Vocabulary Needed For Informal Letters – IELTS/CELPIP

Learn these 15 new words for day-to-day conversation. It will make you sound smoother, just how native speakers talk! This will be handy for writing and speaking!
These words are also going to be familiar to your ear as many people probably have used this with you before. Whether you are at work, with friends or simply learning better phrases for your IELTS/CELPIP/OET/PTE/TOEFL/SAT exams, or writing/speaking, HZad Education has you covered!
Here they are:
1. ecstatic: extremely happy
2. upbeat: joyous (could be used with people or events)
3. swear by: promise
4. absolutely: completely
5. stop by/come over: use these with invitations
6. break down: get upset
7. bring something up: start a new conversation about a specific topic
8. call off: cancel
9. came down with: become sick
10. do away with: discard
11. breathtaking: awesome
12. give in: reluctantly stop arguing
13. put something off: postpone
14. turn up: show up suddenly
15. for the sake of: because
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