Speed Reading Is Your Greatest Asset!

You must’ve heard about Warren Buffett or Oprah Winfrey, people who claim that they read 2 to 3 books in a day.
How is that even possible?!
Well, they’re simply not reading every single word. In fact, they’re going through it at bullet speed! But, at the same time, they’re just digesting the content that they wanna read with the gift of what we call “speed reading”.
​​Speed reading is pretty simple. It is more detailed than “skim through” but less exhaustive than normal reading. ​
​First I’ll explain to you how to do speed reading and later I’ll tell you why it is going to be so crucial for you.
​​When you do speed reading, you have to avoid all the basic words like prepositions, for example, “the, is, and, or, etc.” These words are used in almost every sentence and they’re just used to connect ideas. Just jump over them and look at the main keywords which are part of the story.
​​For example, a sentence could read: “It is so important these days to learn ways to improve your English which will help you not only with your career but with all growth opportunities ever available to you.”
If in this sentence, if you just read keywords like “improve your English”, “career”, “growth”, you know that the author is referring to your growth that will happen by improving your English. And that’s it! That’s the magic of speed reading. This way, you can digest the same book, the same content, in 10 times lesser time.
So, why do you need to learn this? First of all, if you’re doing any of your exams, time is always of essence and this will help you to read and digest everything much faster. Secondly, it’ll make you sharp. It will make your brain able to process information quick which will help you and all areas of life! Thirdly, in your personal life, whatever you need to read, whether it’s articles, blogs or books, you’ll be able to inject yourself with doses of content one after the other instead of just being stuck with one book for a week!
​​Finally, you will be able to better your English level overall when you’re able to process large amounts of information in short amounts of time, giving you an edge over all your competition!
Try it out and let me know how it goes!