Time Management Tips: CELPIP

These time management tips in the CELPIP exam will help you quickly finish reading, listening, speaking & writing in record time!

Tips for Effective Time Management During Your CELPIP Test



Time management tips are critical to the success of the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) test, which consists of reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind.

The CELPIP General Test is an online evaluation of your English reading, speaking, listening, and writing abilities. The entire test lasts three hours and is divided into four sections: reading (55-60 minutes), speaking (15-20 minutes), listening (45-55 minutes), and writing (45-55 minutes) (53-60 minutes).

The online CELPIP LS exam assesses your English speaking and listening abilities. It takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete and is divided into two sections: speaking (15-20 minutes) and listening (15-20 minutes) (47-55 minutes).

Because of the time constraints and difficulties, time management is critical for this test. Each section has its time limit to be followed, and the page will quickly switch to the next page once the allotted Time has passed – so it’s critical to fill everything in.



Time Management During the CELPIP Exam

CELPIP tests are designed to challenge you because they include two crucial tools: time constraints and difficulty. It is critical for your success that you understand how to adjust the Time to complete the tasks precisely.

The most important thing to understand is that each section of the CELPIP test has a predetermined time, as does each part. You will only have one chance to answer each question, and you must not leave any blanks. The test page will then rapidly transition to the next page. 


How Should You Manage Your Time During the CELPIP Reading Section?

Here are some time-management tips for the reading section: You’ll have 9-13 minutes for each task, with 38 questions, so plan accordingly!

It has 38 questions, and the time is divided into four tasks.  Each isolated task should take 9-13 minutes, and one has between 9 to 13 minutes for each separate task.  Within these time constraints, one needs to skim the text presented quickly and answer a series of multiple-choice-type questions.



For Task 1:

Make sure to spend time reading the first set of multiple-choice questions which relate to the initial letter. After reading the questions, go to the letter and answer. You can spend 70% of your time here. For the remaining 30% time, answer the response letter. The reason you need less time for the response letter is because you will already have gained an understanding of what the actual letter is about, which means you wouldn’t have to go back and forth between questions and the initial letter.

For Task 2:

The best strategy here is again to read the questions followed by looking at the picture and getting your answers. Spend 80% of your time here. At the end of this task, there are 3-4 questions which don’t relate to the picture. They rather talk about the relationship between the two people in the letter. You just need 20% of your time here since you don’t have to look at the picture again but rather understand the relationship between people.

For Task 3:

Since this includes all questions at once, you don’t need to divide your time in any sequence. Just make sure to read all the questions first, get the keywords in your head, then go to the paragraphs and answer them. Whatever is left will be “not given”.

For Task 4:

Much like task 1, read the initial multiple-choice questions and the initial letter; give that about 70% of your time. The following passage within this task will be based on the tone of the initial passage which means you wouldn’t really need a lot of time to go back and look at the initial letter (since you will have an understanding of it after a while), hence, you only want to give it 30% of your time.



How Should You Manage Your Time During the CELPIP Listening Section?

This section contains 38 questions divided into six sections. As a result, you will have 5-8 minutes to respond to each. The recording will last three minutes. Listening to podcasts is the best way to improve your listening ability and develop the listening concentration, comprehension, and attention span required to follow the narrative.

As for the time division, there are literally three tasks you have to do. Take notes, listen, and answer. The time you spent on taking notes is the most crucial. Practice your writing speed at home! This will ensure you take tons of notes! The more you have written, the more close to the actual transcription you will be, and it will help you when the time comes to answer questions.



Time Management Tips: CELPIP Speaking Section?

CELPIP speaking is divided into eight sections. You will have 60-90 seconds to respond verbally to each question because the timer starts automatically. You must also maintain focus while speaking in a noisy environment, as all examiners will speak with the candidates in the same room.

Here is how the time division works with the 8 tasks (make sure to use your prep time wisely!)

1: 30 sec prep + 90 sec speaking time

2: 30 sec prep + 60 sec speaking time

3: 30 sec prep + 60 sec speaking time

4: 30 sec prep + 60 sec speaking time

5: 2 slots of 60 sec prep each + 60 sec speaking time

6: 60 sec prep + 60 sec speaking time

7: 30 sec prep + 90 sec speaking time

8: 30 sec prep + 60 sec speaking time



Time Management Tips: CELPIP Writing Section?

The writing section is split into two sections, each with its word count. It is best to concentrate on writing and then correctly arranging it. Allow 3-4 minutes for proofreading to ensure high quality. Furthermore, it’s best to allow 2-3 minutes for brainstorming so you don’t miss the points you initially make. 

Remember, the intro and conclusion are always supposed to be shorter than the body paragraphs, hence, allot lesser time to those.


You know the one area where students struggle the most? It’s CELPIP Speaking! You have to check out this video to understand the speaking requirements better!





Overall, with good time management techniques, you can ace the CELPIP exam and get. The CELPIP exam has three sections: pre-exam, preparation, and performance time management. Also, practice and adequate preparation are essential for achieving desirable CELPIP scores.

The time allotted for the CELPIP exam could be divided into three parts: pre-exam, preparation, and performance time management. Therefore, practice and adequate preparation are essential for achieving desirable CELPIP scores.

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