IELTS Writing Task Samples (Corrections)

Detailed IELTS writing task 1 and 2 sample answers and how the teacher corrects them. This is how examiners will mark you. Can you achieve 7 bands?

Here are 4 IELTS Writing Task Samples With Teacher Corrections!

Check these IELTS writing task 1 and 2 samples and review how the teacher marks these. The corrections are in bold. This is how examiners mark you! Do you make the same mistakes? If you write like this student, you may not be able to score more than 7! Why? Have a look:

Writing Task 1:




You have a full-time job and you are also doing a part-time evening course.

You now find that you cannot continue the course.

Write a letter to your teachers. In your letter

   – describe the situation

   – explain why you cannot continue at this time

   – say what action you would like to take

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear …………….. ,



Dear Mr. Smith,

The purpose of my writing today is in regards to (use the template to be fancier)  the challenge I am facing currently in pursuing (challenges are “in” something with “ing”)  the part-time evening course I am enrolled in. I am taking the Business Economics course at your prestigious institution. While attending the evening program, I am also occupied with full-time employment due to my financial predicament (better vocab).

Unfortunately, I can no longer continue your esteemed business (it’s no specific subject as it is his general business classes) classes. Although I learned immensely about the (specific since it is of the world) economies of the world through your classes, I have to discontinue because of the dilemma (atrocity’s definition is “an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury. “ so it doesn’t fit here) my family has come across. My father is severely sick and to accommodate the medical care, I need to work significantly that will leave no time to attend any classes.

While I cannot afford to take part in studies as of present, in the future, when my family conditions will get better, I would like to proceed with my education. In the meantime, I will be reviewing your study materials to keep up with the class.

I will be grateful for your consideration in this matter. Furthermore, I am looking forward for your prompt reply. (Very basic finish. Try to use fancier wordings).

Yours Sincerely,

Ajmer Sahni

Score: 6.5


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Writing Task 2:


Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish.

Why do you think this is happening?

What can governments do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.


The discussion of increased garbage production is surely one that begs the question of exactly what is the cause. Although the major reason behind this issue is the packaging, (keep it general) governments can promote eco-friendly materials for packing, (comma since you have a different idea after “and”) and implement proper waste disposal methods (explain details later) to reduce this complication.

One clear fact is that due to a rise in chain stores, more items are being packed than ever before. For example, most (generally, you don’t need to say “most of the”) individuals prefer  visiting (that’s the proper way to use “prefer”) supermarkets over farmers’ markets (keep it general just like you did with supermarkets) and a majority of the articles in these stores are wrapped in plastics. Hence, immense amounts (keep it general) of rubbish is generated through packaged items.

Nevertheless, governments can combat this problem of waste production by facilitating nature-friendly materials instead of plastic. Take for example, instead of poly-bags, paper carry-bags should be used to decrease waste in the environment because paper decomposes in a (always say “a” before “few”) few months as compared to polymers that takes hundreds of years to decay.

Furthermore, by setting up different bins for organic and inorganic matters, garbage can be taken care of effectively. Since plastics and metals pose as challenges (it’s two things: plastics and metals) in recycling, the process can be (you are suggesting something in the future) streamlined by imposing distinct bins. For instance, if the plastics are collected separately from (keep it general) households, they (you said “plastics”) can be then recycled easily rather than someone (need a subject with the verb here) throwing garbage as a whole in a land fill. Therefore, for this reason, governments can enforce the use of specific bins for organic and inorganic materials.

In conclusion, an (number is countable) increased number of supermarts (one word) has given a rise to more rubbish. Nonetheless, ruling authorities (keep it general) of (keep it general) countries can diminish the (specific “garbage produced by enforcing” …..) garbage produced by enforcing distinct containers for trash and encourage the use of environmentally (this form of environment always goes before an adjective) friendly materials for packaging.  

This was a descriptive question so two causes and two solutions are needed.

In both your intro and conclusion, your solutions sentence was huge and the causes sentence was too short. You need to keep it equal.

Good central ideas in bodies though

Score: 6



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Writing Task 1:



You are going on a short course to a training college abroad. It is a college that you have not been to before.

Write a letter to the accommodation officer. In your letter,

    – give details of your course and your arrival/departure date

    – explain your accommodation needs

    – ask for information about getting to and from the college


Dear Sir/Madam,

The purpose of my I am writing today to inform you that I will be pursuing a short business program in your prestigious institution which is held from April 20th until May 10th,this year. (mention the years in the formal letters) My date of arrival is 17th April, 2020, (pause with a  comma here since you have a different point after “and”) and I will be departing the city on the morning of May 11th, 2019.

Furthermore, for the time period of my studies, I require a short term rental room. Since I do not have any relatives or friends near college, I need living accommodation. Additionally, my residential needs are minimal; (there should be a bigger pause since it is a change of tone. Use a semicolon here for the most part I just need a desk and a chair for studying purposes and I prefer to have my separate washroom as well (say “as well” when we are randomly throwing in a point last minute without an explanation).

My only concern is the commute from my housing arrangement to the college. Considering it is an unfamiliar country, I am not knowledgeable (you don’t know about it. Unsure would be if you have doubts if it exists) regarding the transportation. If you can provide me with more information related to the transit system of the city, I will be grateful for your help.

Thank you for your assistance. I timely response from your side will be greatly appreciated. (The ending is very general. Try using complex words).

Yours faithfully,

Ajmer Sahni

Good points but too many mistakes: score 6.5



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Writing Task 2:


Some people think that developed countries have a higher responsibility to combat climate change than developing countries. Others believe that all countries should have the same responsibilities towards protecting the environment. 

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


The discussion of global climate change is surely one that begs the question of whether advanced nations should (it is a question of whether something should happen or not) take a higher responsibility in combating it or not. In my opinion, all the countries have the (duty is countable) same duty towards the (environment is a noun) environment because the climate change is world-wide and requires collective effort.

One clear fact is that climate change affects people (subject needs to be mentioned with “affects”) all around the world. Because we share the same atmosphere, the carbon gases emissions (keep it general) in one continent pollutes every other continent in this world. Hence, in order to retaliate against (preposition with retaliate and a subject following it) global warming, every country on earth has to minimize their air pollution discharge.

On the other hand, unlike third-world nations, developed countries have the necessary resources to counter climate change. As advanced nations can afford to spend their surplus capital to resist climate problems, they should be the one with higher accountability in contrast to developing nations, such as African countries (not wrong but try avoiding specific names of places like continents), where public has barely enough for their survival. —good paragraph!

Overall, I still believe that climatic fluctuation is a critical issue which calls for a joint focus of all the governments. It stems from the fact that this problem is fast approaching, thus, (comma here after connector) every nation should take equal responsibility to avoid global climatic crisis. Nonetheless, advanced economies have exploited the environment in the past century by excessive industrial productions that has (something that has already been completed) resulted in outrageous air and water pollution. Therefore, these pollutants are the major reason behind the climate problems we are facing today which makes the advanced countries more accountable (this needs to be said to show that this is how it answers the point about developed countries being responsible)

In conclusion, both sides present strong arguments. Nevertheless, I am certain that all the independent states should have same responsibilities in the fight against global warming as it is global and calls for every nations’ homogenized consideration. 

Score: 6.5




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