[CELPIP/IELTS] Writing Task 1 Sample for an AWESOME Score!

Complaining about a product:
You just ordered a washing machine which has been causing several problems and does not function properly. Write an email to the vendor explaining the following:
-when and where did you buy the product?
-what issue is it giving you?
-urge the provider to solve the issue.
You may write 150-200 words detailing your answer.
Answer (bold represents the template)
Dear Manager,
The purpose of my writing today is to inform you about an inconvenience faced by myself after my regrettable purchase of the T-248 Washing Machine.
I bought this product a while back; I would say a couple of weeks ago. Also, if I am not mistaken, the branch which I visited was at the intersection of Pembina and Moores Ave.
Moving on to the dilemma with the machine, it barely lets us have any moment of peace with its shrill sound. What’s worse, it hardly runs the whole cycle as it stops short of the finish time by quite a chunk of minutes.
In order to therapy the situation, it is highly urged that you make it your top priority as clean laundry comes second nature to me. Since it is quite a predicament for me, I would need to appeal to corporate if I am unable to receive your timely response.
Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, an open line of communication, from your side, in this case would greatly help out.
Yours Sincerely,
Sean Zaidi