Without Proper Pronunciation, You Will Get Nowhere!

You might say that your uncle or aunt are super successful and they have been living in Canada or the US for X amount of years. They also have a terrible accent but look at them, they are so successful and well adapted! Might be.
You might also see thousands of people like that. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that this is the majority.
People with thick accents always struggle in job interviews, chances to grow in business, sales, online branding, friendships, and so on.
If you are even in a country where English is a second language, even there, people who have a superior accent are preferred at work, in business and in friendships! Doesn’t your media showcase smooth talkers as the heroes or starring actors? They always do that because those people are most often looked up to.
Once again, your uncle and aunt above might be doing really well, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that they are the majority. They are by far the minority!
If you don’t believe me, check out the top executives and CEOs of most companies and you will notice that accent has always been a part of the most successful people all over the world, for a very long time. A good accent is preferred more in almost all careers and businesses, and communication skills have always been a part of the most successful people all over the world, for a very long time.
Moreover, it’s not limited to careers. Even in your daily life, with relationships, you will always be respected more and valued more if you can speak like a native speaker.
And yes, cultural respect is always going to be there. But that is also why you will never realize what you’re missing in your personality.
I see so many students telling me, “no one ever corrected me. I didn’t know I was making this mistake”. And I tell them, of course, no person who you just met or even a very close friend will want to offend you because no one likes to be advised, and hence, people don’t point out your flaws.
But here, even if it hurts you, we will point it out! If you have an accent, it’s in your best interest to improve it. Fortunately, HZad Education not only just provides excellent training but provides some of the best accent training there is!
We have a dedicated curriculum. It’s usually a 50-hour detailed course but could be shorter or longer depending on your level. This course is something that we use to teach corporate employees, and we generate hundreds of leads per month with this course.
It is our accent training course consisting of not just the sounds you have to practice but also real-life teacher feedback. The teacher will take you through multiple exercises including casual conversations, role plays, cue cards, job interviews, translation activities, reading books or articles activities, tongue twisters, etc.
These exercises along with the resources we provide in the curriculum guarantee that you will reach an 80% level. Wait a second, 80%?
When we say 80%, we are considering 100% to be the level of a native speaker. We won’t lie to you and say you will reach 100% in 50 hours. You might need to add a couple of months more to reach the actual 100%! Remember, native speakers become that way, learning how to speak from birth!
However, in terms of making a guarantee, we say that 80% is guaranteed and you will realize that, after this course you sound, simply amazing!!
You will have no flaws and an almost perfect accent. You will find a whole new level of respect and confidence you will gain just by speaking so fluently. It’ll open up more opportunities, it’ll open up more friendships, relationships and will change your life forever!
Then, if you decide to work with us for further improvement, a hundred percent native level is not that far!
Think about what people usually do for confidence… People wear braces for a good smile, they do makeup to look, and they wear fancy clothes to look better, and so on. This is always because they’re going to be judged by the cover. All books are judged by the cover. Let’s not forget, the first second or two when you open your mouth, you’re also judged and that is something that needs to be worked on as well!
Stop letting native speakers take away the opportunities that you are destined for! It’s just like ‘makeup’ but makeup for your communication to make it look pretty! 🙂
Respond to this email and we can get you started with a trial session with one of our accent training experts! Even if you decide not to proceed, they will tell you how far you are from the 100% level.