IELTS.


  • IELTS-friendly examiners are well-trained and will hear you, understand your accent, and award you the appropriate marks. Other tests rely solely on a computer. Real people grade the IELTS exam. To find a test centre near you, follow this link.



7. You can choose the right way to take an IELTS test

IELTS allows you to take your test in a variety of ways.   If you prefer to write your answers by hand, IELTS is your test; therefore, look for IELTS  on-paper testing locations.

If you prefer a computer, IELTS will also meet your needs. However, you can take IELTS Online if you prefer to take your test at home or cannot travel to a testing centre. Ways to take IELTS


10. Reasons why IELTS can help you Study, Work, or Live          Overseas


9. IELTS tests are available where you are


IELTS is available in almost every country in the World. They have 1,600 test centre locations in over 140 countries and are constantly expanding.

If you cannot travel to a test centre or prefer to take IELTS at home, you can do so with IELTS Online.



9. IELTS tests are designed to fit your future needs

If you look forward to using your IELTS test to succeed, find an institution that accepts IELTS and choose the IELTS Academic test. Subsequently, If you want an IELTS test to move abroad for work or visas, choose IELTS General Training. IELTS questions use relevant content and real-life conversations to help you succeed in work, study, and public life. Follow this link to Check which IELTS test is right for you.

10. With IELTS, it’s easy to get started

To do well in IELTS, the best approach is to prepare for the test. Certainly, to help you get ready, you need to practice and prepare for the following:

(i)  Understand the test format.

Review each section’s test content, question, and task types to become acquainted with the test format.

(ii)  IELTS Progress Check – official practice test

IELTS Progress Check is a free online practice test for the IELTS exam. It is intended to assist you in preparing for and understanding the areas in which you need to improve or focus.

IELTS Progress Check  Examiners are trained and qualified to grade the IELTS Progress Check. Therefore you may take a timed or untimed test and receive feedback that includes an estimated overall band score and individual band scores for each section: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.


IELTS General/Academic 7+ Bands Course! 15 Hours!