Letter (task 1) and Essay (task 2) complete templates:

Task 1:
You borrowed an important textbook from a classmate last term. You now realize your classmate had returned home overseas and you still have the book. Write a letter to him / her. In your letter:
· apologize for the mistake
· find out how important the book is to him / her
· say what you will do
Begin your letter as follows: Dear _____________
 You should write at between 150-200 words.  
1. Hopefully, you and your husband are doing well. My apologies for not being in touch, but I am making up for it via this letter; at least I hope so.
2. Apologize and say that you will fix the mistake.
3. Ask him how urgently he needs it.
4. Give a time next week or so.
5. I am hoping this letter finds you well. Do get back to me whenever you get a chance. Talk to you soon!
You exercise regularly and have been a member of many different gyms. Recently, you moved into a new neighborhood and joined a new gym. You have noticed that people at this gym do not bother to wipe down the machines after use and often leave dirty towels on the benches in the change rooms. Write to Mr. Koto, the manager. In your letter:
· explain who you are
· describe the problem exactly
· make suggestions to improve the gym
Begin your letter as follows: Dear Mr. Koto,
 You should write at between 150-200 words.  
1. The purpose of my writing today is to inform you about…
2. first bullet
3. second.
4. third.
5. I am looking forward to seeing how my suggestions translate into prompt actions from your side. Your kind cooperation would be most appreciated. OR (in different cases). Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, an open line of communication, from your side, in this case would greatly help out.
Task 2: (the bolded font is the template that can be used from this sample answer)
Which option should be the most suitable when assigning punishments to convicts?
Please write 150-200 words providing your opinion.
The action of capital punishment has been a hotly debated topic amongst individuals. In my opinion, life imprisonment is a more suited option due to social reasons.
Conspicuously, prisoners can be made use of during their imprisonment. This is because governments can involve prisoners in social work and undertake multiple projects that way. Furthermore, if we give them a chance, it is still a better option. For example, it is seen in many jails that when prisoners are given a chance, they improve their attitudes and become better citizens when they step out.
On the other hand, some people think that capital punishment is more sound. Nonetheless, capital punishment is a very uneducated way to deal with the problem. One clear reason is because these kinds of punishments happened in the past. If we do the same thing then it will show that we have not moved on. Moreover, it is basically killing people. For instance, we lose thousands of fellow human lives every year which is very unethical.
Based on the above discussion, I still stand by my stance. That is, capital punishment is not an effective way because it hurts humanity.