Another 15 English Words MUST KNOW for Daily Life!

Must be familiar with 15 English terms that will raise your vocabulary level right now, regardless of whether you're taking the OET, CELPIP, or IELTS.

15 NEW English (MUST KNOW) Words:

Learn these 15 new words for day-to-day conversation. It will make you sound smoother, just how native speakers talk! This will be handy for writing and speaking!
These words are also going to be familiar to your ear as many people probably have used this with you before. Whether you are at work, with friends or simply learning better phrases for your IELTS/CELPIP/OET/PTE/TOEFL/SAT exams, or writing/speaking, HZad Education has you covered!

15 English Words: Here they are:


1. leverage: use something to your advantage (I want to leverage my strength and get into a boxing career)
2. quench: satisfy
3. possession: something you own
4. predatory: instinct to attack
5. proprietary: something is able to be owned like proprietary right to something
6. opportune: a time of opportunity
7. neighborly: being a good neighbor
8. groggy: dizzy
9. perspicuous: clearly understandable
10. rookie: beginner
11. obsolete: old or outdated
12. preclude: to exclude the need of something
13. respired: to recover
14. derogatory: degrading
15. discreet: careful
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