How to Improve English Speaking Drastically!

How to Improve English Speaking Drastically: These secrets will help you in speaking English fluently.

How to Improve English Speaking Drastically: CELPIP/IELTS

Secrets of speaking fluency

How to Improve English Speaking Drastically: Have you been trying to improve your English for a long time but have struggled to reach fluency? In this blog, whatever your level of English, here are the secrets of speaking English fluently.


How to Improve English Speaking:



There is no substitute for practicing honest conversations to improve your English speaking skills. The following are several ways that can help improve your English

  • Try to reach other people who speak English physically, online, etc
  • Join groups that talk in English
  • Interact with Natives and avoid being stuck to your own people


How to Improve English Speaking Drastically:


It is highly recommended that if you really want to improve your English, get a trainer to help

Your tutor will assist you in gaining confidence by having you practice your English in a real conversation. You can also set goals and request that they tailor lessons to your needs or assign specific homework.

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How to Improve English Speaking Drastically:



Which language do you think with, do you think in English or your own language?  Thinking in English is the best way to improve your English fluency.

The best way to interact with English every day is by performing the following activities

  • Tune in to English Channels
  • Read books, Newspapers, and Journals in English.
  • Change your phone translation to English
  • Try to adapt and blend into the English
  • Watching youtube videos on native speakers, repeat after them, and record yourself.
  • Learning phrases & vocabulary (phrasal verb list)
  • Recording yourself speaking and listen back for any errors
  • Switch to English Channels
  • Download Grammarly


How to Improve English Speaking Drastically:


Are you ready to revolutionize the way you learn English?  It all comes down to developing and maintaining good habits. These habits are effortless to follow and will increase your English learning drastically:-

  • Listening to podcasts and music and watching films and television in English.
  • You can converse in English with a native speaker on Preply.
  • Watching English TV and movies.
  • You can also practice speaking with a native English tutor on Preply.




Fluency is a continuous learning process, not a one-time destination to be conquered. Once you have fluency, it will still take a degree of practice to keep your English language skills at the forefront of your mind. Therefore, follow the secrets above and keep practicing and improving your English.



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