Use commas properly and semicolons for a marking boost!

Whether you are doing the IELTS, CELPIP, OET, PTE or TOEFL exams, using the right punctuation is extremely important! Not only will this help you in gaining marks on grammar but it will also boost your marks overall when examiners notice you using all fancy punctuation marks!
Commas can be used in 8 cases:
1. Independent clauses-when it joins two events together:
He walked down the street, and then turned to the right
2. Using a comma after a brief introduction:
Near a small lake at the bottom of the canyon, we saw two campers.
3, In a list of items:
We bought milk, egg, cheese, cakes, and coffee.
4. When giving extra information:
My friend, Bob, is an entrepreneur.
Here “Bob” is an extra piece of info
5. With “AKA” (also known as)
The Blue Jays, Toronto’s baseball team, will be playing again this year
6. Referring to people:
Bob, I think you are wrong
7. With quotations:
Mia said, “I hate being at this party”.
“I hate being at this party”, said Mia
8. Dates and addresses:
On January 13, 1890, orders were sent out for the arrest of Michael.
Please send the mail to Greg Rockwell at 718 Mack Street, Georgia, IL 62840.
1. When breaking down two clauses:
Mike and Sarah are well-prepared to take over the team; let’s give them a chance
2. With conjunctions:
Bob is really good at public speaking; furthermore, he can also play sports well
3. With conclusions:
This new business plan shows a lot of hope and can be the next big thing; let’s get started on it.
Use these rules and improve your writing skills instantly!