Look At This Picture. These Students Drive Me Crazy!

Can I vent a little? Just a little?
… The thing is, I can’t help but vent because it’s been over 10 years and I still see comments like these.
The message you see was shared by my teacher today who was trying to correct this student but the student had too much “pride” and didn’t want to receive feedback.
… Now luckily, 99% of our students are not like that! And we are so happy with those students.
Look we love our clients. But can I be honest for one sec? There is no industry in the world where 100% of the customers will be perfect or 100% of the service providers will be perfect! So let’s be real and call some stuff out.
What you see in the picture is the classic battle of the teacher vs the student, trying to prove each other wrong.
The student would be correct if he/she has more experience than the teacher or if he/she is dealing with a teacher with terrible reviews. Additionally, the student has the right to ask the teacher about his/her credentials and experience level. The student also has the right to ask about the teacher’s success rate.
With HZad Education, (and with this teacher in particular), we hire only the top 10% teachers in the market. Let me repeat that. If we interview 300 tutors, we qualify 100 of them and hire just the top 10 from those 100. That’s how talented and experienced our teachers are!
This teacher (in the picture) has at least 8 years of teaching experience, is a native speaker, has focused specifically on pronunciation training for the last 2.5 years (which is what she is coaching the student on) – that is 5,200 hours of just pronunciation training. I am not even counting the remaining 5.5 years. And, she has a Bachelor’s in Literature.
… Is there a reason for the student to challenge the teacher then?
Absolutely not!
But we get this a lot!
Listen everyone, when you are in classes with us, remember that arguing with the teacher will fail both of you. Not only do you close yourself to suggestions and you never improve, you also make it a problem for the teacher when his/her students don’t do well and it shows up on their reviews. The only way our teachers will get a promotion or a pay raise or just simple appreciation is if YOU improve! Hence, everything that we do in our lessons is to improve you. Challenging your teachers, who have so much more credentials in this space, will benefit absolutely no one.
… Once again, I am speaking to the 1% minority of students who do this. Just PLEASE don’t do this.
Your pride will be your downfall, I can promise you that.
Time and time again, I have seen the same students fail non-stop. Again, they have ‘pride’ so they never tell us this but we are able to find out if the student has passed or failed through several channels.
SO WHY AM I SENDING THIS EMAIL TO YOU TODAY if only 1% of people are the students being addressed?
You might wanna ask yourself: if you are not in the 1%, are you somewhat close to it? Do you have that same issue of ‘pride’ that will hold you back as well?
Maybe… listen, if you are not taking our classes and you are preparing by yourselves thinking that you are ‘too good’ and that your English level will ensure you will never fail, be ready to get surprised!
The CELPIP or IELTS material you see online is wayyyyy easier than the real exam! And, they way your writing and speaking is marked is wayyyyyy different than the samples they show you scoring top marks.
But do you also have that pride that makes you think, “Nah, I got this. Let me go in the exam and see…”
This ‘let me see’ approach costs you $600+ in registration and re-registration, and weeks of wasted time… and now you are even more behind than before, from your immigration dreams.
This is worse if you have failed 2-4 times and you are still thinking ‘Nah, this 5th time, I got this!”
That’s not logic, that’s pride talking!
At HZad Education, you are offered a 45-minutes NO OBLIGATION, COMPLETELY FREE, assessment where we can tell you your actual level. If you are good, then your pride is justified! If not, we suggest you X amount of hours for study.
BONUS OFFER: Just for the viewers of this email. We are making you a promise! If you do decide to take lessons after your trial, and you are not satisfied after the first 5 hours, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked!
Reply now, know your level, try the process completely risk-free and come that much closer to realizing your next immigration dreams.
This is the first step of many!