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Check out these two awesome, modern and attention-grabbing templates for resumes and cover letter writing! This kind of formatting will make the employer read your files and give you more preference over others. It’s almost guaranteed to land you a job!
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Remember, cover letters should always be different based on the job you apply for; however, resumes can follow the same sequence.
· Exceptional experience in managing, coaching, planning, administrative duties and leading staff
· Excellent track record of hitting goals and targets with a passionate and mature work ethic
· Top-notch communication skills with ability to negotiate, delegate and deliver outstanding customer service
· Experience working in a high pressure environment with daily deadline; having showed effective organizational skills and decision making
· Highly proficient in MS Office, Excel and web browsing
Cash Supervisor
Home Depot, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Nov 2010 – Present
Ø Started as a cashier and got promoted to a supervisory role due to dedication to work, ability to work longer and finally showing a mature work ethic along with perfection in job duties
Ø Coaching, delegating and maintaining an effective communication channel between managers and staff were some of the duties
Ø Received accolades and recognition for delivering exceptional customer service and coaching staff on building long term relations with customers, as well as dealing with customer complaints
Ø Worked with invoices, cash/charge accounts, office items (fax machines, tablets, photocopiers, etc).
Ø Dealt in person and over the phone with customers with matters regarding product knowledge, registering warranties and ensuring that their desired products are made available to them.
Kindergarten Teacher, June 2008 – May 2010
Civil Learning Centre, Lagos, Nigeria
Ø Prepared curriculum for students and childcare program for junior teachers
Ø Marked exams and prepared them as well
Ø Provided supervision and guidance of daily activities along with the organization for field trips
Ø Dealt with fellow parents of students in their various concerns during monthly meetings
Ø Guided children in the development of eating, dressing and toilet habits
Ø Conducted and monitored various activity programs (like annual functions, sports activities, etc)
Elementary Teacher (Preschool teacher), June 1991– March 2008
Dante College, Lagos, Nigeria
Ø Delivered the daily for classroom sessions for students of preschool
Ø Prepared progress reports to discuss with parents and other staff members
Ø Provided opportunity for creative expression through art, dramatic play and music
Ø Worked closely with the school principle as well as fellow teachers in several office duties
Ø Gained valuable experience in teaching students of various cultures and ages
Ø Prepared craft materials and assisted children in using them
Early Childhood Education (Certificate program), Graduated in April 2000
University of Regina, Lagos, Nigeria
Certification for teaching in Nigeria, Graduated in May 1994
Professional Board Examination for Teachers (PBET)
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Graduated in April 1991
Delta Catholic College, Lagos, Nigeria
August 26, 2020
Human Resources
Winnipeg, MB
RE: Condominium Property Administrator
Dear Hiring Manager:
Allow me put an end to your candidate search right here! My five years of exceptional (supervisory) customer service/administrative experience, as well as nearly 20 years of experience in public speaking as a teacher will make me the most ideal candidate for this posting.
With my supervisory role in customer service/admin and with a successful training record in the field, I will be a guaranteed asset for this position. Please see my additional attributes below:
· Proven Interpersonal/Customer Service/Management Skills: Having an excellent track record of exceptional communication and customer service skills (with focus on building long term relationships), with demonstrated teamwork, leadership, telephone/listening skills as well as apt business communication skills (written/verbal).
· Management experience: Experience as a supervisor at Home Depot in coaching staff on delivering exceptional customer service. This involved several accolades under my name proving a successful track record in the field.
· Office Skills/Admin work: Skills in filing information, managing reports/budgets, organizing paperwork (record keeping/maintaining files), dealing with telephone calls, etc constitute part of my experiences in an administrative/management setting.
· Computer skills: Proficient computer skills with comfortable working with Microsoft Office, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Outlook, e-mails as well as other forms of web browsing.
· Organizational/Multitasking: Outstanding skills in organization, multitasking and working independently in a driven environment, proven by my near 20 years teaching experience, where work was done in a fast paced and deadline oriented environment.
· Expert decision making and analytical skills: Ability and experience in making quick decisions after carefully evaluating numbers, profitability, reports and business demands which always have given remarkable outcomes.
With these key qualities, I am sure you will not need to look further. I am very excited to meet with you and show how I can be a great asset for your company. Thank you for your consideration!
With Best Regards,
Marianne Santos