How to Prepare for CELPIP

How to Prepare for CELPIP| Tips from the Experts


Do you have the CELPIP exam coming up? If so, here are tips on preparing for CELPIP  to ensure you perform at your best on test day.

When you are getting ready for CELPIP, the best advice we can give you is to take your time to prepare. You will need more time to prepare for the CELPIP test than the day before or even the night before to feel comfortable taking it. 

To feel ready for your test, we recommend the following: –

1. Prepare for CELPIP: Take the CELPIP Practice Test

The first step is to take the two free CELPIP Practice Tests available on the CELPIP website:

This practice test package includes two complete CELPIP-General tests. This Package also includes answer keys for the Listening and Reading Tests and Performance Standards outlining the key factors CELPIP Raters consider when evaluating Writing and Speaking responses.

  • Free Sample Test:  Available for free when test takers register for a CELPIP Account, covers every aspect of the CELPIP Test, and includes complete answer keys for every section.
  • Free Practice Test: Available for free when test takers register for a CELPIP Account, this is a complete practice test covering each component of the CELPIP Test, including detailed answer keys for each section.

          After Completing the Test

After completing the test, you can refer to the Performance Standards for Writing and Performance Standards for Speaking to learn how CELPIP Raters will evaluate your responses. Please save your Writing responses and record your Speaking responses so you can review them later with the Performance Standards.

Headset or speakers for the Listening section

You will need a headset or speakers for the Listening and speaking sections of the test. Your Speaking responses will not be recorded during the practice test. If you want to register your Speaking responses, we recommend preparing your recording device (cellphone, digital recorder, etc.) before beginning the Speaking section. For optimal performance, your computer should have a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768. Paper and pencils will be provided for note-taking at the official test, so ensure that you have paper and a pen or pencil before beginning this sample test.

 2. Prepare for CELPIP: Schedule 100 hours of study time


It will take you three months to complete 100 hours of study at three hours per day. This means you must be deliberate and determined to do it.

How should you spend those three hours studying?

           (i)  Reading

Read as much English as you can regularly. Concentrate on everyday English, such as newspapers, websites, and magazines, about topics you are interested in.

       (ii)  Writing

 Writing every day, even if only for a few minutes, is the best way to improve your writing skills for CELPIP. Blogs, daily journals, and emails to friends, family, and coworkers are all good places to start.

(iii)    Speaking

To effectively use a wide range of vocabulary, you must expand your vocabulary. Find a method that works for you for keeping track of new vocabulary.

(iv)  Listening

 Try listening to news broadcasts, podcasts, the radio, or audiobooks for practice with everyday English.


3. Prepare for CELPIP: Prepare for real life by studying  English

Don’t study CElPIP only to pass the exam; instead, the study will be a life-changing experience. CELPIP assesses your ability to use English in everyday situations. It’s not a test of business English or academic English. One of the best ways to prepare for CELPIP is to get out and use English as much as possible in your daily life.


  4. Prepare for CELPIP: Enroll in a Training Program

Many test takers find that enrolling in a preparation program or course helps them achieve their desired CELPIP Test scores.  Our CELPIP Preparation course is designed to help you improve your English language skills ready to take the CELPIP test.

  • Paid Study Materials: Available in our online store, we have a range of practice tests, online learning programs, study guides, and more available for purchase.


Check out the most popular CELPIP course on the internet here:…


In addition to our free and paid study materials, our CELPIP experts have researched and put together more preparation tips for CELPIP to ensure that you meet your goals:

More CELPIP Preparation tips

  1. Get some practice with a computer.

Because the CELPIP Test is entirely computer-based, you should be familiar with a mouse and keyboard. Practice with CELPIP’s free online sample test and free online practice test to become acquainted with the format.


2. Keep in mind that the CELPIP is a test of general English proficiency.


CELPIP evaluates your ability to communicate in English in everyday situations. This is not a test of business or academic English. One of the most effective ways to prepare is to get out there and use English as much as possible in your daily life.

  1. Use a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures.

Try to demonstrate your vocabulary’s breadth in your writing and Speaking. Avoid using the exact words repeatedly. You don’t need to memorize the dictionary; use words that would be natural in everyday conversation. Remember to employ a variety of grammatical structures and to construct sentences of varying length and complexity.

  1. Manage Your Time

The CELPIP Test is entirely computer-based, with a timer on each screen indicating the time you have left for that section. Keeping an eye on these timers can assist you in determining how to pace yourself throughout the exam.


  1. Double-check your work


If you have any time left over after completing the Reading, Listening, or Writing components of the test, go over your answers and make sure you have answered all questions as well as possible. Spend a few minutes, in particular, reviewing your writing to ensure that there are no typos that could impair the clarity of your response.

  1. Speak clearly and naturally.

Speak clearly into the microphone, close to but not touching your lips. When you’re nervous, it’s natural to chatter; try to slow down and speak at an average pace.

  1. Don’t be concerned about your accent.


Our raters have been trained to ignore accents. Please do not concentrate on your pronunciation unless it prevents you from being understood. Instead, focus on good grammar, accurate and varied vocabulary, and providing comprehensive answers.

8.    Take notes

You will be given a notepaper and a pen while taking the CELPIP Test. You can use these to take notes at any time during the test, but they are handy for outlining ideas for your Speaking or Writing responses and taking notes about main views and specific details during the Listening Test.

  1. Concentrate on what you know.

Some problematic words may appear in a Reading or Listening passage. Don’t get bogged down by words you don’t understand. Concentrate on the passage’s overall meaning and the parts you do understand. It is sometimes possible to understand a new word based on your knowledge of the surrounding terms.


CELPIP stands for Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. It is a test to manifest your capability to function in English. Practicing the above tips will help secure a remarkable test score.

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