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Speaking 1: This is usually about giving a suggestion to a friend.
Hi Maria
(Provide some background and say “I have a few suggestions”.)
Hey Bob, How’s it going? I heard you were doing …, here are my suggestions. 1stly , 2ndly, 3rdly
I hope you take my suggestions seriously and I look forward to talking to you soon!
Speaking 2: This can be about your favorite thing, vacation, event… could be a range of topics.
There are several ….. I have had. The one which stands out is ……….
Define the topic with 2-3 points and explain why the subject in the topic is important to you (with emotions)
End with something like: based on that, it is a remarkable journey and I am proud of it.
Speaking 3: Define a picture
In this picture, I can see on the left side, back side, front side, right side.
The main things are … and the secondary items are…
Therefore, the overall picture shows
Speaking 4: Predict what happens next in the picture.
In this picture, what probably is gonna happen next is…,
These people will be replaced with new people who will….,
That I can assume will probably happen next.
Speaking 5: Comparing two pictures.
Hey boss/Hey mom. Good morning/how are you…. get to the point now: “I chose… and that’s the best option because…”
State your choice.
Price comparison first then everything else.
Back up your choice based on the given features
Finish with “hope you agree/let me know what you think”
Speaking 6: Here, you have to describe a difficult situation.
Hey Marry/Bob,
Define the situation and mention the problem right away: “I am very despondent to let you know/Unfortunately,…”
Alternatively, I will take you for dinner (provide some sort of compensation)
I hope you understand and I expect….
Speaking 7: Debate!
(State the topic here)…has been a topic of debate.
State your opinion
Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly (provide 20 sec explanations on each)
Restate your opinion
Speaking 8: Describing a scene.
Do a greeting (informal)/Mention your name (formal)
3-4 points should be used from the image for 40 sec
End with either your decision, need for help, question, or something similar based on the question

Sample CELPIP Speaking Answers With the Above Words’ Usage! 

Hi there Sarah
How are you? I heard from your Mom that you have been going through some really stressful situations as of late. I know that this is a major issue for you these days. However, I have a few pieces of advice that will help you come out of this problem.
Firstly, I think you should really go out more. Once you are away from the depressing atmosphere of work and home, you will be able to talk to other people like your friends and you will be able to socialize with them. Once you talk to them, you will automatically feel relaxed as talking with friends is a very fun activity.
Secondly, you should start working out as well. I know that you used to always go to the gym. However, you don’t do that anymore. Do you know that exercising really helps reduce the stress level? Trust me. It works!
Thirdly, why don’t you find another job? I know the one you are at is really stressful and your boss is not a good human being as well. I think once you apply for a better job and once you get one, you will be much more happy and relaxed.
I hope you take my suggestions seriously and I wanna talk to you soon.
Take care!
There are many possessions that I like, one of them is my car which is an Acura TL.
The very unique thing about my Acura is that it is of gold color. This color is very different from other cars and this is why whenever I take it on the road, then people notice.
The features of my car include power windows and power locks which is very handy. The seats inside are of cloth and they are very comfortable to sit on. The drive of the Acura is very smooth as well. Even when I go for long trips, I don’t really feel that I am tired because of how nice the seats are.
Also, this car is very valuable to me since my friend bought me this car as a gift for my birthday. This was the best birthday gift ever given to me and I am extremely thankful to my friend for this car.
Overall, I am really proud to own this car and it feels amazing to drive it on the road.
  • In this picture I can see the scene of a beach
  • On the right hand side, I can see a couple who are just relaxing under the sun, while a pigeon is eating their food
  • Moving towards the center, I can see two kids trying to build a sand castle.
  • However, the main story of this picture is on the left hand side where we can see a lifeguard talking to a blonde girl. This lifeguard is completely ignoring the two people who are drowning in the water. These people are screaming for help but are not being seen by the busy lifeguard in the red shirt
  • Mostly likely, the guy in the center who is doing some exercise is watching them right now.
  • Those are the main features of this picture


  • In this picture what will happen next is
  • The guy who is doing the exercise will start shouting at the lifeguard to go and help these people out.
  • After seeing this, the lifeguard will completely ignore the girl and will jump into the water to help out these people. Most likely, he will be able to only help the one of the people as they are both very far and it is impossible to save both. However, I am sure that once he brings one person back to the sand, he will try to save the other person too
  • When all of this is happening, the couple who is enjoying will stop sitting and relaxing and they will be standing in shock looking at the unbelievable scene in front of them
  • I also think that these people in the picture will be replaced by other people as time passes.
  • Those are the things I think will happen next


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Hi there mom. How are you? I heard that you were planning to go for the Reliable Old Fashioned RV for our trip, however, I wanted to go for the Luxury Edition. Now, I know your option is only $1000 per week while my option is a little bit more expensive. However, there are 6 people who can sleep in my RV and only 3 people who can sleep in your RV. Other than that, my RV comes with an air-conditioning, TV, satellite radio, large bathroom and a living area which is very important for a big family like ours. Whereas your option only has the portable toilet and shower head, which we do not need since it is for small families. Plus, you also have the kitchenette with the sink and small fridge but we won’t need it since we will always buy food from outside.
Mom, I hope you agree with my option and I think we should go for that. Thanks!
Hey Juan. How are you? I am really sorry to tell you this but I will not be able to lend you the money that you need. I know you are really looking for some help but unfortunately my wife has told me to not give you any assistance in this matter. The main reason for that is that we gave you some money 4 years ago and you took a very long time in repaying us that amount. We had to make several calls to you but you were never calling us back with any explanation. Because of this, my wife is a little scared to lend you any more money.
ALTERNATIVE: However I have a solution. I have a friend named Javier who has his own business and he lends money to people but asks it back for interest. Just like a bank. I will take you to him and since he is my best friend, we can get a good deal from him.

Let me know if that works for you. And once again, I am really sorry for not being able to help. Take care!

Note, for part 6 questions, you mostly explain a situation where you are guilty and are delivering bad news. If this is not the case, you don’t have to do the ‘alternative’ part.
The topic of paparazzi has been a topic of hot debate in recent years. In my opinion, the paparazzi should not have the rights to take photos of celebrities.
There are many reasons for this.
Firstly, if the media keeps on running after celebrities, these celebrities will go under great stress and will probably go into mental depression. Now, I understand that fans want to see their favorite celebrities all the time. However, if we are going to cause this damage to the mental condition of these innocent celebrities than we should not feel very proud of that or even encourage such a horrible idea.
Secondly, these celebrities are also normal human beings like the rest of us. That is why they have families and friends to be with. If the media constantly keeps chasing them, then there will be no private time that these celebrities will have and will always suffer from a shortage of personal activities. Hence, this would be hurting their personal lives greatly.
Thirdly, if everybody knows that this is the way celebrities are treated then no one would want to be like a celebrity. This is because no one wants their personal lives to be so terrible. Because of this reason, there will be lesser people who would want to apply for this field and we will then have bad talent of TV that will not excite us anymore. This is another reason why chasing celebrities would be a bad idea.
Therefore, we should be against the actions of the paparazzi in this case and I still believe that we should reduce the power of the paparazzi for this reason.

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Hi Mom, how are you?
I have really bad news to tell you. I took dad’s car today to this sports store that is at the corner of Eglinton and Dundas and when I came out of the store, I noticed that our car has been badly damaged by a big ball that is used for advertisement. This was a metal ball of yellow color which was almost the same size like the car’s roof. The ball also had some black patches as a design. Now, the roof of the car is completely damaged and the doors are in a pretty bad shape as well. Other than that, the tires are destroyed too which means I cannot drive the car home. But please don’t worry since I was not in the car at that time.
The shop I was in is selling some rackets, basketball equipment and some sports shoes. Plus, it has a sign that says “20% off”.
What I will do is, I will call the car towing company which will help me in removing this car from this store and we will then take it to a mechanic.
I will get in touch with you soon once this is done.
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