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Task 1:
You are studying overseas. You need to return to your country before the end of the semester for a family event. Write a letter to your supervisor. In your letter:
-Request time off
-Explain why you need to leave early
-Reassure him / her that your studies will not suffer
Dear Mr. Reeds,
The purpose of my writing today is to inform you regarding an unprecedented family event near the end of this semester. This will require me to get some time off.
I am convinced that you will accept my humble request to get a short break from studies at that time. Given my 100% attendance and sharp results, I am assuming that my request for this small favor would be acceptable for you.
The reason that prompted me to make this early request is due to the wedding date of my sister abruptly shifting back two months-due to personal reasons. Furthermore, in my home country, attending the sister’s wedding is almost mandatory for the brother; and I can’t avoid returning home due to that.
Nonetheless, please don’t be concerned about my studies as I am taking all my books and study materials with me to keep up with the classes being missed. I also will have online access to complete quizzes on time, with the same effort.
Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, an open line of communication, from your side, in this case would greatly help out.
Yours Sincerely,

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Task 2:
A popular survey suggests that students these days are being more and more annoyed by Your community’s educational committee has decided to rule out having to wear uniforms at private schools. It believes that students should be allowed to have more freedom and feel comfortable while having the learning experience. Others argue that uniforms promote discipline and equality and hence the practice of wearing uniforms in private schools should not stop.
Write 150-200 words on the topic of your choosing:
Option A: Uniforms should be continued in your community.
Option B: The private schools in your community should finish the uniform practice.
The topic of uniforms in private schools has been a topic of hot debate among staff and parents. In my opinion, ruling out uniforms is highly beneficial due to psychological and social reasons.
Although it is priceless how uniforms promote discipline, it is completely up to the teachers whether their pupils would be disciplined or not. For example, if teachers are unable to demonstrate their authority, participation in classes would be trivial no matter how stringent the uniform code is. Furthermore, uniforms are costlier than regular clothes; consequently, parents would foresee significant cash outflows just to satiate this requirement.
On the other hand, some assume that uniforms are fruitful for schools. Nevertheless, uniforms make students’ individualities less pronounced. One clear reason for that is because pupils cannot communicate their interests non-verbally through clothes. Moreover, some might be ashamed to wear certain pieces of uniforms. For example, girls could be timid with their bodies; thus, it could cause future complexes during adulthood.
Based on the above discussion, I still stand by my stance. That is, canceling uniforms in schools would bring about a significant enhancement, considering the stated pros that it entails.
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