SPEAK- by HZad Education. Our FREE English speaking platform!

Hello and welcome to a revolutionary English learning platform!
With our SPEAK platform, we enable English learners from all over the globe to find other learners who are looking for a mutual goal:  To be able to speak with someone in English in order to practice their skills.
It’s really hard to find friends and family around who will dedicate this time to you, and if you go with coaching, you have to spend money to get this service. However, with us, we will find a speaking partner for you for FREE, no hidden fees. Our aim is simply to connect learners and give them a chance to better themselves.
We also make sure that it is a safe platform where you don’t get harassed as we pick candidates for you after reviewing their background. Hence, here are a few things we would need from you:
1. Your details (2-3 sentences about your name, home country, work or education will be good enough. We will share this with your partner and we will share their info with you as well so you get to know each other better).
2. Your availability with your time zone (this will help us find people matching your timings)
And that’s it!
Once we get these details, we will connect you and your partner on Skype. We also provide the following:
–topics you can talk about
–conjunctions that you can use in the conversation
—vocab that you can practice while speaking
We want to make sure you have fun and an easy conversation while you work on developing your English skills and take it to a whole different level through NATURAL SPEAKING practice!
Let us know if you have any questions!